Urethane Mixing Paddles – FDA Approved Mixing Paddles!

Urethane mixing paddles are one of the several specialty urethane products that are manufactured at our in-house cast polyurethane facility at Plan Tech. Our urethane mixing paddles are made from 100 percent polyurethane materials that offer the best quality and are produced globally recognized chemical manufacturers.   Aside from the quality of the raw materials, we make use of our team of engineers who are some of the best in the cast urethane industry. They skillfully cast our urethane mixing paddles in such a way that the finished products allow for thorough mixing of the materials.   It doesn’t matter what size or shape of mixing paddles you seek for your application, you can be certain of finding the ideal specification that meets your application’s requirements from our 30 plus years of designing and manufacturing polyurethane mixing paddles. One of the standout features that have made our rubber mixing paddles the go-to mixer paddle is their offering of great value for money. With our urethane mixing paddles, you are assured of products that offer exceptional physical properties such as excellent wear resistance and remarkable service life saving costly downtime in your production facility.   Our rubber mixing paddles are capable of […]

Urethane Belt Skirting – Conveyor Belt Skirting!

Urethane belt skirting for industrial distribution and production facilities is manufactured at Plan Tech for over 30 years. We produce urethane belt skirting to ensure that engineers and production supervisors can enjoy maximum efficiency and the satisfaction of reduced downtime and increased efficiency.   We apply speed and precision while manufacturing our belt skirting just as is the case with all our urethane products to ensure that we consistently meet the qualitative and quantitative demands of our customers within the shortest turnaround possible. Our rubber belt skirting is popular in the industry for their outstanding physical properties. When it comes to resisting wear, abrasion, and chemicals, etc. the belt skirting that is manufactured by our world-class team of engineers are second to none.   With our rubber belt skirting, you can be certain you’re settling for specialty products that offer great value for your money. Our belt skirtings offer 100% efficiency and are capable of maintaining their optimal performance even after long years of service. So, tell us! For what application or applications do you seek polyurethane belt skirting for? Do you have a particular design or sample in mind? Or are you just looking for a reliable company you […]

Wire Guide Polyurethane Rollers – Diamond Coated Wires!

Wire Guide Polyurethane Rollers are one of the numerous custom industrial products that we manufacture at Plan Tech. We manufacture all of our wire guide rollers from high-performance prepolymers with high standards which in turn reduce downtime and replacement costs.   Plan Tech has over 30 years of specializing in the manufacturing of precision cut urethane wire guide rollers for a wide range of industries and applications. We utilize the tough characteristic nature of urethane which outperforms plastic, rubber, and steel in its capacity to resist harsh environmental factors such as abrasion, corrosion, heat or high temperature, oil, grease, solvent, acid and several other harsh chemicals.   Urethane has excellent resistance to cracking when under repeated flex and wear. These diverse properties of polyurethane enable us to manufacture precision cut wire guide polyurethane rollers that do not just meet international standards but also the specification of our clients.   Plan Tech continues to utilize the strength of urethane to produce high-end design and durable product, making it the choicest in the market. When it comes down to custom-made wire guide polyurethane rollers, customers and engineers can always count on us to meet their requirements for wire guide rollers with perfection […]

Urethane Shock Absorbers – Impact Resistant!

Urethane shock absorbers which can be used in industrial machinery applications, commercial aviation, electrical components and elevators are just some of the numerous specialty urethane applications that Plan Tech manufactures rubber shock absorbers for.   Due to the expertise of our team of engineers as well as our utilization of the best raw materials available on the market, our shock absorbers boast unbeatable physical properties such as strength, vibration damping qualities, and excellent durability.   Also, no other cast polyurethane manufacturer in the industry can boast of Shock Absorbers that offer better chemical resistance with the ability to disperse energy.   We have rubber shock absorbers in a variety of shapes, sizes as well as hardness and our technicians who rank among the best the industry are very experienced and highly skilled in the act of casting shock absorbers that will meet your specific requirements.   Do you have a sketch or sample of how you want your urethane shock absorbers to be designed?   Then feel free to bring your idea to us and allow our experts to transform your imagination into the best shock absorbers you will find on the market that is customized to your application requirements. […]

Polyurethane Pipeline Pigs – Abrasion Resistant Pigs!

