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Urethane Gaskets provide a superior load bearing capability and chemical resistance which makes polyurethane a natural material for urethane gaskets. Formulations to dissipate shock or transmit vibration can be tuned to your requirements. Our casting and machine shop capabilities make it economical to manufacture 1, 2 or thousands of urethane gaskets. Our polyurethane material has great physical properties against tearing or ripping – plus we have a full line of urethane additives to enhance performance! We offer the industries largest selection of high-quality urethane gaskets some of which include:


Custom Urethane Gaskets

Industrial Urethane Gaskets: Industrial urethane gaskets are custom made at Plan Tech for any profile or application needed. Plan Tech will frequently decide to utilize our in-house water jet cutting capabilities and cut any profile from a urethane sheet to produce industrial urethane gaskets configurations.


Urethane Gaskets
Urethane Gaskets

Urethane O-Rings: Urethane O-Rings are a great solution when traditional o-rings fail or are not available in the size for your custom application. Urethane o-rings are typically molded to size using compression molding. This will yield parts to print with no secondary process saving you money! Urethane o-rings are available in all durometers and sizes.


Urethane Pipe Seals: Urethane pipe seals are found in many industries which include high-pressure gas fittings while others are used in drainage applications. Urethane is a great choice when choosing a seal because of its ability to act like a gasket and the ease of being machined or cast to whatever size the application is needed for.


FDA approved urethane gaskets: FDA approved urethane gaskets include high tensile strength, outstanding abrasion resistance and excellent load-bearing performance. Plan Tech can also produce cast urethane parts that are metal detectable for FDA food processors making polyurethane ideal in production lines.


Urethane spacers: Urethane spacers are commonly found in hardware stores in nominal sizes, Plan Tech specializes in high volume urethane spacers of any size for any high abuse applications. Custom sizes and shapes are no problem for Plan Tech’s in-house mold making fabrication and machine shop.


Plan Tech fabricates die cut polyurethane gaskets and we also water jet cut gaskets in a wide variety of thicknesses, colors and durometers. The Shore A durometers range from 60 to 90 providing a wide range. Polyurethane is a very versatile material that provides the elasticity of rubber paired with the durability and strength of metal. Urethane commonly outperforms plastic, rubber and steel due to it’s ability to resist harsh environmental factors such as abrasion, heat, oil, acid, solvents and many chemicals. Urethane gaskets perform extremely well for hardness, tensile, tear and compression strength as well as impact resistance. Urethane also performs well in temperatures ranging from -50°F to +180°F.


Tight Tolerance Urethane Gaskets

Plan Tech, Inc. fabricates and sells high-quality cast polyurethane components for industry. We manufacture custom urethane parts that include but are not limited to: urethane idler wheels, v-grooved wheels, urethane bearings, urethane bushings, urethane rollers and many others! For over 30 years we have focused on using Speed and Precision to rapidly deliver the highest quality industrial cast urethane components and parts to our customers. Plan Tech, established in 1986 by a management team with over 70 years of combined experience in the cast polyurethane industry is located in Loudon, NH. Plan Tech processes polyurethanes in a wide range of chemistries including dedicated TDI and MDI production cells. The engineering staff has the experience and knowledge to select or tailor a urethane chemistry to your requirements.


Urethane Gaskets


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