Urethane Union Thread Protectors – Chemical Resistant!

Urethane union thread protectors are cast at Plan Tech with the best of urethane materials that are available in the industry. Aside from using the best in class materials, we also utilize some of the most sophisticated machinery you will find across the whole United States for the casting of our urethane union thread protectors. Over the past three decades, we have consistently produce urethane union thread protectors that rank among the best the industry has to offer.     Our consistency in quality which has made Plan Tech one of the biggest suppliers of polyurethane union thread protectors in the industry. This has been due to our application of speed and precision during production. As a result of our application of listening to the customer, we have regularly been able to meet the qualitative and quantitative demands of numerous customers worldwide.   Although the products are available in a variety of configurations, each dimension boasts exceptional physical properties that enable them to excellently protect that valuable piece of capital equipment or item from downtime and damage. Our team of engineers who are among the industries finest is capable of casting rubber union thread protectors to meet the requirements of any application. Whether you […]

Urethane Pipeline Cleaning Pigs – Abrasion Resistant!

Urethane pipeline cleaning pigs are manufactured at Plan Tech in a variety of configurations that can meet the requirements or demands of various applications. If what you seek are pipeline cleaning pigs that can withstand the extreme environmental conditions common to the business of petroleum extraction and processing industry, then ours is the ideal product.     We only make use of the best raw materials that are not only produced by renowned companies, but that can also withstand the harsh conditions in areas of application. At Plan Tech, we boast some of the most sophisticated tools and machinery which enable us to process the highest quality raw materials we utilize into the tightest specifications possible.   No other brand in the industry can offer urethane pipeline cleaning pigs that are more ideal for application in the oil and gas industries because of the unbeatable physical properties of our cleaning pigs. So, whether you need a new rubber pipeline cleaning pigs or you want to customize or replace an old one, Plan Tech can manufacture the unique polyurethane pipeline cleaning pigs that fit your exact specification.   We will help you determine the core design and the best urethane compound that fits […]

Urethane Sewer Access Covers – Made In USA!

Urethane sewer access covers are produced at Plan Tech to offer maximum satisfaction to our numerous customers. One of the first things you will notice with our sewer access covers is that they are carefully designed for easy installation and removal from the cleanout access points of your sewer.   Aside from being the best available on the market, the polyurethane formulation we make use of for the manufacture of our polyurethane sewer access covers are flexible ones that will not shatter like their PVC counterparts. Other outstanding physical properties of our urethane sewer access covers include their remarkable ability to resist wear, corrosion as well as chemicals. We can also enhance the property of our poly sewer access covers to make their corrosion-resistant cap to be highly efficient even in the worst weather condition of the winter season.     For over three decades we have never manufactured rubber sewer access covers or any other urethane product for that matter which falls below world standard. This is due largely to the exceptional technical expertise of our team of engineers who always apply speed and precision during the production of all our products which enable us to meet the qualitative and quantitative […]

Urethane Replacement Blades – Low Cost Blades!

Urethane replacement blades are manufactured in the state of the art in-house machine shop at Plan Tech with the application of speed and precision. Applying the above measures allow us to consistently meet both the qualitative and quantitative demands of our numerous clients in record timing.   Our urethane replacement blades are uniquely-formulated and color-coded to suit a variety of application. We only make use of the best in class urethane materials which gives our product the edge over most other brands in the industry.   With our urethane replacement blades Lean manufacturing processes are overseen by our team of engineers who rank among the finest in the industry, you’re assured of products that boast high-performance ability and will leave you totally satisfied.   Our urethane replacement blades have been tried and proven to be one of the most effective cleaners that can be found on the market. They are exceptionally durable, delivering optimal efficiency even after long years of application. No other rubber replacement blades can offer better resistance ability against unfavorable or harsh conditions than the replacement blades that are manufactured at Plan Tech.   So, if what you seek is a company that can have your blades customized […]

Conveyor Belt Urethane Blades – Wear Resistant!