Polyurethane pipeline pigs are manufactured at Plan Tech with the satisfaction of our numerous customers and pipeline operators around the world.   Interestingly, we have been extremely successful in meeting our clients’ needs both quantitatively and qualitatively over the past three decades. As is customary of us, we go the extra mile to ensure we purchase and make use of only first-rate raw materials providing the best physical properties with our polyurethane pipeline pigs and other custom polyurethane parts.   The rubber pipeline pigs we have manufactured have been tested and proven to possess outstanding physical properties that enable them to successfully stand the test of time. So, if what you are looking for are polyurethane pipeline pigs that can remarkably resist wear, corrosion, and chemicals. Our pipeline pigs that can withstand harsh conditions and maintain their optimal efficiency even years of application, then you are at the right place.   With our polyurethane pipeline pigs, you can rest assured that you are purchasing a product that can provide 100% protection for your valuable assets. We manufacture our Pipeline Pigs in different configurations that can meet the requirements of just about any application. Also, our team of dedicated, experienced technicians, […]

Material Handling Systems Utilizing Cast Urethane Parts

Material Handling Systems Utilizing Cast Urethane Parts

Utilizing lightweight, castable polyurethane rollers, wheels, bumpers and other custom urethane parts for material handling systems does not just guarantee lower tooling costs it also provides excellent wear resulting in reduced downtime for repairs and reduced maintenance costs. With lightweight, castable urethane parts there is no production interruption caused by the cracking of thermoplastic parts.     Previously utilized thermoplastics experience high amount of vibration which caused cracking and also affected sensitive weight readings during the production process with material handling systems – resulting in inaccurate quantities of parts and increased downtime. Many engineers and designers turn to polyurethane parts when designing and contructing material handling systems.   Lightweight, castable urethane rollers, wheels, bumpers and parts designed by Plan Tech cannot only withstand vibration and retained its original form, but it also has an extended service life. Additionally, our customer deisnged urethane parts offer a significantly quieter operation process which is achieved due to urethane’s unique noise abatement properties.   It is imperative to know that product engineers prefer polyurethane components. Material handling production systems utilizing polyurethane parts have proven to stand the test of time. Produced, designed and furnished with our state of the art equipment to meet the challenges […]

Urethane Punch Strippers – Impact Resistant!

Urethane punch strippers that are second to none in quality have been consistently manufactured at Plan Tech for over three decades and counting. The consistency in the quality of our production has seen us become one of the biggest suppliers of urethane punch strippers in the industry.     Our ability to maintain such consistency in quality is down to three key factors which are; our application of speed and precision, the exceptional technical expertise of our team of engineers and our state of the art in-house machine shop that is well equipped with of the best machineries in the world over. With our urethane punch strippers, you are guaranteed punch strippers that are capable of high holding pressure and neat striping of the blank from the punch.   Our rubber punch strippers offer remarkable durability, heavy load-bearing capacities, resist fragmentation and are easy to use. The fact is our application of speed and precision ensures we are among the best volume manufacturers of standard and custom punch strippers in the world. Urethane punch strippers produced at Plan Tech offer impressive ability to resist abrasion, corrosion, grease, oil and harsh chemicals and they are also capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions. […]

Polyurethane Stabbing Guides – Pipe Handling Safety!

Polyurethane stabbing guides are one of the several urethane products manufactured at Plan Tech with a great degree of precision. Polyurethane stabbing guides are designed to help prevent damage from occurring during makeup.     These polyurethane stabbing guides are produced in our state of the art in-house machine shop from first-rate raw material manufactured by the best chemical producers in the industry. With a team of engineers who boast exceptional technical expertise, you can count on us to meet the quantitative and qualitative demands of your stabbing guide project.     We have them available in different models or applications such as for casing, tubing and drill pipe. High-quality urethane formulations are used in both short and long production, making us the go-to company for the very best polyurethane stabbing guides. Being made from the best available raw material, our urethane stabbing guides offer superior physical properties that make us one of the leading brands in the industry. As products that help in preventing the occurrence of damage during makeup, then it is common for them to be prone to wear. However, with the combination of first-rate materials, we make use of and the expertise of our engineering team, our […]

Urethane Thread Protectors – Abrasion Resistant!

