Polyurethane J Blocks – Impact Resistant Blocks!

Polyurethane J blocks are designed from aluminum and steel molds. The polyurethane used is these J Blocks are of various colors and is of high density. Our rubber J blocks consist of unique material which has good elasticity. They have toughness and metal durability. This polyurethane J block replaces rubber, plastic and metal due to its superior physical properties. Plan Tech’s J block polyurethane has better abrasion resistance as compared to rubber blocks. They are resistant as well as they have high heat resistivity. They have high load-bearing capabilities as well.


Polyurethane J Blocks
Polyurethane J Blocks

The polyurethane j blocks that Plan Tech manufactures have excellent wear properties. These urethane J blocks are popular for metal forming applications. The precise size of these blocks eliminates the need for a matched female die. These blocks are also used in jane pads, bumper pads and in wear strips as well. These blocks are oil and solvent resistant. They are also resistant to fats, gasoline or greases. Therefore there is no chance of any sort of slip or damage due to these lubricating materials.


These rubber J blocks are weather resistant – they don’t respond to ozone, sunlight, oxygen and usual weather states. They have high flex life which is an important requirement of block. These urethane blocks have excellent electrical insulating properties due to which they are preferred to avoid any sort of accidents due to electric shock. They are good for summers as well as for winters as they are resistant to heat and cold both. But continuous use of temperature above 250 degrees Fahrenheit is not optimum. At a low temperature of -90 degrees Fahrenheit, polyurethane remains flexible. So it is important to monitor temperature changes so as to increase their life. The bond strength between the fabric and urethane blocks is also excellent. These blocks are available in various thicknesses and durometers according to the need and desires of the application.


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