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Urethane tubes are a primary focus for Plan Tech – we specialize in high precision urethane tubes and are one of the leading suppliers in the United States. We offer a standard line of cast urethane tubes with diameters up to 36″ and lengths up to 48″. The polyurethane tubes are available in all colors and durometers. A variety of polyurethane additives can be added to enhance wear properties, add lubricity, UV stabilized, or to reduce static build-up. Some common types of urethane tubes:


American Made Urethane Tubes

Custom Urethane Tubing: Custom urethane tubing for machining stock is available in any hardness for the most demanding applications. Using high-quality polyurethane prepolymers from world-leading chemical suppliers Plan Tech is able to produce high-performance custom urethane tubing for any application.


Urethane Tubes
Urethane Tubes


Urethane Tube Stock: Urethane tube stock from cast high-quality machinable polyurethane material suited to fit any applications is available at Plan Tech. We supply urethane tube stock up to 48 inches tall and available in most common nominal OD & ID sizes with a tolerance of +/-.030. Each urethane tube is hand cast allowing us to tailor our urethane material to add lubricity or an anti-static urethane for rolling applications.


Polyurethane Tubing: Polyurethane tubing is offered in a variety of size combinations. Plan Tech for the last 30 years has been adding to what we call our family mold size. Currently, we can cast any OD ID configuration up to 4.5’’ with no tooling set upcharge with a tight tolerance of +/-.010 in one-foot sections. We also have 3 and 4-foot molds of limited sized. Special sizes are no problem for our in-house mold fabrication machine shop.


                            Tight Tolerance Rubber Tubes


Below are some of the benefits and advantages of polyurethane tubes:


Filling the Gap Between Rubber and Plastic

Plan Tech’s tubes are outstandingly able to withstand more loads than rubber because they are harder than rubber and yet more flexible than plastics. Their flexibility is accountable for their strength and remarkable ability to resist impact.


Abrasion Resistance

Polyurethanes are the perfect choice for applications against severe wear regardless of low temperature. For some decades now, they have been the most used materials for environments that are highly abrasive owing to their super ability to resist abrasion. No other form of elastomers, metals, and plastics has a better abrasion resistance than polyurethanes. Their abrasion resistance ability is rated to be 10 times better than what other materials can provide.


Oil and Chemical Resistance

Like their abrasion resistance ability, the properties of polyurethane materials are highly capable of resisting oil and chemicals. This enables them to maintain stability (with minimal swelling) in water or oil etc. If you are looking for elastomer materials to use in subsea, then polyurethanes should be your ideal choice.


Affordable manufacturing process

Productions such as prototypes as well as one time products or one-off parts are often manufactured using polyurethanes.


Polyurethane Resilience

Resilience is generally a product of hardness. Polyurethanes are the perfect choice for elastomer applications that can absorb shock. They have a high vibration frequency or an outstanding ability for quick recovery. Their remarkable resilience ensures polyurethanes are very tough materials.


Urethane tubes are cast products and are not extruded thermal plastic. We manufacture cast urethane tubes to custom sizing specifications. We can also have the manufacturing ability to cast large polyurethane tubes. The urethane tubes that we cast a wide hardness range, with formulations from 20 Shore A to 75 Shore D. We also manufacture in custom or standard diameters, lengths, and wall thicknesses. If your application requires tight tolerances we have a full machine shop able to grind the OD of the urethane tubes to tight tolerances.


Abrasion Resistant Urethane Tubes


Our engineering department can turn your idea, sketch, drawing or CAD file into custom urethane tubes. We will reverse engineer to recreate any urethane part for production or one-off urethane pieces. The engineering department uses state of the art engineering software such as SolidWorks and our machine shop uses CamWorks for 3 axis milling. Our equipment includes CNC mills, lathes, polyurethane grinders as well as a state of the art urethane waterjet cutting machine. Secondary equipment includes sheet metal, welding, grinding, automated cutoff, broaching and more. We offer complete manufacturing capabilities for the inserts or cores required for your parts and provide one-stop shopping for all of your custom cast urethane tubes requirements.



Made In USA Specialty Tubes


For over 30 years we have focused on using speed and precision to manufacture the highest quality industrial cast urethane tubes to our customers. A particular strength is the breadth of our in-house capabilities such as grinding urethane tubes and custom polyurethane parts which, when combined with our extensive experience, enables us to deliver tight tolerance custom urethane tubes while maintaining the quality control and cost-effectiveness our customers require. The tests are performed according to an established set of standards provided by an accredited testing organization such as the Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) who define the procedures in detail. In addition to these state of the art technical capabilities, Plan Tech also has an outstanding team of dedicated employees with exceptional talents designing and manufacturing tight tolerance urethane tubes. We also are very proud of the “company we keep.” Our customers include many Fortune 500 companies, most of whom have been customers for 20+ years. Their drive to become industry leaders has helped us do the same.


Abrasion Resistant Urethane Tubes!


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