Conveyor belt urethane blades are one of the top quality urethane products that we have been manufacturing at Plan Tech over the past three decades. Our in-house capabilities help in reducing production cycle time from receipt of order to the final delivery and utilize advanced technologies in our machine shop to ensure that your conveyor belt polyurethane blades meet all critical dimensions.   Our proprietary polyurethane formula allows our conveyor belt rubber blades to be one of the most durable available. They are designed to exhibit very good mechanical properties, and as such, they have very high resistance to weathering, as well as gas or oil. It is true that one of the drawbacks with traditional rubber conveyor belt blades is wear. However, our exceptional team of engineers leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the conveyor belt blades we manufacture at Plan Tech are capable of not only resisting wear but also abrasion and other chemicals, etc.     Our conveyor belt rubber blades are available in different hardness and size that fit and can be designed to meet the requirements of any application. Also, our team of engineers is well versed at turning sketches, samples or production ideas into conveyor […]

Polyurethane Wear Plates – Tight Tolerances!

Polyurethane wear plates find applications across various industries that utilize various types of machines. These polyurethane wear plates help in resisting wear in the parts of a machine where material passes and creates abrasion such as the conveyor side walls and inside of the hopper.     To ensure that our wear plates are of topnotch quality, we only make use of first-rate materials from internationally renowned chemical producers. Our team of technical gurus always apply speed and precision which allow us to maintain consistency in quality as well as meet the high volume demands of our numerous customers. Plan Tech’s coated wear plates that are capable of resisting or slowing the rate at which your machine parts will wear are available in different shapes and thickness. You can count on our experts to pay attention to every detail of your sample or idea to ensure that the finished product we deliver can offer all-around wear protection.     No other cast polyurethane manufacturer in the industry can outmatch us when it comes to manufacturing tailor-made rubber wear plates that can fit just about any application from light to medium duty. With outstanding physical properties such as low friction ability and excellent wear […]

Urethane Liners – Abrasion Resistant Liners!

Urethane Liners ? You’ve come to the right source! Urethane liners provide a superior abrasion resistance capability and chemical resistance which makes polyurethane a natural material for cast urethane liners. Our casting manufacturing facility and machine shop capabilities make it economical to manufacture 1, 2 or thousands of polyurethane liners for your industrial application. Our polyurethane material has great physical properties against tearing or ripping – plus we have a full line of urethane additives to enhance performance! The industrial liners produced at Plan Tech are made from only the very best of polyurethane materials manufactured by renowned chemical producers. We offer the industries largest selection of high-quality urethane liners some of which include:   Custom Urethane Liners   Industrial Hopper Liners: No other rubber hopper liners produced by any other brand offer better protection against abrasion and chemicals than ours. And our application of speed and precision allow us to consistently manufacture only the best in quality urethane hopper liners.   Abrasion Resistant Urethane Form Liners: We have the facility and technical ability to manufacture rubber form liners of any size. Our in-house machine shop is fully equipped with world-class facilities, and our team of engineers are exceptionally talented with technical capabilities that rank them […]

Urethane Bumper Components – Best Bumpers!

Urethane bumper components manufactured by Plan Tech are designed to meet the needs of our large range of requests. We specialize in the manufacture of different polyurethane bumper components and provide world-class service when it comes to the production of bumper components and other urethane related products.   Plan Tech’s poly bumper components will help reduce the expense and maintenance downtime of your equipment. It is also cost effective and provides the best operating productivity. Our team of engineers has over 30 years of experience in the production of various custom urethane products.   Our rubber bumper components are manufactured with the best quality of urethane. We usually ensure that our custom made bumpers meet the FDA dry requirements when necessary. With our rubber bumper components, you can expect excellent resistance against wear, abrasion, chemicals, and corrosion, etc. Our urethane bumper components are also a class above others on the market due to their ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions as well as weather extremities.   No matter the size or hardness of bumper components you seek, our engineers are well technically adept to meet your specific requirements. We also manufacture customized plastic bumper components and we make sure that our […]

Polyurethane Rebound Stops – Impact Resistant!

