What Is A Urethane Wheel?

Introduced in the early 1970s by Frank Nasworthy, are urethane wheels that can be used for a wide range of applications in both long and short production runs and they offer benefits that supersede those offered by plastic, steel and rubber wheels.



Urethane Wheels
Urethane Wheels


The durability, hardness, color, flexibility etc., of each urethane wheel, can be customized and we are capable of manufacturing urethane wheels that meet a variety of requirements be it v-groove urethane wheels for conveyors, robotic urethane wheels etc.


Benefits of urethanes wheel include:

1) Highly resistant to abrasion, acids harsh chemicals, and solvents.

2) Non-marking and can be manufactured in any color.

3) Impressive ability to withstand extreme weather conditions whether hot or cold.




Some of the precision molded urethane wheels available include:


  1. Tight Tolerance Urethane Wheels

-Urethane Robot Wheels

-Urethane Gauge Wheels

-Heavy Duty Urethane Wheels

-Flanged Urethane Wheels


  1. Industrial Urethane Wheels

-Urethane Roller Coaster Wheels

-Urethane Bandsaw Idler Wheels

-Bandsaw Polyurethane Drive Wheels

-Urethane Crane Wheels


  1. High-Quality Urethane Wheels

-Conductive Urethane Wheels

-Urethane Bandsaw Drive Wheels


At Plan Tech, we manufacture all types of urethane wheels such as V-Groove Urethane Wheels, Industrial Polyurethane Wheels, Urethane Caster Wheels, Urethane Skateboard Wheels etc. Please Contact us for further details regarding custom cast urethane wheels!