Small Urethane Robot Wheels – Best Urethane Wheels!

Small urethane robot wheels amongst the other types of wheels that are specified and used in the design and manufacturing of robots. Generally, wheels are the most common moving element that provides speed, accuracy, and stability for a robot, depending on the design and requirement they can come in the form of small, big, standard, ball, orientable and omnidirectional wheels.


Small Urethane Robot Wheels
Small Urethane Robot Wheels

At Plan Tech we ensure that our engineers carefully produce small urethane robot wheels to meet the most demanding application specifications. Small urethane robot wheels have long lasting service lives because of urethane used in the manufacturing and production process. Small polyurethane robot wheels can be made soft or extremely hard depending on the load capacity required. Our custom made small poly robot wheels are produced at an affordable price and are designed to operate in extreme environments. Small urethane robot wheels are great at repelling water and have the ability to withstand heat, chemicals, and solvents.


Plan Tech is always ready, and at your service, we produce small urethane robot wheels of any color and durometers, giving you the perfect small urethane wheels for use. These small urethane robot wheels are custom designed to meet client requirements; we usually begin projects by creating prototypes for evaluation and testing. Static electricity is an invisible field of protons, neutrons, and electrons found in anything that has the potential to move. Each atom has its own properties, and characteristics. One of these properties is called an electrical charge. Protons have what is called a “positive” (+) charge which is the root of static electricity build up in urethane products. Electrons have what is called a “negative” (-) charge. Neutrons have no charge, they are neutral. When an electrical charge such as static electricity builds up it can have a violent discharge when the protons find the easiest path to the earth’s surface called ground.


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