Urethane thread protectors manufactured by Plan Tech are produced using the highest quality standards. Our polyurethane thread protectors are made tough to protect your equipment and valuables from damage and corrosion. Plan Tech’s rubber thread protectors are cost effective and built to withstand extreme environments (-90oC to +90oC).     Plan Tech poly thread protectors provide a good gripping surface for better and tighter installation to save protectors from getting lost during the transport of goods. Our thread protectors are resistant to greases, fuels, oils, water, and abrasion. Plan Tech rubber thread protectors absorb shock rather than transfer it.   The urethane thread protectors that we manufacture are available for light duty style to protect drill pipe and sub connection and in heavy-duty style for drill collar connection protection. We also offer custom made urethane thread protectors and pressed urethane thread protectors for various industrial applications.         Features of Plan Tech’s Custom Thread Protectors: Thread protectors are reliable, safe and easy to operate. The clamp on the polyurethane thread protectors provide a 360o grip with greater, evenly divided holding power They have more holding power Plan Tech’s thread protector eliminates abrasion on the threads of the casing […]

Urethane Bridge Gate Gaskets – Weather Resistant!

Urethane bridge gate gaskets are used as space fillers or seals between two mating surfaces. Plan Tech’s custom bridge gate gaskets are used to prevent leaks (water, air, etc) and are used in a wide range of applications due to the variation in surfaces. Polyurethane bridge gate gaskets use compression to maintain their seal.     Some Advantages of Plan Tech’s Bridge Gate Gaskets:   Abrasion resistant – Bridge-gate gaskets are resistant to wear caused by friction due to the presence of urethane which is known to be stronger than plastic, steel, and rubber.   High load bearing capacity – Polyurethane bridge gate gaskets have a high load bearing capacity which is important because gaskets are used to create a reliable seal especially under intense pressure and heavy vibration.   Resistant to Natural elements – The presence of urethane enables Plan Tech rubber bridge gate gaskets resistant to weather conditions such as dry, wet or damp and also water as opposed to the conventional gaskets produced.   Plan Tech manufactures other types of urethane gaskets such as urethane O-Rings, urethane spacers, wastewater treatment plant urethane gaskets, tight tolerance gaskets, custom polyurethane gaskets, precision cut urethane gaskets and lots more. The […]

Urethane Valve Assemblies – High Temp Valves!

Urethane Valve Assemblies manufactured by Plan Tech are used in the drilling industry and are manufactured to meet the perfect requirements. They can be used in water, oil or synthetic based mud, in pump maximum pressures and strokes. Plan Tech’s urethane valve inserts are produced using high-quality materials with the best in house tooling services. We also offer custom made urethane valve assemblies to meet your specific requirements.     Plan Tech also manufactures urethane bonded valves, Hi-temp urethane, urethane Inserts and other urethane related products. Our urethane valve assemblies reduce movements and insert swelling, washouts and fluid end cracking. We offer cost effective molding process which helps to increase the abrasion and extrusion resistance providing longer valve life.         Benefits of Plan Tech’s Urethane Valve Assemblies: Uniform fluid end loading 100% pure urethane used Extended valve and seat life Streamlined guide legs Insert compound rated to 300F (149C) Reduced seat taper wear Serrated valve insert groove which locks the insert in place reducing insert swelling and movement Reduced fluid end stress Maintains superior resistance to tear and extrusion Increased resistance to water Wear resistant Cast with precision to minimize flow resistance and fluid turbulence Cost effective […]

Polyurethane Cable Saddles – Impact Resistant Saddles!

Polyurethane cable saddles are used for supporting cables and hoisting in various applications.  Plan Tech’s polyurethane cable saddles come in different diameter, weight, length and choker capacities.         Plan Tech only uses pure polyurethane in the production of rubber cable saddles because it significantly outperforms rubber and steel.             Some leading characteristics properties of polyurethane include:   High tensile strength Compression strength Abrasion resistance Performs well for hardness Excellent Tear strength Resistant to harsh environment Excellent load bearing capacity Excellent impact resistance Excellent noise abatement   Features of Plan Tech’s Polyurethane Rubber Cable Saddles:   Tightens its grip as the cable is being hoisted Use when cable support is critical Highly visible Lightweight, easy handling Sling is constructed of two-ply latex treated webbing Non- skid internal surface to retain cable Designed to meet the minimum bending radius of the cable Prevents cable damage to improper handling Used around the world in extreme mining operations Use when cable support is critical Strong, hardwearing and flexible polyurethane Custom made rubber cable saddles Cost-effective   With over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of urethane rubber cable saddles and other urethane related products, we […]

Urethane Flapper Valves – Corrosion Resistant Valves!