Polyurethane rebound stops have high strength with good elasticity and abrasion resistance due to the presence of polyurethane. Plan Tech manufactures some of the best cast polyurethane rebound stops, our engineers put in their years of experience to ensure that a high-performance material is produced.   Why choose Plan Tech cast polyurethane rebound stops?   Some unique benefits of Plan Tech’s cast polyurethane rebound stops:   High temperature up to 120oC Excellent electrical insulator for potting or encapsulating applications. Low tooling/mold costs for small or large quantity production runs High resistance to grease, oils, and harsh chemicals Resistance to mold, mildew, or fungus growth Remain flexible at low temperatures (this means they can withstand thermal shock and sudden drops in temperature) Moist vapor transmission for poromeric applications Resistant to radiation Resistant to severe abrasion Variable durometers from 60-96 Shore A High resistant to dynamic stressing High resilience     At Plan Tech, our cast urethane rebound stops are made to be suitable for both wet and dry environment and can be formulated to have impressively high–frequency vibration (between 40% to 70%) or low-frequency vibration (ranging from 10% to 25%) depending on the application. Plan Tech a leader in cast urethane manufacturing, […]

Urethane Dampers – Molded Polyurethane Dampers!

Molded urethane dampers manufactured by Plan Tech are produced using the best method and molding techniques in the industry. We use different types of molding processes in the manufacture of molded urethane dampers. This urethane molding process includes: Open casting: In this process the reaction takes place when the raw materials are combined and poured into a mold set and cure. Open casting thermoset process gives you different range of physical properties. Compression molding: this process involves subjecting urethane in a heated mold, it is then put under high pressure to set up and cure. This method is important because it reduces excess flash, and has a fine finishing. Centrifugal molding: centrifugal molding involves the use of a permanent mold; the mold is rotated continually about its axis at high speeds.   Other urethane molding process includes injection molding, liquid injection molding and foaming. Plan Tech manufactures molded urethane dampers including other products made from urethane such as urethane molded casting, urethane molding parts; polyurethane molding and we also offer customized urethane molding services.     Our team of engineers and technicians with over 30 years of experience utilizes the best urethane molding techniques during the production process of our products. Plan […]

Urethane Skateboard Wheels

What Are Skateboard Wheels Made Of?

The wheels of a Skateboard are usually made up of solid cast urethane with very high density that allows for exceptional resistance to wear, chemicals and abrasion, etc. The wheels can come in a variety of hardness depending on your specific requirements, and at Plan Tech, we have them available in different colors and unique custom forms such as 90A, 100A, 95A, 85A etc.   We have mastered the art of producing first-rate Skateboard polyurethane wheels having been in the business for over 30 years. We, therefore, have a long list of different styles of Skateboard wheels from which you can make your choices; such as our dual durometer wheels, mixed color wheels, core wheels, and many other styles.   Our Skateboard wheels are made with a great level of precision which makes them ideal for use in a wide variety of different environments. And to meet the high volume demands of our numerous esteemed customers we also apply speed during the manufacturing stage of our wheels with unique custom pieces of equipment.   The Skateboard wheels offered at Plan Tech can be relied upon for their remarkable grip and durability. It doesn’t matter what your specifications or requirements are, our […]

Polyurethane Hubless Drive Rollers – Hubless Drive Rollers!

Polyurethane Hubless Drive Rollers are a popular demand across different industries and they are manufactured in our state of the art in-house cast polyurethane facility and machine shop at Plan Tech from first-rate materials produced by globally renowned chemical companies.       As is the case with every urethane product manufactured at Plan Tech, our team of engineers always employ speed and accuracy which enables us to consistently produce Polyurethane Hubless Drive Rollers that are of unbeatable quality.         So, when you place an RFQ for hubless drive rollers, you can expect nothing short of topnotch quality from Plan Tech – we have been manufacturing them for over 30years. The poly hubless drive rollers produced by our team of engineers at Plan Tech offer exceptional physical properties that stand them apart from those of other brands in the sector. Therefore, if what you are looking for are polyurethane hubless drive rollers that can remarkably resist wear, chemicals, and abrasion, etc. Then Plan Tech’s rubber hubless drive rollers are the ideal choice for you seek.   In addition to the aforementioned properties, our hubless drive rollers are also capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions and unfavorable environments. There is […]

Mixer Arm Polyurethane Guards – Wear Resistant!

