Polyurethane Motor Mount Bushings – Made In USA

Polyurethane motor mount bushings are found in many applications requiring vibration protection to reduce impact and abuse to the machine and operator. Polyurethane motor mount bushings will dampen the harsh slamming of a machine and hold up often times better than OEM replacements at a fraction of the cost.  The biggest advantages of polyurethane motor mount bushings are that they will provide outstanding chemical resistance and are also non-marking with a noticeable noise reduction vs other similar materials.


Polyurethane motor mount bushings have great abrasion resistance and excellent load bearing performance. We can also fabricate custom cores that may be molded inside the bushings. This will add extra strength to the mount and makes it easy to bolt on existing equipment. We can come up with any custom profile required for your application. Most custom polyurethane motor mount bushings are made with a compression style of molding that will yield parts complete with little to none secondary operations for the finished parts frequently costing less than OEM replacement rubbers while exceeding the physical properties of the original parts.


Urethane motor mount bushings are supplied in a 60A-95A duro with a variety of additives can be added to enhance wear properties, add lubricity, UV stabilized, flame retardant, or to reduce static build up. Waterjet cut urethane parts are just one of the many cast urethane services that Plan Tech provides. We utilize a “state of the art” Flow Dynamic 4′ x 8′ Integrated Flying Bridge waterjet cutting machine. The dynamic head virtually eliminates the taper normally associated with waterjet cut urethane parts while improving cutting speeds, part accuracy and tolerances in cutting flat stock materials.

Our capabilities include:

  • Taper elimination by Active Tolerance Control
  • Versatility – cut with water only or abrasive
  • Secondary finishing elimination
  • Part tolerance and geometry improvement
  • True part stacking ability with consistent tolerance layer to layer
  • Vacuum assist technology for carbon fiber and other laminates
Polyurethane Motor Mount Bushings
Polyurethane Motor Mount Bushings

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