Polyurethane Roller Bearings – Wear Resistant!

Polyurethane roller bearings are one of Plan Tech’s most popular product lines. We have over 30 years of experience as manufacturers of polyurethane roller bearings and have accumulated a large variety of tooling which allows us to cast most clients’ orders with little or no tooling cost.


Polyurethane Roller Bearings
Polyurethane Roller Bearings

As one of the leaders in the industry, Plan Tech maintains an assortment of tooling to cast polyurethane roller bearings for a variety of applications and different shapes. Our polyurethane rollers with bearings are designed, machined and manufactured in our in-house machining facility equipped with state-of-the-art machining equipment. Our design team works with each of our clients to figure the load-bearing capacity of every polyurethane roller bearings, the necessary core design needed, and helps with the selection of the compound with the best physical and chemical properties for the design and its application.


Over the years our polyurethane rollers with bearings always exceed the desired product life as we use only the best polyurethane materials available and engineer the components for end use applications. Our polyurethane rollers with bearings are designed and tested to last millions of cycles and thousands of work hours. They are highly resistant to abrasion and most chemicals. Also, they significantly reduce noise and vibration as well as protect delicate surfaces. Just a few of the industries benefiting from the high performance of polyurethane roller bearings:


Automotive Industry

Are you aware your car wouldn’t be that comfortable if it weren’t for polyurethane parts? The parts of this material are utilized extensively in the production of your car. Polyurethane parts are applied in the production of the foam that makes your car seat comfortable to sit on. The parts are also used in producing the interior headliner of your car’s roof section, urethane bumpers, urethane seals, polyurethane roller bearings etc. So it is safe to say that, without urethane parts, your car wouldn’t be what it is.


Mining and Quarrying

As far as the mining industry goes, the parts of polyurethane are applied in so many areas like the urethane conveyor belt scrapers, urethane seals, polyurethane roller bearings, agitators, etc. The reason is that of their impressive ability to resist abrasion and their high resilience to tough conditions.


Paper industry

Polyurethane parts are very important to the paper market. They are used in the manufacture of different paper products including lump-breaker rolls, press rolls, reel rolls, etc.


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