Urethane Stacker Pulleys – Impact Resistant!

Urethane stacker pulleys can carry up to four times more load than traditional rubber and they provide wear and cut resistance even in oily and wet environments. Urethane stacker pulleys manufactured by our world-class team of engineers are produced from the very best of urethane materials from internationally recognized chemical producers.


Urethane Stacker Pulleys
Urethane Stacker Pulleys

Using the state of the art facility in our in-house machine shop for the production of stacker pulleys ensures our urethane stacker pulleys can be relied on for enhanced performance ability and remarkable service life.


Our engineers who are capable of producing rubber stacker pulleys that meet the requirements of any specification or profile have the technical know-how to handle your urethane stacker pulleys from design to completion with ease. Our ability to turn mere ideas into finished urethane parts that are of premium quality is second to none in the industry.


With our over 30 years’ experience of producing only the very best urethane parts, we are proud to say that we are a leading brand in the industry. Partnering with us is, therefore, a step in the right direction if you aspire to be or maintain your brand’s leadership status since your goal matches with ours. Polyurethane is very similar to a rubber or plastic. Unlike nylon or UHMW, urethane can be compounded to produce very soft parts, as low as 20A Durometer, or up to very hard, 75D Durometer. Polyurethane is ideal in high demand applications were normal rubber would fail. The directory of test methods for cast urethane parts that are specified by ASTM are (a specific test method could vary):


Compression Set:  (ASTM D395) The compression set of a material is the permanent deformation remaining when a force that was applied to it) is removed. The term is normally applied to soft materials such as elastomers. There are two ways this is normally measured; compression set A and compression set B.


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