Polyurethane Chucks – Chemical Resistant Chucks!

Polyurethane chucks manufactured by Plan Tech are renowned for their high-performance ability. We design and manufacture polyurethane chucks that offer exceptional impact resistance, elastic memory, noise reduction, flexibility.   Also, the polyurethane chucks manufactured by our team professional engineers are capable of offering resistant to ozone, oil, radiation, and corrosion. We utilize only the highest grade materials for the production of our urethane chucks, and we produce them in different sizes to meet the varying requirements of our clients’ applications.   The fact that our urethane chucks are made of the best polyurethane formulation ensures they are highly durable and sturdy but still possess the elastic quality of rubber. We manufacture our rubber chucks, ensuring they possess the ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions while still maintaining their impressive performance ability.   The resistance to impact and corrosion offered by our polyurethane chucks as well as their long service life, high-performance ability and flexibility are second to none in the industry. All we require from you for our team of world-class engineers to help you actualize your next project is a simple sketch or a sample design. It doesn’t matter the profile or design you require; you can trust these engineers to […]

Polyurethane Bearing Adapters – Made In USA!

Polyurethane bearing adapters are manufactured at Plan Tech from high-quality materials produced by world-renowned chemical companies. Like all other urethane products produced in our state of the art in-house cast polyurethane facility and machine shop. Our team of engineers who rank among the best in the industry apply both speed and precision which allow us to meet the high volume demands of our customers within a short period and without compromising quality.   The physical properties of the polyurethane bearing adapters we manufacture offer unbeatable quality that makes them second to none you can find anywhere else on the market. With our rubber bearing adapters, you can be certain of urethane products that offer remarkable resistance to wear, harsh chemicals, corrosion, and abrasion.   Also, our urethane bearing adapters are renowned for their excellent performance ability, which allows them to maintain their optimal efficiency even after long years of service. It doesn’t matter what the conditions of the environment of application is, our polyurethane bearing adapters have been tested and proven to be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions as well as weather extremities.   Having been in the business of producing some of the best urethane products for more […]

Polyurethane Belting – Custom Urethane Belting!

Polyurethane belting possess more exceptional elastic memory than rubber, and they also have higher abrasion resistance, which is why they are widely used for power transmission and load conveyance.   Plan Tech provides a comprehensive range of high quality polyurethane belting. These belts are high precision urethane products that find use in a good number of industries today. They are designed and manufactured by us in our world-class in-house machine shop that is fully-equipped with sophisticated machinery and equipment.   We apply strict quality control processes that make use of the latest technology to monitor our polyurethane belting at every stage of the production process. Most importantly, we manufacture our polyurethane belts under strict confidentiality agreements with our clients.   Our focus is on the needs of our customers at all times. We use our knowledge to build durability into our polyurethane belts – to make sure you never have to worry about the risk of mechanical failure.   We have a team of dedicated, experienced engineers, chemists and sales personnel to help you in the development of your polyurethane belts from start to finish. We also have a wide range of other proven polyurethane products that will help you […]

Polyurethane Motor Shaft Couplings – Impact Resistant!

Polyurethane motor shaft couplings are one of the most popular polyurethane products manufactured in our in-house polyurethane manufacturing facility. In order for a polyurethane motor shaft couplings to be efficient (depending on its application), it should have a low friction surface, high chemical resistance and should not absorb liquid. Our polyurethane motor shaft couplings offer all these features and even more.   As a custom molder and manufacturer of poly motor shaft couplings, our customer’s specification can be easily met. Our team of in-house engineers has access to our world-class facility, and as such, they are able to carry out precision grinding, grooving, and profiling. From conception to completion, our urethane motor shaft couplings are made to exceed the expectations of our customers.   Our urethane motor shaft couplings have proven to outperform other materials in demanding dynamic applications as they are super abrasion resistant, flexible yet resists cuts and tears, and can be molded to any shape and size that suits the client’s application.   Bear in mind that we stock a large collection of rubber motor shaft couplings in order to deliver quality customer service. So no matter your industry, Plan Tech is ready to add value to […]

Tight Tolerance Urethane Washers – Custom Washers!

