Advantages of Urethane Wheels for Robots

First off, what are robot wheels?

These are wheels built in customized designs by robotics engineers. These wheels are made to function at a high-level performance. So extreme weather conditions do not deter their functionality. Applying Urethane materials in the manufacture of robot wheels will eventually result in the production of super quality Wheels Cast owing to the top quality resin of Urethane. This makes it possible for them to withstand high-level vibration and as a result Urethane robot wheels make it possible for robots to provide clean video images.


Urethane Robot Wheels
Urethane Robot Wheels

In addition to being made of customized designs with outstanding physical properties, these wheels can resist mitigating conditions like heat, water, chemicals and other solvents. The best part is Plan Tech’s team of engineers is capable of applying not only original parts, but also high-quality parts in manufacturing your polyurethane robot wheels. The need for robots is on a steady increase across various industries globally. With that said, it is therefore of utmost importance that robot wheels are made of top quality materials that will enable the robots function with maximum durability. To this end, Plan Tech can boast of polyurethane robot wheels capable of endearing tough and severe conditions. We have some common designs that are of extreme lightweight and outstanding durability.


If customized robot wheels are your preference, you can trust our team of engineers who are perfectionists, to build polyurethane robot components that wouldn’t fall short of your requirement and in a lot of cases with no extra tooling charge added. Plan Tech’s polyurethane robot parts can withstand tough and high-speed application and still maintain an incredible balance that can only be compared to the balance of a car tire. Also, you can trust our urethane robot wheels to utilize static electricity and thus reducing the need for downtime that would have been needed for electrical build up. Depending on what you need, polyurethane robot parts can either be extra tough like plastic or extremely soft like rubber.


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