Urethane flapper valves are used in a great number of industries such as the marine industry, power and desalination, paint and adhesive, fire and water industry. At Plan Tech, our urethane flapper valves are corrosion resistant and are used for gravity flow systems. In addition, Plan Tech offers custom-made urethane flapper valves to meet the international standard requirements and also the specific needs of our clients.     We are focused on using speed and precision in order to produce the highest quality urethane flapper valves for our clients and customers. Plan Tech has the best production services in the world including dedicated TDI and MDI production cells.     Our production process and capabilities:   Post-secondary assembly High speed automated and manual finishing equipment Open cast, rotational compression, and liquid injection molding On-site testing World class metal preparation In-house custom mold manufacture Waterjet cut urethane parts Automated adhesive application for high strength  bonding to metallic and non- metallic  substrates   Benefits of Plan Tech rubber Flapper Valves:   High-quality construction reducing the need for special NDE requirements Helps reduce the number of valves required Offers excellent resistance to wear, corrosion, harsh chemicals, and abrasion Cost-effective   Plan Tech a leader […]

Urethane Maxi Discs – Impact Resistant Maxi Discs!

Urethane maxi discs are used for heavy cleaning and purging. Urethane maxi discs that are manufactured by Plan Tech come in different styles and sizes. We also offer custom made polyurethane maxi discs to meet your desired specifications and industrial application needs.   Plan Tech has a wide range of other poly pipe cleaning discs:   The special cup disc (SCD) has backups and reinforced discs. The backups are usually manufactured to be oversized and this helps to eliminate bypass. The special cup disc comes in sizes of 2in – 24in and is available in different colors and durometers. Urethane mandrel and construction pigs are available and produced with custom made brushes. Sizes range from 4in to 48in.   Plan tech manufactures the urethane decoking pigs, urethane line boar pigs, urethane multi-line and custom made urethane pigs. Our urethane maxi discs are made from 100 % pure urethane and are used as aggressive cleaning pigs. We use our state of the art in house tooling in the production of urethane Maxi discs. This is to ensure that all our pipeline cleaning pigs are of the best quality, offering the best value and deal in the market.   Looking for the […]

Polyurethane Decoking Pigs – Abrasion Resistant!

Polyurethane decoking pigs are used to remove “decoking pigs”. Decoking pigs refers to hard deposits such as coke in fired heaters. Plan Tech specializes in the manufacture of polyurethane decoking pigs, bi-directional pigs fitted with discs, omnidirectional pigs fitted with cups and custom made polyurethane pigs.       The use of poly decoking pigs allows you to carry out maintenance activities such as burner inspection, refractory works, and tube inspection, etc which in turn helps to reduce downtime and increase productivity.       Benefits of Plan Tech poly decoking pigs:   Guaranteed “Inner Tube–life” 360o cleaning coverage Can negotiate 90 and 180 bends Performs in harsh environments Moves with less force Durable, flexible and chemical resistant Highly aggressive to remove decontamination Deposits are removed to prevent blockage Environmental friendly FDA food grade approved materials available Easy to clean and light to handle Effective maintenance prolongs the life span of the polyurethane decoking pigs   Plan Tech’s decoking pigs are developed in any size or shape and are made to meet the needs of our clients and customers. We are also available for custom made polyurethane decoking pigs and other polyurethane related products. Plan Tech a leader in cast […]

Urethane Pigs – Best Pipeline Urethane Pigs!

Urethane pigs are cast in the state of the art cast polyurethane manufacturing facility and in-house machine shop at Plan Tech using first-rate types of equipment and machinery. Our urethane pigs are lightweight, disposable and maintenance free.   To ensure that the physical properties of our urethane pigs rank among the best in the industry, we only utilize raw materials that represent the best in class and produced by globally renowned chemical producers. For over three decades we have been consistently meeting the qualitative and quantitative expectations of our esteemed customers through our application of speed and precision during the production of all our products.   Our polyurethane pigs offer excellent service life, remarkable resistance ability and outstandingly capable of functioning at their optimal best even under unfavorable conditions. We have pipeline pigs available at Plan Tech in varying configurations such as spherical, disc-type, and cup-disc, etc. Our team of engineers who are well known in the industry for their technical expertise are also capable of transforming your idea/sample of urethane pigs into finished products that offer unbeatable quality.   So if what you are looking for is a company that can deliver urethane pigs that represent the best value for […]

