Polyurethane Flat Sheet Stock – Made In USA!

Polyurethane flat sheet stock covers an extremely wide range of stiffness, hardness, and densities. At Plan Tech we manufacture and stock the largest selection of polyurethane flat sheet stock. Our in-house machine shop is equipped with world-class facilities, furnished with state of the art equipment that helps us develop multi hardness or dual durometer polyurethane flat sheet stock which can be cast in custom colors, sizes, and durometers.


Polyurethane Flat Sheet Stock
Polyurethane Flat Sheet Stock

Like every one of our products, our polyurethane flat sheet stock is abrasion resistant, cut resistant, chemical resistant and can be custom manufactured for specific applications. Our polyurethane flat sheet stock can easily be water-jet cut into custom parts and sizes with very consistent thicknesses throughout the entire sheet. Plan Tech polyurethane flat sheet stock meets the highest industry specifications for both thickness and durometer, making them the perfect choice for severe applications. Our team of dedicated engineers will help achieve your custom specifications from inception to completion. All of our polyurethane flat sheet stock are designed to exacting standards based on our customers’ specifications or requirements. Each customer’s project always begins with rapidly built prototypes created at low cost for evaluation and testing. We manufacture Polyurethane Flat Sheet Stock for both short and long-term product runs.


Check the list for some of the advantages Polyurethane Flat Sheet Stock holds over metal and plastic below:


Urethane vs Metals and Plastics


  1. Better wear

As far as resisting abrasion and corrosion are concerned, no other elastomer material perform better than polyurethanes. This is one aspect where their performance is more efficient than plastics and most metals.


  1. Cost Efficiency

The production of metal parts can be very expensive, and the reason is that, unlike urethanes that can be casted easily, the casting of metal parts cannot be done without the process of welding and the use of machines.


  1. Less noise

This is one advantage urethanes hold over metals that require no debate. While metals are generally renowned for their remarkable ability to produce noise, polyurethanes, on the other hand, absorb noise thereby preventing it.


  1. Higher load bearing

Not even plastics and metals can resist significant impact like urethanes. Where urethanes can offer an outstanding load-bearing performance, most plastics and metals will succumb to the shock and impact of higher loads and eventually break down.


  1. Elastomeric ability

The elastomeric memory of urethanes is second to none; they have the ability to regain their initial size regardless of the rigidness at which they are extended or stretched to a significant extent. Whereas many plastics and metals can’t regain their original size having been extended beyond their breaking point or elastic limit.


  1. Temperature Resistance

Better than metals and plastics, urethanes are capable of maintaining their high-performance ability such as their elasticity, etc., even under such temperature extremity that is below -60°F.


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