Mechanical Urethane Wheels – Abrasion Resistant!

Mechanical Urethane Wheels are one of the several urethane products that find application across different sectors. They are available at Plan Tech in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your custom specifications. To ensure that our mechanical urethane wheels are always of world-class quality, we only utilize the best manufactured raw materials produced by internationally recognized chemical producers.   Having been in the business of manufacturing urethane products that offer unbeatable physical properties for over the past three decades and counting. It, therefore, doesn’t come as a surprise that our customers totally trust us to manufacture mechanical urethane wheels that provide great value for money. And the reason is that our mechanical urethane wheels offer excellent performance ability as well as long service life.     The Mechanical Urethane Wheels that are cast by our technical experts at Plan Tech are capable of outstandingly resisting abrasion, wear, corrosion and chemicals. And as is the case with every other urethane product that is produced at Plan Tech, we always apply speed and consistency while producing mechanical urethane wheels which enables us to meet the qualitative and quantitative demands of our numerous and esteemed customers. Bring your ideas or sample to us today […]

Nip Urethane Rollers – Custom Nip Rollers!

Nip urethane rollers are used for laminating sheets in combination with film adhesive, wet adhesives or parts covered with contact cement or hot melt glues. Plan Tech manufactures nip urethane rollers with high-grade polyurethane materials, our nip urethane rollers come in different sizes and can be custom made on to your specifications. Our nip urethane rollers are built by a team of experienced engineers and are of Superior bonding technology, FDA dry formula (i.e. FDA complaint) and can be produced to a variety of colours.     Plan Tech nip urethane rollers are made from 100 percent pure urethane and can provide reliable performance even in high-stress applications.  We usually test the products using various parameters, this method of testing helps us manufacture products with high level performance.     Plan Tech manufactures Nip urethane rollers and other urethane rollers that: Reduces noise Resistant to variations in temperatures Resistant to wear, abrasion, chemicals, oil and tearing Provide a high load bearing capabilities Extend the life of the machinery.   Plan Tech also manufactures other type of urethane rollers such as flat taper rollers, V-rollers, Idler rollers, ringer rollers, feed rollers, multiple crown rollers, including our custom made shaped urethane rollers. […]

Polyurethane Dampening Pads – Impact Resistant!

Polyurethane Dampening Pads manufactured by Plan Tech are engineered to resist abrasion and impact for a variety of applications. We have them available in different shapes, sizes, and colors.   Our team of engineers apply strict quality control processes that make use of the latest technology to monitor our polyurethane damping pads at every stage of the production process. Most importantly we manufacture our polyurethane dampening Pads under strict confidentiality agreements with our clients, respecting any and all patents on the products they have designed and given us the opportunity to produce.   Over the years, customers have continuously praised us about the quality of our polyurethane dampening pads as is the case with every other urethane product manufactured at in our state of the art in-house machine shop that is richly equipped with world class machinery. Plan Tech’s polyurethane dampening pads also stand out from those of other brands in the sector due to their excellent durability. In other words, our polyurethane damping pads are capable of maintaining their maximum efficiency even after long years of service.   Therefore, bring your polyurethane dampening pads project to Plan Tech and let us wow you with our remarkable technical skills. A large […]

Dry Film Urethane Rollers – Tight Tolerances!

Dry Film Urethane Rollers like every other urethane products manufactured in the state of the art in-house cast polyurethane facility at Plan Tech are made with the goal of meeting the maximum satisfaction of our customers.   Our dry film urethane rollers are therefore made from only the best of raw materials from universally recognized chemical companies who are leaders in their sector. We have been manufacturing dry film urethane rollers for over the past three decades and thus; boast remarkable expertise that is second to none in the industry.   So, it doesn’t matter what shape, size or hardness of dry film urethane rollers you want, our team of technicians are capable of turning your sample, sketch, idea or imagination into a perfect piece of production that will exceed your expectation. With our application of speed and accuracy, we have been consistently meeting the high volume demands of our numerous clients without compromising quality. Plan Tech’s dry film urethane rollers excellently resist corrosion, abrasion, and chemicals.   They are also renowned for their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and maintain their optimum efficiency even after long service years. No other brand in the industry can offer rollers that provide better […]

Urethane Traction Additives – Superior Traction!

