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FDA approved urethane parts include high tensile strength, outstanding abrasion resistance and excellent load-bearing performance. Plan Tech produces cast FDA approved urethane parts that are metal detectable for FDA food processors making polyurethane ideal in production lines. With our state of the art urethane manufacturing facility, we are able to incorporate an FDA approved metal detectable additive in polyurethane. This makes for an effective way to prevent product contamination in the food industry. Plan Tech is a leading provider of FDA approved urethane parts for food manufacturers across the United States some of which include:

                      FDA Approved Urethane Parts

FDA Approved Urethane Sprockets: FDA approved urethane sprockets have become an essential part of the food industry and food processing plants. Commercial farming equipment that handles dry or fatty foods use FDA approved urethane sprockets.


FDA Approved Urethane Sheets: FDA approved urethane sheets thicknesses range from 1/16″ to 6″ with widths to 48″ and lengths to 60″ are also available with a tolerance of +/-.060. For the last 30 years, Plan Tech has been casting custom FDA approved urethane sheets to critical specifications and requirements our customers require.


FDA AUrethane Gearspproved Urethane Pads: FDA approved urethane pads are cast from a high-quality material for the most extreme conditions. Capable of repeated impacts FDA approved urethane pads will absorb the impact, reduce vibrations and return to its original size even after years of abuse.


FDA Approved Urethane Washers: FDA approved urethane washers can be cast in any durometer from gum soft to hard as plastic for many different applications including the food processing industry to isolate food contact or to act as a seal. FDA approved urethane washers will also dampen vibration and shock.


FDA Approved Urethane Gaskets: FDA approved urethane gaskets include high tensile strength, outstanding abrasion resistance and excellent load bearing performance. FDA approved urethane gaskets are non-corrosive, non-marking, chemical resistant and can withstand continued service under some of the harshest conditions.

FDA Approved Urethane Parts
FDA Approved Urethane Parts


         Custom FDA Approved Urethane Parts


Improving detectability in FDA Approved Urethane Parts is critical to prevent a major contamination which will save time, effort and money before the finished product. This is a major improvement in both equipment and the ability to detect a problem before it reaches the final product. The FDA approved additives can be used with existing x-ray and metal detectors. As an example, if any of the FDA approved urethane parts ever broke, they could be detected by a metal detector due to our high-speed mixing during the manufacturing process. The ability to blend the product allows us to fine tune how much of the FDA approved additive is blended into the fda approved urethane parts to ensure the end product will have all the physical properties required for the application.


Some common applications where FDA approved urethane is used:

    • Conveyor Systems
    • Inspection Tables
    • Rollers and Wheels
    • Chutes and Chute Liners
    • Bumpers and Feet
    • Urethane Gaskets and Seals
    • Custom Urethane Molded Parts


Tight Tolerance FDA Approved Urethane Parts


Plan Tech, established in 1986 by a management team with over 70 years of combined experience in the cast polyurethane industry. We process polyurethanes in a wide range of chemistries including dedicated TDI and MDI production cells. The engineering staff has the experience and knowledge to select or tailor a urethane chemistry to your FDA Approved Urethane Parts requirements.


FDA Approved Urethane Parts


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