Urethane Conveyor Belt Blades – Wear Resistant!

Urethane Conveyor Belt Blades are one of the several urethane products that find application across different sectors. They are manufactured at Plan Tech with a great level of speed and precision allowing us to meet high volume demand without compromising quality.


Urethane Conveyor Belt Blades
Urethane Conveyor Belt Blades

Like all our other urethane products, we only manufacture urethane conveyor belt cleaning blades from top grade raw materials. Plan Tech’s urethane conveyor belt blades boast remarkable physical properties such as their outstanding ability to resist wear, abrasion, and harsh chemicals.


Also, the urethane conveyor belt cleaning blades manufactured at Plan Tech are renowned for their excellent durability. In other words, our urethane conveyor belt blades are capable of maintaining their optimal efficiency even after several years of application.


No other brand in North America and the world over boast a better state of the art in-house cast polyurethane manufacturing facility that is well equipped with sophisticated machinery than Plan Tech. It is, therefore, safe to say that we have all it takes (including an engineering team whose technical expertise is second to none in the sector) to turn your imagination into world-class urethane products that help set you apart from your competitors. There are many advantages urethane conveyor belt blades hold over metal and plastic below:


Urethane vs Metals and Plastics


Better wear

As far as resisting abrasion and corrosion are concerned, no other elastomer material perform better than polyurethanes. This is one aspect where their performance is more efficient than plastics and most metals.


Cost Efficiency

The production of metal parts can be very expensive, and the reason is that, unlike urethanes that can be cast easily, the casting of metal parts cannot be done without the process of welding and the use of machines.


Temperature Resistance

Better than metals and plastics, urethanes are capable of maintaining their high-performance ability such as their elasticity, etc., even under such temperature extremity that is below -60°F.


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