Urethane Traction Additives are manufactured at Plan Tech from the very best of raw materials produced by renowned manufacturers who are leaders in their industry.   Like other urethane products manufactured in the state of the art in-house machine shop at Plan Tech, our team of engineers apply accuracy and speed during the production stages which allow us to meet high volume demands without compromising quality. As a result, our Urethane Traction Additives are known across the industrial market in the United States and the world over for their exceptional ability to resist wear, abrasion, corrosion, chemicals and weather extremities.   With our custom formulated urethane traction additives, you are guaranteed of enhanced performance and excellent durability which makes them a product worthy of your investment. The fact that it is no longer news that we have been in the business of producing first-rate urethane products for over 30 years means we are the ideal company to put your faith on when it comes to formulating the correct urethane traction additives.   Our team of highly experienced and technically gifted engineers have all it takes to meet the specific requirements of your demands. Come to us with your urethane traction additive needs and […]

Printing Urethane Wheels – Tight Tolerance Wheels!

Printing Urethane Wheels are a popular demand due to the exceptional quality they have to offer. These Printing Urethane Wheels are manufactured at Plan Tech with the application of speed and accuracy to meet the high volume demand of our customers and prospects in record timing.     To ensure that our printing urethane wheels are consistent of high quality, we only make use of the best raw materials that are produced by world-renowned chemical companies. We have been manufacturing first-rate custom manufactured polyurethane components and products for over three decades and rarely if ever have our productions fallen short of the expected quality. Our printing urethane wheels can be relied upon for their outstanding ability to resist harsh weather conditions, chemicals, abrasion, corrosion as well as unfavorable environments. With our printing rubber wheels, you can expect nothing short of an overwhelming experience that will guarantee maximum satisfaction.   So, if what you’re looking for is printing urethane wheels that offer good value for money with their remarkable physical properties. Then Plan Tech’s printing wheels are the ideal choice for you. And the best part is that our team of engineers can custom make your printing urethane wheels according to your idea to […]

Labeling Urethane Wheels – Wear Resistant Wheels!

Labeling Urethane Wheels are manufactured at Plan Tech from the very best of raw materials produced by internationally renowned chemical companies who are industry leaders. Are you looking for Labeling Urethane Wheels that offer unbeatable physical properties? Then we are glad to let you know that you’re at the right place. Our Labeling Urethane Wheels are renowned in the sector due to their offering of great value for money.   When it comes to resisting wear, abrasion, chemicals, and corrosion, etc. The labeling urethane wheels produced in the state of the art in-house machine shop at Plan Tech are second to none. With our utilization of top grade materials and the exceptional technical expertise of our team of professional. We are ranked among one of best companies in the sector that manufacture Labeling Urethane Wheels that can stand not just only the test of time, but that of unfavorable weather and environmental conditions.   To ensure that our Labeling Urethane Wheels are consistently made of high quality, our gurus always make sure to apply speed and precision which not only allow us to produce labeling rubber wheels that meet the qualitative requirements of our customers, but also their high volume demands within […]

Printing Urethane Rollers – Abrasion Resistant!

Printing Urethane rollers manufactured by Plan Tech are unique and are made to withstand rigorous industrial applications. Like other types of urethane rollers manufactured by Plan Tech, our printing urethane rollers are made from polyurethane because of its strong properties.       Advantages of printing urethane rollers:   Has more flex properties Wear and abrasion resistant Denser Will not readily fatigue Tight tolerances Returns to its original size and shape Non-marking Ultraviolet protection         Plan Tech also offers printing rollers services which include:   Custom made/designed Our experienced in-house engineer will help you come up with a design or improve your vision/idea on what you have. We also manufacture custom-made urethane rollers based on your specifications.   Refurbish We renovate, refurbish, repair and straighten printing rollers. Plan Tech also have room for one on one consultation while providing quick and reliable urethane change over.   Benefits of Custom Made Printing Urethane Rollers Commercial printers using split nips receive an immediate performance increase Better coating lay down across the web, strip or sheet Fewer roll changes reducing downtime Roll shape is maintained a longer reducing frequency of roll changes Totally contaminant free throughout roll Hardness ranges from […]

Mechanical Urethane Rollers – Precision Rollers!

