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Urethane Rollers are common to be 3’ long and have a standard hardness of 70A durometer that is chemically bonded to an aluminum or steel core. Urethane is a great choice for material because it is capable of handling extreme loads; urethane will also help absorb vibration and shock. Plan Tech manufactures new custom urethane rollers, fabricate cores and we also provide fast turnaround times with roller recovering services for used and existing rollers. We offer the industries largest selection of high-quality rollers some of which include:


Tight Tolerance Urethane Rollers

Hubbed Urethane Rollers: Hubbed urethane rollers are manufactured for a precision fit in high abuse applications. Hubbed urethane rollers are typically coated on a steel or stainless core that can be produced and manufactured in-house. The urethane diameter is ground to a tolerance of +/-.003 for maximum concentricity and service life.

Urethane Rollers


Convex Urethane Rollers: Convex urethane rollers are used in a wide variety of industrial applications. Convex urethane rollers will typically taper on each half of the roller with a steel or stainless core for bearing applications or a bronze bushing may be installed. Common places you see convex urethane rollers are on boat trailers and industrial packaging equipment.


Profile Ground Urethane Rollers: Profile ground urethane rollers are available in almost any design imaginable. Every application has its own unique profile and our engineering department has the manufacturing skills and machinery able to accomplish unique profile ground urethane rollers that will match any profile needed.


Industrial Urethane Rollers: Industrial Urethane Rollers are common to be 3′ long with a bearing pressed on each side of the shaft then coated with a urethane material capable of handling extreme loads. Here at Plan Tech we offer urethane recovering services for industrial urethane rollers.


Urethane Rollers

Urethane Encoder Rollers: Urethane encoder rollers have become more common as more equipment is turning to automatic systems. An encoder roller must be precision made as a sensor will need to know exactly how far to rotate the roller for the next step in the automated process. Rotating the encoder rollers with precision is exactly what makes automatic equipment better than operation the machine manually.


Urethane Idler Wheel Rollers: Urethane idler wheel rollers are designed to operate in any condition. Common urethane idler wheel rollers styles include convex, smooth or concaved profiles to match the applications rolling surface Urethane Idler Wheel Rollers will absorb an impact and return to its original size while retaining a smooth and quiet operation.


Urethane Conveyor Rollers: Urethane conveyor rollers are commonly made from a steel core coated with polyurethane commonly found in assembly lines. Urethane conveyor rollers are replacing plastic, rubber and metal rollers in today’s high demand manufacturing environments. Urethane conveyor rollers help belt drive systems to operate longer with less downtime and lower replacement maintenance costs with short lead times on replacement.


Urethane Rollers

Polyurethane Idler Rollers: Polyurethane idler rollers are excellent against abrasion and wear resistance. With a full line of post-secondary operations, we can finish and assemble polyurethane idler rollers to meet your most stringent specifications that often times hold up better than OEM replacements at a fraction of the cost.


Urethane V-Rollers: Urethane v-rollers are found in many applications including shipping centers and assembly lines. Urethane v-rollers will absorb an impact and return to its original shape even after years of repeated abuse making urethane the number one choice for the material.

Urethane Rollers


Urethane Feed Rollers: Urethane Feed Rollers are used in manufacturing plants and in various pieces of industrial equipment around the world. Adding a urethane coating to the urethane feed rollers will eliminate the steel contact to the product so the product is not damaged. Urethane Feed Rollers are non-marking and will provide a smooth and quiet operation for many years.


Urethane Drive Rollers: Urethane Drive Rollers are very common in shipping facilities, assembly lines, and industrial equipment. Adding a urethane coating to the urethane drive rollers will eliminate the steel contact to the product and is an ideal choice as urethane will dampen the harsh slamming of a machine or load being applied to the roller.


Types of Urethane Rollers

Urethane Roller Guide


Urethane Conveyor Belt Rollers: Urethane conveyor belt rollers are typically made from a chemically bonded bearing coated with a high durometer urethane to create a roller. Several hundred of these custom cast urethane conveyor belt rollers will be fastened to a rack to make a conveyor system.


Straight Urethane Rollers: Straight urethane rollers are one of the specialty products that Plan Tech manufactures. Straight urethane rollers can be supplied complete with new shafts or reconditioned to any hardness including extremely soft durometers with a tight tolerance of +/-.005.


Urethane Idler Rollers: Urethane Idler Rollers are tops in abrasion and wear resistance. Common urethane idler rollers size range from diameters ½” to 6″ and face widths from ½” to 48″. Plan Tech has a full line of post-secondary operations, we can finish and assemble your urethane idler rollers to meet your most stringent specifications. All colors and durometers are available.

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Plan Tech has a state of the art machine shop ready to handle all your custom urethane rollers. We have several machines set up for specialty urethane rollers that can produce turned finishes requiring tight tolerances or regular spacing, tapers, grooves, crowned finish or any other detail with diameters to 20″ and Lengths to 4′. Soft durometer rollers are also no problem for us. We routinely perform tests to our customer’s specifications – these tests are performed to an established set of standards provided by an accredited testing organization such as the Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) who define the procedures in detail.


We can produce custom urethane rollers with a hardness range from 20A to 75D durometer with a variety of urethane additives that can be added to enhance wear properties while adding lubricity to the roller. The result is a non-marking long life urethane roller that will meet or exceeds OEM specifications for your application often times costing less than original replacements with excellent lead times. Replacing a rubber coated roller and recovering it with a urethane coating is becoming more frequent due to urethane being more durable than many OEM materials such as rubber and plastic. We utilize the best in class polyurethane from world’s leading polyurethane manufacturers. Our business, like yours, demands high quality and precise actions throughout every step of the process.


Tight Tolerance Urethane Rollers



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