Mixer Arm Polyurethane Guards are always manufactured from highly durable polyurethane formulations that hold up to the toughest environments. Along with other high-quality urethane products, we have been in the business of producing Mixer Arm Polyurethane Guards that are of an unbeatable standard over the past three decades.     To ensure that the quality of our mixer arm rubber guards never falls below world-class standards, we always make use of raw materials that represent the best quality available on the market. This measure has made our brand the go-to company where the demands for mixer arm polyurethane guards are not only met quantitatively but also qualitatively and in record timing.     It doesn’t matter what industry or application you’re seeking mixer arm poly guards for; we have them available at Plan Tech in different shapes, sizes, and hardness. Also, our team of engineers who rank among the best in the industry can work with your idea or sketch to custom-make Mixer Arm Guards that will meet the exact requirements of your demand.   Our mixer arm rubber guards will offer tremendous value for your money with their exceptional ability to resist wear, corrosion, abrasion, and chemicals. When it comes […]

Friction Urethane Rollers – Impact Resistant!

Friction Urethane Rollers are one of the many urethane products that are utilized across different sectors and for obvious reasons every user or potential users of these Friction Urethane Rollers always look out for those that offer top quality.     At Plan Tech, our rollers do not only offer top quality but are second to none in the entire United States. We only utilize the best of raw materials from globally recognized chemical companies to guarantee topnotch quality.         With the availability of world class machinery in our state of the art machine shop and the exceptional technical expertise of our team of engineers, we have become the go-to company where all needs for friction urethane rollers are met with perfection. Our friction polyurethane rollers can be relied upon for their outstanding ability to resist abrasion and reduce the coefficient of friction. No other friction urethane rollers in the industry can better resist wear, chemicals, corrosion and withstand harsh weather conditions like those designed and manufactured at Plan Tech.   To top it all, our friction rubber rollers are capable of maintaining their optimal efficiency even after years of usage which makes them good value for […]

Slotted Urethane Wheels – Abrasion Resistant!

Slotted Urethane Wheels are one of the numerous polurethane products that can be used for diverse applications. The slotted urethane wheels manufactured at Plan Tech are made from only the very best of raw materials produced by globally recognized chemical companies.           The custom cast slotted rubber wheels standout from those of other brands in the industry for a number of reasons that include the following;               Facility: At Plan Tech, we boast a state of the art in-house cast polyurethane facility and machine shop that is second to none in the United States. Our facilities are well equipped with sophisticated machineries that allow our technicians and engineers to produce urethane products that are of unbeatable quality.   Technicians: There is no arguing the fact that the sector has a lot of engineers at its disposal; however, our team of technicians boasts an unusual degree of technical expertise that set them apart from other engineers in the sector. Shrink rates and tight tolerances are our specialties.   Experience: Plan Tech is a company that has been in the businesses of manufacturing top quality urethane parts for over three decades and counting. Thus, […]

Urethane Rebound Stops – High/Low Rebound!

Urethane rebound stops that we manufacture offer different diameters, grips, speed and durometer ratings are manufactured here at Plan Tech. The rebound is a very important factor because it determines how fast you can roll while using it. Our urethane rebound stops are made from pure polyurethane because of the strong properties of urethane. An important factor Plan Tech engineers consider is the ability of the urethane rebound stops to return to its original shape after an external force is applied. This quality is very vital because it is used to minimize the rolling resistance of the rubber rebound stops.     Plan Tech poly rebound stops are specially customized bearing in mind these factors:   Softer wheels have more grip, especially over rougher surfaces Hard wheels slide more suddenly but slide longer Urethane high rebound formulas skate faster, especially over rough surfaces Soft wheels generally have a more predictable slide Harder wheels have less grip on rougher surfaces but can have more grip on smoother surfaces   Polyurethane is used in the manufacture of rubber rebound stops because they have high abrasion resistance and tear strength which makes them the best choice for the production of skateboard stops. With […]

Urethane Tube Springs – High Durometers!