Mechanical urethane rollers are used in a good number of industries such as product manufacturing industry, food processing Industry, banking (currency counting machine), product packaging industry, bottling and canning Industry and lots more. Plan Tech manufactures mechanical urethane rollers that allow easy grip, slip, cushioning, deflection and abrasion resistance in the operating environment.     Advantages of Plan Tech Mechanical Urethane Rollers   Our Mechanical Urethane Rollers are FDA compliant for food processing. Can withstand extreme temperatures Can be manufactured in any color and are non-marking. Are resistant to harsh chemicals, acids, abrasion, and solvents as a result of the presence of urethane. Offer better grab and high traction for paper, glass, wood, etc They last longer when compared to plastic and rubber urethane rollers Are cost effective Are available in different styles – which can range between solid, soft and finned They come in diameters from 1.50 in to 4.00in Are custom made by Plan Tech to meet your specification   Plan Tech offers an excellent service in the manufacture of mechanical urethane rollers and other related urethane products made from 100 percent Polyurethane. Also, our team of engineers consistently apply speed and precision during the manufacture of our […]

Molded Urethane Mallets – Impact Resistant!

Molded urethane mallets produced by Plan Tech are carefully manufactured to ensure that it’s suitable to all applicable requirements and within budget. Urethane is preferred over rubber, metal, and plastic as a result of its properties such as abrasion resistance, it bears heavy loads, is versatile in hardness, resistant to sunlight and harsh weather conditions. It also accepts pigmentation.     Plan Tech’s molded urethane mallets are produced at our in-house machine shop equipped with state of the art facilities. We custom mold urethane mallets to meet your specifications. Our molded polyurethane mallets protect the operator from impact sting or rebound. They resist petrochemicals, wear and won’t chip or splinter.       Benefits of custom cast molded mallets   Tooling for molded urethane mallets is very inexpensive in comparison to other forms of molding such as injection and transfer. Delivery for a custom molded urethane mallet is very quick Available in any color of your choice Able to mold into intricate shapes with or without metal inserts Tougher than plastic hammers or mallets We can quote from 1 to over 1000 custom molded urethane mallets Our molded urethane mallets reduce the time and expenses of machining parts from solid […]

Urethane Rubber Blocks

Pipe / Plumbing Industry Cast Urethane Parts

Industrial grade urethane pipe rollers can withstand abrasive and corrosive slurries in suction. Our premium polyurethane formulations are highly resilient, have a nonsparking surface, exhibit excellent chemical resistance and offer good weatherability qualities, which are all important features required in a variety of industrial plumbing and pipe storage applications.     Urethane parts for the pipe and plumbing industry can be cast, molded or made iron-strong or sponge-soft; this level of flexibility is what makes urethane the material of choice in this industry. Also, every urethane part we create is manufactured from a concept to actual production with the highest quality in our state of the art facility. This simply means that our urethane parts provide longer service life and lower noise abatement properties when compared to other materials on the market. For these and several other reasons, product engineers prefer urethane components.     According to product engineers, a wide range of design and technical difficulties in the Pipe and Plumbing industry can be resolved by utilizing urethane pipe rollers. This is credited to urethane’s unique combination of desirable engineering properties. Urethane can be substituted for rubber and plastics, and even metals, with superior results.  

Urethane Rubber Blocks – Impact Resistant Blocks!

Urethane Rubber Blocks are one of the several high precision urethane products that are manufactured in the fully equipped state of the art in-house machine shop at Plan Tech. Like all of our other urethane products, we only utilize raw materials that represent the best quality polyurethane and specialty additives available on the market.   Our consistent application of speed and precision make it possible for us to always manufacture world-class urethane rubber blocks with volumes large enough to meet the quantitative demands of our numerous and highly esteemed customers within the shortest possible turnaround.   Plan Tech’s urethane rubber blocks offer top-notch physical properties to those of most other brands you will find in the industry. They are capable of excellently resisting abrasion, wear, stubborn chemicals, and corrosion, etc. Also, no other brand in the industry can boast of urethane rubber blocks that offer better durability and outstanding performance ability.   We have them available in different shapes, hardness, and sizes.  However, our team of technical experts are more than capable to mold or cast the urethane into rubber blocks of any dimension according to your exact requirements.   Therefore, it doesn’t matter what the requirements of your application are; […]

Hold Down Urethane Tires – Made In USA!

