Polyurethane Sheets – Clear Polyurethane Sheets!

Polyurethane sheets are an organic polymer formed by reacting an isocyanate with a polyol in the presence of a catalyst and other additives. The polyurethane sheets come in various forms such as standard urethane sheet, cast urethane sheet, water clear urethane, and precision urethane sheet, which are all manufactured at Plan Tech. They are widely chosen in the manufacturing industry as a result of variations in mechanical and physical properties.


Some features of polyurethane sheets include:

  • High-density rigid sheet
  • Lower density flexible and rigid foam
  • Load-bearing
  • Environmental resistance
  • Excellent insulation properties
  • High abrasion
  • Hardness properties
  • Custom color
  • Can withstand high pressure
  • Wide range of stiffness or hardness


Application of polyurethane sheets

Polyurethane sheets are used as:

  • High – performance adhesives and sealants
  • Seals, gaskets and carpet underlay
  • Elastomeric wheels and tires
  • Rigid foam insulation
  • High resiliency flexible foam seating
  • Flexible to hard plastic components
  • Linings
  • Forming pads
  • Media blast material


Plan Tech manufactures varieties of sheets of different sizes, color, and textures. Our polyurethane sheets are available in different durometers 60A, 70A, 80A, 90A, etc., custom polyurethane sheets are also available based on your choice, specifications, and preference.


Polyurethane Sheets
Polyurethane Sheets


Plan Tech a leader in cast urethane manufacturing, process’s urethane additives from the world’s leading chemical companies. Whether its enhanced lubricity for high abrasion resistance applications or for anti-static wheels for shoppers who don’t want to be zapped touching a metal cart. Having more than 30 years experience in the polyurethane industry provides Plan Tech the specific knowledge of incorporating polyurethane additives:


Enhanced Abrasion Resistance Urethane Additives: Inhance Technologies continually advances our unrivaled expertise in transforming commodity and engineering plastics and composites into high-performance materials. Add Inhance Product series particles to polyurethanes, epoxies, rubber, and other polymers to create composites that capture the unique benefits of UHMWPE without the processing difficulties posed by virgin UHMWPE. These benefits include superior abrasion resistance, reduced coefficient of friction.


We also incorporate when specified:

UV Protection Urethane Additives: Ferro is a leading global supplier of ultraviolet UV protection technology-based functional coatings and color solutions in urethane products protecting color pigments for urethane industries that are heat stable, lightfast, and chemical and weather resistant.


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