Tight tolerance urethane washers are one of the numerous high-quality urethane products manufactured in the state of the art in-house cast polyurethane facility and machine shop at Plan Tech.   Like all our other urethane products, we only produce tight tolerance custom washers from top-grade raw materials. Our tight tolerance rubber washers boast remarkable physical properties and are available in different colors and durometers (hardness). They offer tight tolerances, ground finishes, and dual durometer rings to meet any specific needs and application.   Also, the tight tolerance urethane washers manufactured at Plan Tech are renowned for their excellent durability. In other words, our tight tolerance polyurethane washers are capable of maintaining their optimal efficiency even after several years of application.   Other advantages held by our tight tolerance custom washers over those of other brands include outstanding resistance to wear, chemicals, abrasion, and corrosion, etc. Our tight tolerance washers can also be heavily relied upon for their remarkable ability to withstand weather extremities as well as unfavorable environmental conditions.   We have them available in different durometer, sizes, and colors plus our engineers are highly versed when it comes to producing tight tolerance rubber washers that meet the specification and […]

Urethane Transmission Mounts – Impact Resistant!

Urethane transmission mounts developed by Plan Tech can take the torque and vibration of high-performance street and race use. In terms of durability, they last longer than rubber, can handle more horsepower, and are made soft enough to absorb vibrations.   Our urethane transmission mounts are made from high-quality industry-leading urethane materials providing it with high wear resistance while significantly reducing the coefficient of friction. Best known for designing, engineering and manufacturing of customized urethane transmission mounts, Plan Tech’s urethane transmission mounts have proven to be one of the best in the industry. They exhibit superior wear-resistance, high dielectric strength, tensile strength at high temperatures, high impact and fracture strength, and energy absorption under high-stress levels. All these make it an even more effective alternative in the industry.   We can also manufacture custom rubber transmission mounts to suit your exact requirements and application. We can machine them into a great variety of prototype parts or custom designs. Our polyurethane transmission mounts also feature no moisture absorption, and they are chemical, abrasion and corrosion-resistant.   Plan Tech’s Our team of dedicated engineers guarantees that our transmission mounts will outperform others, and this is backed by our outstanding customer service and competitive […]

Polyurethane Pipe Seals – Chemical Resistant Seals!

Polyurethane pipe seals manufactured by Plan Tech can be used in virtually any industry out there. Our polyurethane pipe seals have been used in the petroleum and natural gas industry. They perform well with materials such as slurry, oil, hydraulic fluid, and water.   Our custom manufactured pipe seals stand apart from those of other brands in the industry; this is because we make use of world-class urethane materials. Plan Tech’s pipe seals are used in a harsh slurry environment of abrasive sand and water under high pressure. They are made of the best polyurethane formulation and as such exhibits exceptional strength under high pressure and long wear under unfavorable conditions.   Over the years, Plan Tech has noticed that over time, the materials produced by these brands either did not last or are of poor quality. As such, we have developed polyurethane pipe seals that are state-of-the-art, and one of the best the industry has to offer. We can also customize rubber pipe seals to fit your specification.   To ease the production process from commencement to completion, our polyurethane pipe seals are designed in our in-house machine shop. Rapid prototyping is available, and our clients are provided with […]

Urethane Molded Vacuum Chucks – Chemical Resistant!

Urethane Molded Vacuum Chucks can be custom made and manufactured by Plan Tech. Made from 100 percent pure urethane they offer nothing short of the best properties when compared to others.   Ability to absorb moisture Ability to withstand harsh environment High tensile strength High-temperature capacity High abrasion resistant property Optimal elasticity   We have a team of experienced engineers that incorporate a unique polyurethane formula to manufacture polyurethane vacuum chucks that guarantee years of long-lasting operation. We produce quality vacuum chucks from polyurethane. These Urethane Molded Vacuum Chucks make your machinery perform better and increase its lifespan.   With over 30 years of experience in the production of rubber molded vacuum chucks and other polyurethane related products, our teams are made up of innovative and dedicated professionals whose motivation is based on high positive customer service and quality delivery. We offer quality, durable, and top of the line polyurethane vacuum chucks.   Plan Tech manufactures polyurethane molded vacuum chucks that are not just sturdy or easily absorb vibration, they are also resistant to oil, harsh chemicals and other solvents. We are committed to producing superior-high-quality polyurethane vacuum chucks to all our customers and prospects. Polyurethane is very similar to […]

Urethane Cradle Rollers – Impact Resistant Rollers!