Elevator Urethane Parts

Elevator Industry Cast Urethane Components

Elevator Industry cast urethane components   Product engineers in the elevator industry prefer the use of urethane for the production of elevator and escalator wheel, tires and treads. Over the years, urethane has exhibited excellent load-bearing and shock-absorbing qualities which make it the material of choice in the elevator industry.   As more industries and companies continue to utilize cast urethane components as a replacement for other traditional materials, it has proven to offer more benefits. With a much-improved resistance to wear, it can outlast other materials by as much as four times. Its performance during load and compression is also impressive, Elevators with urethane components tend to out-perform rubber which will often permanently deform much sooner resulting in the associated components, often suspension parts becoming loose which can cause lack of control and often expensive damage.   Urethane is also wear-resistant and shows a prolonged service life during application compared to other materials. Plan Tech’s elevator and escalator wheel, tires, and treads division have over 30 years of experience in the industry. So regardless of the type or size of your elevator and escalator wheel, tires and treads, we have the skilled technicians, equipment, and technology to custom cast […]

Urethane Scraper Cups – Made In USA!

Urethane scraper cups are manufactured and supplied by Plan Tech manufactures in different configuration and sizes.  Plan Tech scraper cups are used in the removal of liquid evacuation, pipeline debris, product separation, and displacement, gauging operations, pipeline debris, batching and cleaning.  It is also suitable for water – removal applications and hydrostatic testing.       Our team of engineers and technical staff manufacture rubber scraper cups that are compression molded at a pressure exceeding 2000 psi. The compression molding ensures that uniform density of the material is unique and has a long life span, making our urethane scrapper cups the best in the industry.         Benefits of Plan Tech scraper cups: Cost-effective Resistant to oils and chemicals High abrasion resistance Reduced tooling costs Longer life span Dimensional stability Reduced maintenance costs Flexibility to pipeline configurations Exceptional load bearing capacity Superior hydrocarbon resistance Resistant to high temperature   Aside from the rubber scraper cups, Plan Tech also manufacture urethane conical cup, urethane standard cup, urethane standard discs, urethane specialty cups and discs, multi-dimensional cup, specialty cups, and discs. We also manufacture custom made urethane scraper cups to meet your specific company needs and application requirements. The inactive […]

Urethane Mandrels – Abrasion Resistant Mandrels!

Urethane mandrels are readily machined at Plan Tech. We manufacture rubber mandrels which are used to clamp or grip a material. They can also be used to bend the exhaust of automobiles, metal rings and in the production of molten glass. Plan Tech manufactures different types of urethane mandrels such as the urethane chuck mandrel, the urethane dead bull ring mandrels, and urethane live bull ring mandrels.     Features of Plan Tech Mandrels:   Dual durometer to increase friction and minimize Can be made to have removable nose pieces to increase the life span of the urethane mandrels Plan Tech mandrels can be fitted ton any reel, style, size or shape Lightweight urethane materials for easy and quick installation Pumpkin toothed, straight or serpentine edges to fit your mandrel   Advantages of Plan Tech Mandrels:   Plan Tech mandrels can be custom made to your specifications Our mandrels are cost effective They offer a greater coefficient of friction compared to plastic or steel They can be grooved to help with oil relief Our mandrels can be made of different durometers or dual durometers They can also withstand higher temperatures   The inactive or downtime of your company can cost […]

Dual Pipe Urethane Rollers – Cut Resistant Rollers!

Dual pipe urethane rollers manufactured by Plan Tech are used to support, stabilize, protect and guide pipeline sections during road and river crossings. They are also used to protect the exterior part of the pipeline drag sections and crossings. Plan Tech uses the best in house tooling in the manufacture of dual pipe rollers.   Our dual pipe rubber rollers and other urethane rollers manufactured by Plan Tech are made in different sizes, bearings, color and diameter ratings to meet standard requirement. We ensure that the right load-bearing capacity, widths, and bore sizes are applied during the production process.   With over 30 years of experience, Plan Tech offers you the best services when it comes to the manufacture of dual pipe polyurethane rollers.           Our products are:   Energy saving Cost-effective Reduces noise and vibration dampening Resistant to harsh chemicals, corrosion, abrasion and high temperature Durable and safe for operational purposes.   Our in-house urethane molding capabilities give us the ability to provide our customers with cost-effective tooling. It helps in the reduction of production time from receipt of order to final delivery and we use advanced technologies to ensure your order meets all critical […]