Urethane Crown Wheels – Abrasion Resistant!

Urethane Crown Wheels are one of the typical cast polyurethane parts that we manufacture. Their performance is quite versatile so they can be applied to both, short and long term productions. Urethane as a material is quite durable, strong and provides a long service life. Various urethane structures stick together to form a polymer, called polyurethane. They can withstand high heat and are very durable.


Urethane Crown Wheels
Urethane Crown Wheels

Urethane crown wheels have the ability to absorb tension and abrasion which make them perfect for high load application. Since urethane can be molded into any durometer or size, it is one of the most widely used materials across industrial applications. Urethane Crown Wheels are used in skateboards, robots, and even shopping carts. Since the wheels are quite durable and strong, they have a long service life lowering the cost for our customers. At Plan Tech, we have a state of the art Machine Shop with custom equipment to machine tight tolerance urethane crown wheels. We produce customized cast polyurethane parts which come in all types of shapes, sizes, durometer and colors.


Plan Tech has been manufacturing urethane crown wheels for over 30yrs and we are one of America’s largest manufactures! We only process the highest quality polyurethane resin world leading chemical companies. The high-grade chemical source helps us deliver a final product, of high-class quality and a long, durable life. We also have a full line up of urethane additives that can enhance wear, chemical, load and abrasion resistance. When it comes to creating urethane crown wheels and custom polyurethane parts, there’s no material – be it an elastomer, plastic or metal – that stands up to abrasion like urethane does. In fact, in some reports, urethane is shown to be ten times more resistant than these materials. If you’re looking for custom urethane parts, there is no better option than using polyurethane.


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