Urethane tube springs manufactured by Plan Tech have been proven to be the best, offer the safest and are more reliable over conventional tube springs. We specialize in producing tube springs of various lengths, sizes, durometers, and colors. Plan Tech also offers custom-made polyurethane tube springs to meet your specific needs and requirement.       Urethane tube springs are suitable for stamping, drawing dies and punching proving to be the safest, reliable and most efficient compression material. There are multiple types of rubber tube springs manufactured by Plan Tech. These include the disc springs, the compression springs, and the die springs. Urethane tube springs are important for storing energy, reducing shock or impact and counterbalancing a weight or thrust.             Advantages of Plan Tech poly tube springs over conventional springs: Longer life 100% load –bearing surface They do not fragmentize Protection from galling as a result of wear from sliding surfaces Oil and solvent resistance High abrasion resistance Low noise Vibration damping and shock absorbance High load – carrying capability High dielectric strength and non-magnetic Bondable to mating parts Effectiveness between -30oF and 180oF   Plan Tech urethane springs are suitable for mechanical systems and […]

Polyurethane Cutting Edges – Abrasion Resistant!

Polyurethane cutting edges can be applied as truck mounted plow blades, ATV, skid loaders, and bucket-mounted equipment. The polyurethane cutting edges help to protect hard and smooth surfaces such as pavements and cobblestone. More so they have more lifespan when compared to rubber cutting edges and helps to reduce the damage done to in-ground runway lights.   Plan Tech manufactures rubber cutting edges which are suitable for use in snow removal companies, Airports, conveyor belts and state highway departments. Our cutting edges are carefully produced to last longer against abrasion and withstand freezing temperatures. Plan Tech manufactures polyurethane cutting edges of different sizes and we also produce custom made polyurethane cutting edges based on the specific needs of our client.     Why choose Plan Tech Cutting Edges? Poly cutting edges are cost effective because they do not damage easily when compared to rubber cutting edges. High durometer cutting edges absorb impacts and easily blends to the surface being plowed rather than damaging it. Rubber cutting edges are suitable for use on concrete, brick, cobblestone, pavers, parking garages and other similar surfaces. Polyurethane edges are very quiet in operation, making them ideal for use in hospitals and residential areas.   Plan […]

Urethane Seat Impact Bumpers – Impact Resistant!

Urethane seat impact bumpers produced by Plan Tech are top of the line! So, are you in need of urethane seat impact bumpers? Plan Tech is the best choice for you.   We use 100% pure polyurethane to manufacture urethane impact bumpers for the automobile and industrial industries because of the strong characteristics of urethane.  Urethane enables industrial manufacturers to produce lightweight parts and components. The rubber seat impact bumpers are used because of its outstanding overall performance. The presence of urethane in car seats enables it to be shock-absorbing, comfortable and soft.  More so, urethane has the ability to absorb shock in the case of a collision. This makes it an important ingredient for the production of bumpers.   Our urethane seat impact bumpers withstand more loads because of their flexibility property. Also, they are abrasion resistance, even in high wear environments. Urethane also provides high resiliency; they can withstand high vibration frequency and are very tough material. Plan Tech specializes in the manufacture of polyurethane seat impact parts. Our in house engineers will not just help you design and customize your rubber seat impact bumpers, we also help you determine the perfect specification or description of any tool you need. With […]

Exercise Equipment Polyurethane Rollers!

Exercise equipment polyurethane rollers are currently the perfect training equipment on the market. At Plan Tech we manufacture exercise equipment polyurethane rollers in various sizes, forms, lengths, and diameters. The exercise equipment polyurethane rollers are used for sports and fitness and most often in exercise equipment.   Plan Tech uses 100% polyurethane as the raw material for the manufacture of exercise polyurethane rollers because of its strong and high abrasion properties. The exercise equipment rollers manufactured by Plan Tech is made to meet your fitness needs. It is easy to grip, durable, stable and cost-effective. Our team of engineers manufactures rollers and wheels used in cardio machines such as treadmills, ellipticals and strength training equipment like kettlebells, resistance bands and dumbbells. Plan Tech also produces parts and components used fitness equipment for all-purpose level, which is of high reliable quality.     Why Use Polyurethane for exercise equipment?   Exercise equipment poly rollers are tough, these rollers won’t degrade, sag or bend easily. Exercise equipment made from urethane has high resistance to degradation with superior engraving capabilities. More so, urethane is more tear resistant when compared to other materials and this is why it is used in the production of rollers and […]