Urethane Hydrocyclones – Polyurethane Hydrocyclones

Urethane hydrocyclones are a custom molded part to meet OEM specifications. Made from a tough urethane our urethane hydrocyclones can be a variety of colors with additives that will increase abrasion resistance.  Urethane hydrocyclones are commonly found in gas and oil drilling applications and are used to separate particulate from liquid or slurry solutions.


With our team of engineers and chemist’s, we can also match your existing polyurethane hydrocyclone perfectly often times costing less than OEM replacements. Plan Tech also has the ability to fabricate any core required that will be chemically bonded in our clean rooms and then molded into the mating parts of the urethane hydrocyclones. Whether you have urethane hydrocyclones that need recovering or you need a new core fabricated to your design specifications we are here to help. We can also strip off the existing worn covering and apply a new urethane covering to an existing core.


Molding Urethane Parts Open cast. Open cast molding is the simplest and most common molding method for thermoset polyurethanes. Advantages: Since pressures and temperatures in the molding process are relatively low (ambient pressure and temps below 250F), the molds are more cost effective and can be made from a variety of materials including polyurethane. Open cast molding urethane parts is good for parts with relatively open tolerances on one surface. If tolerances are tighter, a secondary finishing operation is an option.


Molding Urethane Parts Transfer and Liquid Injection. In transfer or liquid injection, pressure is used to force the liquid polyurethane out of a reservoir and into the mold. Materials are generally injected at the bottom of the part and vented at the top for the prevention of air entrapment. Advantages: Makes use of fairly low-cost molds and can achieve thin cross-sections. Parts will have a sprue and an open surface for venting air which will require a finishing operation.

Urethane Hydrocyclones
Urethane Hydrocyclones Designing

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