Hold Down Urethane Tires are one of the numerous specialty urethane products that are manufactured in the fully equipped cast polyurethane manufacturing facility and in-house machine shop at Plan Tech. Like every other product that is been produced at Plan Tech, our Hold Down Urethane Tires are made from only the very best of raw materials available on the market.     Our team of technicians who are one of the finest the industry has to offer, always pay attention to details as well as apply speed and precision which allow us to meet the high volume demands of our numerous customers without a drop in quality.   So, what are your specifications? Do they require great level of precision? Well, you can count on our engineering team to custom-make or mold Hold Down Urethane Tires that will meet the exact requirements of your application.   Therefore, feel free to bring your sample, sketch or idea to us, and we will turn your imagination into a perfect finished product. The Hold Down Urethane Tires we manufacture are highly efficient when it comes to resisting wear, abrasion, chemicals, and corrosion. They are also capable of performing at their optimal best even after […]

Film Processor Urethane Rollers – Tight Tolerances!

Film Processor Urethane Rollers are manufactured at Plan Tech from High-quality materials produced by world-renowned chemical companies. Like all other urethane products produced in our state of the art in-house machine shop. Our team of engineers who rank among the best in the industry apply both speed and precision which allow us to be meet the high volume demands of our numerous customers within a short period and without compromising quality.   The physical properties of the Film Processor Urethane Rollers we manufacture offer unbeatable quality that makes them second to none you can find anywhere else on the market. With our Film Processor Urethane Rollers, you can be certain of urethane products that offer remarkable resistance to wear, corrosion, chemicals and abrasion.     Also, our Film Processor Urethane Rollers are renowned for their excellent performance ability which allows them to maintain their optimal efficiency even after long years of service. It doesn’t matter what the conditions of the environment of application is, our Film Processor Urethane Rollers have been tested and proven to be able to withstand unfavorable environment as well as weather extremities.   Having been in the business of producing first-rate quality urethane products for more […]

Labeling Urethane Rollers – Abrasion Resistant Rollers!

Plan Tech manufactures high-quality labeling urethane rollers for a wide range of industrial applications. Plan Tech has been in the field of manufacturing high-quality urethane products that meet the need of emerging technological demands for over 30 years.   Our labeling urethane rollers come in different colors and are easy to install with a high-performance ability. In addition, Plan Tech labeling urethane rollers are available and can be custom made to meet your specification. They are made of high strength, durability, high performance, and a fine finish. Our labeling urethane rollers are available in different sizes and are used in the steel industry, packaging industry, marine industry, food processing Industry and lots more. They are used for attaching labels to all types of products. The labeling urethane rollers ensure that the label is securely stuck down smoothly and neatly onto the product.   Plan Tech has a team of experienced engineers that will help you determine the right specification suitable for your application. We have different types of surface finish options available in request apart from what we use in the manufacture of our products. Plan Tech labeling urethane rollers will help in shock absorption, rotates easily, decrease vibration and tolerate […]

Belt Guide Urethane Wheels – Wear Resistant Wheels!

Belt guide urethane wheels last longer than the rubber wheels, this is due to the strong characteristics of urethane which makes it the best choice over rubber and plastics. Plan Tech manufactures belt guide urethane wheels that can withstand wet and dry environments. More so, we deliver world-class products when it comes to the manufacture of urethane related products and machinery. Plan Tech makes use of 100 percent urethane in the manufacture of all equipment and products. Our belt guide urethane wheels are designed by experienced engineers to help you in the workplace and its environment.       Belt guide urethane wheels are used in the assembly, material handling and manufacturing operations industry. Plan Tech carefully select only quality material for the manufacture of belt guide urethane wheels and other urethane related products. Plan Tech belt guide urethane wheels provide durability, improved strength and corrosion resistance over belt guide rollers made with rubber.           FEATURES Available in any color of your choice Durometers include 70A, 75A, 80A, 83A, 85A, 88A, 90A, 92A, and 95A Highly abrasive resistant The presence of urethane reduces the chance of severe belt damage due to roller wear causing Sharp edges. Easy […]

Urethane Rubber Seals – Tight Tolerance Seals!

