Precision Urethane Rollers – Tight Tolerance!

Precision Urethane Rollers are one of the finest rollers for all different types of industrial applications. These types of rollers are quite durable, long-lasting and wear resistant. Polyurethane as a material can be cast in any color or durometer and precisely machined into any size. Also, urethane has a high friction coefficient, which makes it perfect for manufacturing and utilizing precision urethane rollers. Thus, urethane rollers are quite commonly found in a wide variety of industrial applications.


Precision Urethane Rollers
Precision Urethane Rollers

Precision Urethane Rollers can be used in various industries from paper and packaging to airports. Airport conveyor belts use precision urethane rollers to ferry luggage from one part of the airport to another. It is because they can withstand high load and have a long service life keeping down the replacement costs. Also, precision urethane rollers are used in the packaging industry where high loads and friction are common. When selecting precision urethane rollers, make sure that you have the correct application requirements as they are often built for customer orders.


At Plan Tech we make sure that we offer the best design criteria and additives to enhance performance for the Precision Urethane Rollers. We are able to achieve this by eliminating the need of using expensive OEM parts. Instead, we are able to reproduce OEM rollers at a fraction of the cost and in a lot of cases, our precision polyurethane rollers outperform their OEM counterparts. When it comes to creating custom polyurethane parts, there’s no material – be it an elastomer, plastic or metal – that stands up to abrasion like urethane does. In fact, in some reports, urethane is shown to be ten times more resistant than these materials. If you’re looking for custom urethane parts, there is no better option than using polyurethane. Custom urethane parts have already been used for decades due to the sole fact that they are so resistant to abrasion. If you are using a project that tends to wear and tear materials, consider using custom urethane parts as that is the most abrasion resistant material available for commercial use.


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