Urethane cradle rollers manufactured by Plan Tech are designed for chain conveyor production systems. This allows for the safe transportation of components or storage of monopiles, rotor blades, turbines, boats etc.   Our urethane cradle rollers have always been in high demand over the years, and they are one of the numerous top quality urethane products we manufacture here at Plan Tech. To ensure that our urethane cradle rollers are always of world-class quality, we only make use of raw materials that offer the best quality available. Other factors that stand all of our urethane products apart from those of other brands in the industry include our fully equipped state of the art in-house machine shop, our exceptionally talented team of engineers as well as our application of speed and precision during manufacturing.   Using our state of the art mixing machine, our experts are capable of casting custom urethane cradle rollers of any shape, size or hardness. The polyurethane cradles we produce at Plan Tech are also capable of withstanding temperature extremities and harsh environmental conditions.   With our over 30 years’ experience of producing the very best of urethane products, you can count on us to effectively handle […]

Urethane Cut Washers – Abrasion Resistant Washers!

Urethane cut washers provide mechanical strength and wear resistance to a vast range of machinery. The precision-cut washers manufactured by Plan Tech offers many advantages over other washers on the market. Our polyurethane cut washers will not gall or scratch mating parts. Unlike other cut washers, they do not become brittle over a long duration of time.   Engineers prefer the use of our proprietary urethane formula in the manufacture of polyurethane cut washers because ours offer a superior wear-resistant capability. They also surpass general grades of cut washers with regards to ozone, abrasion, shock absorption, water-resistance, and tear resistance.   It doesn’t matter what industry or application you require rubber cut washers for, you can be certain of top-notch quality when you order or purchase from Plan Tech. We boast over 30 years of experience at manufacturing urethane products that meet international standard, making us the go-to company where the demands for the best cut washers are being met both quantitatively and qualitatively.   In order to ensure we do not compromise quality for quantity and vice-versa, our engineering team who rank among the best in the industry always apply speed and precision during the production of our urethane […]

Urethane Engine Mounts – Made In USA Engine Mounts!

Urethane engine mounts are more long-lasting and resistant to deformation from engine torque than regular rubber mounts. They are now the industry standard replacement for OEM rubber motor mounts which wear out easily and cause damaging vibration.   Unlike solid race-style mounts, urethane engine mounts are not too harsh for street use. They offer incredible vibration resistance and prevent engine flexing. They are also excellent resistant to all automotive chemicals from oil to grease, acids, coolants, and road debris.   At Plan Tech, we only make use of high-quality urethane materials for the production of our rubber engine mounts. Also, to make sure they are of top-grade quality and the very best in the market, we always apply speed and precision, which allow us to maintain consistency in quality. Our experience over the years has also given us the ability to meet the high-volume demand from our numerous clients.   Our custom manufactured engine mounts boast superior physical properties, which is evident in their high resistance resist wear, abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, and environmental conditions. Our in-house precision engineering unit has the technical ability to produce urethane engine mounts in different shapes, sizes, and durometer that will meet the requirement of […]

Urethane Shock Bushings – Impact Resistant Bushings!

Urethane Shock Bushings manufactured at our ultra-modern in-house machine shop are made from world-class materials purchased from globally renowned chemical producers. Our urethane shock bushings eliminate noise, give tight tolerances, and offers exceptional vibration damping qualities.   With our urethane shock bushings, you are guaranteed of enhanced wear property, remarkable chemical and corrosive resistance ability, high impact strength, quiet operation, and long service life. Also, our polyurethane shock absorbers offer an outstanding ability to withstand harsh environments, whether hot or cold.   No matter the profile or design you require; you can trust our team of technicians to meet your demands. These are highly skilled professionals who are among the best in the industry, and they guarantee exceptional durability for our polyurethane shock bushings.   Being one of the pioneers in the manufacturing of rubber shock bushings, our products are of premium quality, and we utilize speed and precision in order to maintain consistency. Therefore, you can rely on our rubber shock absorbers for not only the high-performance ability but also for its long service life.     Over the years, we have become very specialized in producing top-rated urethane shock bushings, and hence, we are capable of meeting your requirements […]

Urethane Shaft Seals – Chemical Resistant Seals!

