Molded Urethane Blocks – Impact Resistant Blocks!

Molded urethane blocks are achieved by different molding processes such as urethane low-pressure injection molding, urethane compression molding, and open cast urethane molding and reaction injection molding (RIM). These different methods of molded urethane blocks have several advantages.


Urethane Compression Molding

This is one of the methods used in the production of molded urethane blocks. The liquid polyurethane is poured into a mold and cured in a compression press with capacities up to 250 tons. This is the most suitable technique for components that must maintain dimensional accuracy and repeatability.


  • Durable and wear resistant
  • Can either be made very flexible or very rigid
  • Dimensional precision and repeatability


Molded Urethane Blocks
Molded Urethane Blocks


Reaction Injection Molding

Also known as RIM, the reaction injection molding is the injection of polyols and isocyanates into a closed mold, initiating a chemical reaction that causes the material to expand and form the finished product.


  • Eliminates sink marks
  • Improves or eliminates secondary operations
  • Effective in forming extremely large products with very light weights
  • Delivers reliable control of components with varying wall thicknesses


Open Cast Urethane Molding.

This involves pouring of liquid polyurethane into an open mold, which is then cured in an oven or a heated table. They are the best choice for projects where conventional tooling would be expensive or impractical.


  • High-performance product
  • Suitable for smaller production runs
  • An economical alternative to conventional tooling


At Plan Tech, our group of engineers utilizes the powerful bonding ability in urethane to produce molded urethane blocks; this makes urethane very ideal for the production of high-quality molded urethane blocks. If you’re specifying a new industrial wear part and are deciding between materials there are many reasons that you should specify cast urethane parts. No matter what shape you want your cast molded urethane blocks and parts to be, we can design them for your application by using extreme precision. We can create any custom cast urethane part that’s up to 30 inches long with a tight tolerance of error in the process. You’ll get a cast urethane part that is exactly as your project requires.


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