Polyurethane Idler Rollers – Custom Idler Rollers

Polyurethane idler rollers are excellent against abrasion and wear resistance. With a full line of post-secondary operations, we can finish and assemble polyurethane idler rollers to meet your most stringent specifications that hold up often times better than OEM replacements at a fraction of the cost. With our team of engineers equipped with the latest machining equipment, we can cast polyurethane idler rollers for your application from a simple sketch. Polyurethane has inherent abrasion resistance but if the application demands, even more, we are the founders of Armorglide so you’ve come to the right place! Urethane has excellent load-bearing performance as well as physical properties that are also non-marking.


Polyurethane has a unique ability to absorb an impact and return to its original shape even after years of repeated impacts and abuse. Also, urethane is about seven times lighter than steel; this weight reduction helps the equipment from being overworked and makes equipment run smoother. Polyurethane idler rollers will also help absorb vibration and shock. Here at Plan Tech, we offer polyurethane recovering services for most existing wheels. Plan Tech can also fabricate new cores or reprocess used existing old idler rollers.


We also have a state of the art machine shop adhering to the latest ASTM standards and ready to handle all your custom polyurethane idler rollers needs. A core or hub may also be added to the design to help add strength to the part and make it capable of being bolted into place. We also have an in-house engineering team ready to take your sketch and ideas and help design and create new parts. Our engineering department can calculate the speed and load of the application and also determine the correct size of the wheel and coating ensuring replacement parts will outperform the expected life span of tradition wheels. Common industrial polyurethane idler rollers diameters range from ½” to 6″. Face widths from ½” to 6″. We also have the ability to cast and machine much larger wheels up to 28”.

Polyurethane Idler Rollers
Polyurethane Idler Rollers

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