Urethane shaft seals manufactured by Plan Tech offer superior performance over plastic and rubber shaft seals. Numerous industries make use of our seals, from marine to automotive & many more!   Experts prefer urethane over rubber, metal, and plastic – this is as a result of its properties such as abrasion resistance, it bears heavy loads, is versatile in hardness, resistant to sunlight and harsh weather conditions. It also accepts pigmentation. Plan Tech’s urethane shaft seals are produced at our in-house machine shop equipped with state of the art facilities. We custom mold our urethane shaft seals to meet the specification of our clients.   To ensure we consistently produce world-class urethane shaft seals, we only make use of the very best materials that are produced by manufacturers who are leaders in their sectors. Also, our team of engineers consistently apply speed and precision during the manufacture of all our products. Therefore, like all our esteemed customers, you can count on the Plan Tech team to meet your high volume demands in record timing and with maximum accuracy.   Plan Tech has in-house urethane molding design expertise, which gives us the ability to provide our customers with cost-effective tooling. We provide our […]

Polyurethane Pans – Custom Molded Pans!

Polyurethane Pans that are custom manufactured at Plan Tech are cast to meet any application-specific requirements. We make use of state-of-the-art processing equipment and advanced molding techniques to produce professional-grade polyurethane pans for all types of industries.   Our engineering team does not fail to apply speed and precision during production. The application of both measures enables us to consistently meet high volume demand of our polyurethane pans within an incredibly fast turnaround without compromising quality. Our polyurethane pans have proven to offer tremendous physical properties.   The rubber pans that we produce at Plan Tech can remarkably withstand heavy pressure as well as resist wear, corrosion, chemicals, and abrasion, etc. Manufactured with the expectation of a high performance, reliability, and a formulation that can withstand extreme work environments.   Our polyurethane pans are available in different shapes, sizes, hardness, and colors. And we are more than capable of casting polyurethane trays according to your specific requirements irrespective of the purpose of the application. So, if what you are looking for is a company that can manufacture polyurethane pans that will offer good value for your money as well as help set your brand apart from others in the industry, […]

Cast Polyurethane Washers – Impact Resistant Washers!

Cast polyurethane washers are used in a variety of industries which includes construction, aerospace, electrical and automotive. They have numerous applications and are essential to the function of many engineering processes and machinery.   The physical properties of the cast polyurethane washers we produce offer unbeatable quality, which makes them second to none in the industry. With our custom washers, you can be sure of polyurethane products that provide remarkable resistance to wear, corrosion, chemicals, and abrasion.   At Plan Tech, we manufacture our rubber washers in a broad spectrum of colors and sizes. Known for their excellent performance, they are non-marking and will return to their original shape after use; this allows them to maintain their optimal efficiency even after long years of service. It doesn’t matter what the conditions of the environment of application is, our cast rubber washers have been tested and proven to be able to withstand harsh environment as well as weather extremities.   Having been in the business of producing one of the best quality of polyurethane products for more than 30 years. Customers and prospects can always count on us to meet their requirements for cast polyurethane washers with perfection regardless of the […]

Power Transmission Urethane Parts

Power Transmission Industry Urethane Molded Parts

Urethane also is known as polyurethane (PU) is a polymer which is mainly used as an ingredient in parts, coatings, surface sealants, fibers and adhesives. It is a very important polymer used in the power transmission industry. The power transmission industry is responsible for the distribution and transmission of electric power in the USA and engineers prefer urethane because its parts last longer and are more durable than other conventional materials such as rubber and plastic.     Product Engineers prefer urethane molded parts in the power transmission industry because:   It provides longer service and functional life when compared to rubber, plastics and metal It has lower noise / subsiding properties when compared to metals Urethane molded parts offer high load and high compression abilities that function long after rubber and plastic parts fail Urethane molded parts are durable and has extreme resistance to harsh environments of heat, solvents abrasion and chemicals Urethane molded parts are used to protect wires and coils Urethane molded parts have high strength and are used as circuit boards       Plan Tech is America’s leading custom cast polyurethane company! With well over 30years of expertise you can trust us to deliver high […]

Urethane Die Pads – Custom Sized Die Pads!

