Urethane Stop Cushions – Polyurethane Stop Cushions

Urethane stop cushions are extremely common in machine shops and used with automated equipment due to urethanes ability to absorb an impact and return to its original shape even after years of repeated abuse. Custom cast urethane stop cushions are available in any profile for the application and are commonly supplied in a 60A to 95A durometer with a variety of additives available to enhance the physical properties of the material.


From sketch to finished parts Plan Tech can supply everything to complete the finished part. Custom cores or inserts may be added to any configuration for bolt on applications for easy replacement. We can also supply one urethane stop cushion to 100k urethane stop cushions with excellent lead times. Urethane stop cushions will dampen the harsh slamming of a machine and hold up often time better than OEM replacements at a fraction of the cost.

Molding Urethane Parts Open cast

Open cast molding is the simplest and most common molding method for thermoset polyurethanes. Advantages: Since pressures and temperatures in the molding process are relatively low (ambient pressure and temps below 250F), the molds are more cost effective and can be made from a variety of materials including polyurethane. Open cast molding urethane parts is good for parts with relatively open tolerances on one surface. If tolerances are tighter, a secondary finishing operation is an option.

Molding Urethane Parts Transfer and Liquid Injection

In transfer or liquid injection, pressure is used to force the liquid polyurethane out of a reservoir and into the mold. Materials are generally injected at the bottom of the part and vented at the top for the prevention of air entrapment. Advantages: Makes use of fairly low-cost molds and can achieve thin cross-sections. Parts will have a sprue and an open surface for venting air which will require a finishing operation.

Urethane Stop Cushions
Urethane Stop Cushions

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