Urethane Slurry Wipers – Polyurethane Slurry Wipers

Urethane slurry wipers are found in many production tank systems that are capable of processing a liquid material. Urethane slurry wipers are required to wipe the tank or pipe clean to keep any contaminants from entering the next batch of material to be processed. Polyurethane slurry wipers also can have a core molded into the part for easy bolt-on applications. With our team of engineers and chemist’s, we can also match your existing wiper perfectly often times costing less than OEM replacements.


Urethane Slurry WipersUrethane slurry wipers last far longer than metal, plastic, steel, or UHMW wiper alternatives. Typical custom cast polyurethane slurry wipers are an 80A, however, they can be produced in hardness from 30A-75D durometer, which ensures cut resistance and resiliency. The major advantages of the Urethane slurry wipers include high load-carrying capability, high dielectric strength and non-magnetic with protection against marring/galling with a long life while still offering abrasion resistance. Urethane is also resistant to most oil and solvent and will help dampen vibration or shock.


Plan Tech also has the ability to fabricate any core required that will be chemically bonded in our clean rooms and then molded into the mating parts of the urethane slurry wipers. The leading edge of the wiper can also be produced up to 120’’ long with beveled edges from 45° down to 20° this will allow you to choose the right urethane slurry wiper that lays flat and provides the best seal. Whether you have an existing wiper that needs recovering or you need a new core fabricated to your design specifications. We can also strip off the existing worn covering and apply a new urethane covering to an existing core. All colors, all duros with a variety of additives can be added to enhance wear properties, add lubricity, UV stabilized, flame retardant, or to reduce static build up. A metal detectable additive can also be added for FDA requirements.


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