Urethane rubber seals act as a barrier and prevent dirt, contamination and other external entities from entering the system containing the lubricating oil. The urethane rubber seals are made to withstand harsh environments, they have high resiliency and are abrasion resistant.     Plan Tech uses a variety of cutting methods to custom make your urethane rubber seals from pure 100% urethane stock material. Our polyurethane rubber seals are immune to oxygen and ozone. The presence of urethane makes it better resistant to abrasion, chemicals, cuts, oil grease, high impact and heavy loads.   Specifications of the urethane rubber seals produced by Plan Tech include: Grades: standard, precision, food grade which is FDA compliant (approved for dry food) Durometer rating (hardness): 60A, 70A, 80A, 90A( custom up to 70D) Temperature range :-25F to +250F Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA): available upon request Guage (thickness): .005” up to 2” Widths: 12”, 24”, 48” Available in any color. Lightweight material   Poly rubber seals are used as wear pads, electrical equipment machine mounts, shock absorption, and vibration damping. Plan Tech’s polyurethane rubber seals are super-durable. We manufacture urethane rubber seals that can function well in high stress demanding applications. Our custom urethane rubber seals […]

Compression Molded Polyurethane Parts

Compression molded polyurethane parts are manufactured by pouring urethane material into a clamshell mold; the mold is then put under a lot of pressure and heat. The pressures on the top of the plate force the casting material to fill all the mold areas and dispel air. When the material is cured then it’s removed from the mold. The compressed molded polyurethane parts are then separated from the material.   Compression molded polyurethane parts are very important especially for parts that have a non-standard shape or for parts that must be highly tight tolerance. Compression Molded Polyurethane parts are used to ensure the part meets specified tolerances. More so compression molded parts are cost effective and save time with less secondary operations.   Plan Tech recommends compression molded polyurethane parts because every part comes out perfect and there are no holes, voids and bubbles in the material. Our compression molded urethane parts help to reduce excess flash and secondary processing. It is also suitable for ultra-large basic shape production in sizes beyond the capacity of extrusion techniques. Plan Tech also makes it easier for you by determining the design, delivery, and price required to meet your specification.   Our specialized in-house […]

Urethane Mallets – Tight Tolerance Mallets!

Urethane mallets are manufactured in different forms such as custom molded mallets, tough molded urethane mallets, steel tubular handle urethane mallets, the customized high-quality urethane mallets, etc. Plan Tech manufacturers custom engineered urethane head that will not damage material surfaces.     Our poly mallets outlast conventional mallets by a minimum of 4 to 1. The presence of a unique urethane head ensures that the material surfaces will not be scratched or marked. Our custom made urethane is used to assist in alignment of all types of casework. It is manufactured to provide non-slip comfort, reduce vibration and worker fatigue.   Polyurethane mallets manufactured by Plan Tech have the following features: Highly resistant to impact Non-rebound Superior flex fatigue resistance Scratch proof High load bearing capacity Spark freedom Safe to use Resistant Long lifespan and cost-effective Low noise level which enables a more conducive work environment.   In addition, our polyurethane mallets are elastic because of the elastic property of urethane. The elasticity reduces the stress on the wrist of the user and acts to cushion the blows. Plan Tech has been in the manufacturing of urethane mallets for over 25 years. Our team of engineers and technicians are carefully […]

Urethane Suspension Parts – Impact Resistant!

Urethane suspension parts produced by Plan Tech are made from 100 percent pure urethane. Plan Tech has a team of experienced engineers that incorporate a unique urethane formula to manufacture urethane suspension parts that guarantee years of long-lasting operation. We manufacture quality suspension parts from urethane. These urethane suspension parts make your vehicle perform better and increase its lifespan.   With over 30 years of experience in the production of molded suspension parts and other urethane related products, our teams are made up of innovative and dedicated professionals whose motivation is based on high positive customer service and quality delivery. We offer quality, durable and top of the line urethane suspension parts for vehicles, automobiles, etc. The polyurethane suspension parts help to increase the performance of cars and heavy-duty trucks.   It helps to make perfect connections between the different parts of your suspension. The poly suspension part is preferred over the rubber because of its high resistance to common road contaminants. More so, the suspension parts produced by Plan Tech are high in mechanical strength and can withstand a high amount of heat (heat resistance).   Plan Tech is committed to manufacturing suspension parts from superior high quality. We […]