Slip-On Urethane Rollers – Press Urethane Rollers

Slip-on urethane rollers are extremely popular in manufacturing or packaging settings. These types of rollers are not recommended for rollers that will drive product but is an excellent choice for idler rollers or pinch style roller applications due to the ease of changing out the urethane coating.


Slip-On Urethane Rollers
Slip-On Urethane Rollers

For demanding applications, we recommend to bonding directly to the steel roller core. Slip-on urethane rollers are low cost vs drive rollers and offer the same great physical properties. Available in any hardness or color Plan Tech can hold extremely tight tolerances for urethane slip on rollers. While most consumers will press on the urethane roller sleeve with a guide rod and press urethane will also expand when heated making installation easy. Heating the slip-on urethane rollers to under 200F will expand the urethane roller about .003 per inch allowing for slip-on applications and shrink back to its original when it returns to room temperature.


Supplying slip on urethane rollers reduces potential operation downtime or extra costly inventory of replacement slip on urethane rollers. OEM rollers may also be converted to slip on urethane rollers at our machine shop. Plan Tech does recommend roll pins on either side of the coating to keep the slip-on urethane roller centered for extended service life. Frequently we have received feedback how our urethane has better performance efficiency and longer service life.


Plan Tech can also tailor our urethane for any physical properties required, for example, an antistatic additive for paper processing rollers, or to add lubricity to the urethane for easy cleaning or to keep the product from sticking to the rollers. Plan Tech can also supply new slip-on urethane rollers with cores machined from just about any metal needed for the application. For over 30 years we have focused on using speed and precision to manufacture the highest quality industrial urethane molded parts to our customers.


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