Cast Urethane Seals – Cast Polyurethane Seals

Cast urethane seals are molded to tight tolerances and can be manufactured to withstand harsh conditions while lasting for years in even the most demanding industrial applications. Cast urethane seals are economical in any volume and provide excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. Common cast urethane seals applications are for bulk material transfer systems, mobile hydraulics, machining services and gas fittings.


Any profile cast urethane seals may be achieved by compression molding and are typically supplied in a 60-95A durometer.  Cast urethane seals will match the profile of the piece they are sealing against and typically have a step or lip for the sealing surface. Cast urethane seals are also non-marking and non-conductive and will remain its flexible in operating temperatures between -20 – +170F.


Making parts that effectively incorporate a metallic or non-metallic component requires a superior method for achieving a bond between the urethane and the substrate. Here at Plan Tech, we have developed preparation methods to consistently apply specially formulated urethane adhesives. Our proprietary equipment for cleaning, preparation, automated adhesive spray application and automated drying ensures a consistently high-strength bond between the urethane and the substrate. Over the years we have adhered cast urethane to millions of parts with an outstanding record of part performance in demanding applications. Some of the materials that we bond to include:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • ABS Plastic
  • Fabric
  • Fiberglass
  • Bronze
  • Felt


Machining cast urethane parts require specialized equipment and training. Here at Plan Tech we make all of our own molds in-house for speed, accuracy and precision. We control the entire process from design to manufacturing. Mold making is at the very core of what we do. Our machine shop includes CNC Lathes, Mills and Grinders for machining cast urethane parts. We also have manual mills as well as a sheet metal and welding area. We have a Flow Water jet with 48×96 inch sheet capabilities and can cut a list of materials like Polyurethane, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Carbon fiber, and most plastics.

Cast Urethane Seals
Cast Urethane Seals

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