Urethane die pads provide a surface which in turn helps eliminate any form of complications during metal forming. Plan Tech engineers carefully manufacture urethane die pads and ensure that the product’s mechanical speed, pressure and temperature are fully considered during production. Engineers prefer our urethane die pads over plastic or rubber because of their long wear, superior performance, and outstanding resistance to extreme weather conditions.   Plan Tech’s urethane die pads are frequently used in demanding applications and have proven to be the best the industry has to offer.   The worry of extra steps and finishing is completely eliminated. When you make use of our polyurethane die pads, they allow your part/design to come out perfectly formed, over and over again. With this method of forming metal new designs of parts can easily become a reality. Our engineers also make use of deflector bars under the pad to help dictate the flow of the urethane pad during forming. This, in turn, maximizes the efficiency, performance, and durability of the pad while minimizing the tonnage requirements.   So, are you in need of smart, state-of-the-art rubber die pads? Plan Tech is the best to work with; we can also produce […]

Abrasion Resistant Urethane Bearings – Made In USA!

Abrasion resistant urethane bearings designed and developed by Plan Tech are manufactured from high-quality prepolymers. They possess outstanding abrasion resistance and tensile strength over other traditional materials in the industry. At Plan Tech, delivering top-notch quality is our specialty regardless of the number of bearings you require for an application with our 3D CAD Design Software Solidworks which allows our molds to be made in-house with speed, accuracy, and precision.   It is important to note that while other types of bearings tend to rapidly deteriorate when exposed to harsh chemicals, abrasion resistant rubber bearings produced in our in-house machine shop and state of the art facility remains unequivocally resistant — reducing downtime and replacement costs. Our team of highly talented technicians are always on standby to take your ideas or bearing designs and turn them into abrasion resistant urethane bearings that will best suit your application.  We cast, maintain and stock complete sets of abrasion resistant urethane bearings for many standard sizes, and can grind our abrasion resistant coated bearings to very tight tolerances.   Our abrasion resistant bearings are cast in multiple hardness ranges to meet your application needs. They have impressive tear resistance, which in turn prevents […]

Black Urethane Sheets – Abrasion Resistant Sheets!

Black urethane sheets are designed and manufactured in a large range of options at Plan Tech. Our black urethane sheets are used in many industries and can be machined or made into a variety of accessories and spare parts. This is because they offer remarkable resistance to wear, heat, corrosion, abrasion, harsh chemicals, and solvents.   At Plan Tech, our team of technicians are equipped with application techniques and state of the art facility that has earned Plan Tech the respect and admiration of its clients and competitors around the world. Manufacturing black urethane sheets require expertise and vast knowledge in the production of urethane sheets which is why our team are dedicated to constant research and development of quality preparation method before and during the manufacturing process. Each year Plan Tech produces thousands of black sheets that are ISO.   We can produce precision cast black rubber sheets from both polyether and polyester urethanes. Our custom molded urethane division can accurately cast black urethane sheets at standard film thicknesses of 1/8″, 3/16″ and 1/4″. These black polyurethane sheets can be formulated in a wide range of hardness to replace both soft and hard rubber and to extend the durability […]

Urethane Deck Pads – Impact Resistant Pads!

Urethane deck pads help to protect, improve design and offer unsurpassed strength and deck control. With our deck pads, you are guaranteed of enhanced wear property, high impact strength, remarkable chemical, abrasive and corrosive resistance ability, quiet operation and long service life. This is because our polyurethane deck pads are manufactured with special urethane formulation which means it possesses an outstanding ability to withstand severe or harsh environmental conditions.   We have a team of dedicated, experienced engineers, chemists and sales personnel that can help you in the development of your rubber deck pads from start to finish. We also have a good number of other proven deck products that will help you get more life out of your machinery.   Polyurethane deck pads manufactured by Plan Tech are the best the industry has to offer. Our urethane deck pads stand apart from those of other brands in the industry; this is because we make use of only top-notch urethane materials and formulas.   In order to ease production from start to finish, our rubber deck pads are designed in-house and rapid prototyping is available. Our customers also have the flexibility of having their parts cast to size, die-cut, or […]