Lifting Bed Urethane Wheels – Customized Sizes!

Lifting bed urethane wheels are an important product for all the industries. No one going to lift the whole bed or any other machinery on their own. Therefore, you will need lifting bed urethane wheels. There are many kinds of bed wheels that you can fit. All of the wheels have the same task. It will save you hard work as you don’t need to lift up the whole thing. Instead, you can just roll it to any place you want. Now, the point comes why you need lifting bed urethane wheels instead of the normal off the shelf ones.   Lifting bed urethane wheels have very powerful and have high efficiency. In other words, it can easily handle a lot of weight and pressure. Unlike normal wheels, lifting bed rubber wheels will be able to manage all the pressure and will work smoothly on all surfaces. This will increase overall efficiency. Also, the wheels are durable and hence you will not spend money in replacing it every once a while. You can use the lifting bed urethane wheels from small size beds to many others. It works perfect on any size.   Talking about the product, we use the […]

Spin Casting Urethane – Spin Casted Polyurethane!

Spin Casting Urethane is a specialized technique to produce the exact size and durometer part/s. When we talk about basic and initial machining parts out of urethane is the superb economical solution. Basically urethane is a polymer that consists of organic units linked by polymer links. They are actually thermosetting polymers that are resistant in nature. They are resistant to that extent that they don’t melt while they are heated or try to melt. Cast polyurethane has many properties such as being durable, tough, corrosion-resistant and crack resistant etc.   Spin Casting Urethane durability matters a lot in the machinability of the material as with the help of harder material, cutting becomes easier. The formulation has it’s own importance as the formulation is responsible for the quality of the material. So it is major concern to keep formulation under consideration to increase tensile strength, tear strength and rebounding of the material. At Plan Tech we provide the opportunity of unique machining formulations to our customers of the hardness of the extent which they require for their application.   Urethane is basically a thermal insulator. When it is used in the machine it gains heat. So it can create some sort of […]

Polyurethane Bushings

What Do Polyurethane Bushings Do?

Polyurethane bushings offer a better balance between performance, durability, and comfort. Rubber bushings are known to wear and distort after taking damage from heat, road chemicals, oil, UV rays, not to mention the weight of the vehicle and the stresses of the suspension on them. And the end of the day, the rubber bushing will wear out and would need frequent replacements.   Polyurethane bushings, on the other hand, can last for a lifetime. Its durability is about 4-5x that of the rubber bushings. Polyurethane bushings are a firmer alternative and far better suited to handle the grind of being a suspension bushing. Polyurethane bushings produced by us here at Plan Tech are resistant to heat, road chemicals, other oils and UV rays.   Our polyurethane bushings perform excellently even when used in extreme weather conditions and most of all; they are wear-resistant. While rubber is damaged after repeated flexing and stretching, polyurethane bushings don’t have that problem. And since there is minimal flexing and stretching, a polyurethane bushing doesn’t warp or distort the way rubber bushing does.   Now, not only do polyurethane bushings have many performance advantages for cars, but heavy-duty and extreme condition vehicles also benefit from […]

Polyurethane Covered Valve Seats – Custom Sizes!

Polyurethane covered valve seats are the engine valve that comes on the surface. It is used so that the intake or the exhaustion valve will rest in its proper place. For any engine, it is important to have polyurethane covered valve seats. Polyurethane makes it sure that in case of a high amount of heat, the valve doesn’t get damaged or there is no leakage.   Also, the fitting of polyurethane covered valve seats is necessary and should be done is the proper way. If there are any changes or the covered valve seats are not fitted properly, there might chance of leakage. Therefore, it is an important factor to make sure that the position, as well as the orientation of the valve seat, is perfect. In this way, one can prevent leakage. Also, having Polyurethane covered valve seats will increase the overall performance of the engine. Basically, it will increase the engine power as well as the engine torque. It will help in exhaust emissions and thereby the engine life will increase. All of this combined will increase the overall efficiently of the engine. Therefore, it is necessary to have poly covered valve seats.   Now, there are several […]

Urethane Crown Bar Channels – Impact Resistant!

Urethane crown bar channels are the best protectors or covers which provide protection to the interior components that they will remain protected or secured for a long time. In addition to this, they can also be used to protect your wire, rubber and perforated plate screens from any sort of damage like breakage or failures of the material. That failure could be the premature failure of the material. Our custom-produced designs permit crown bar channels to stay intact on the crown bar rail which does not allow to roll them off like rubber crown bar channels.   Our urethane channels are reliable to that extent that they don’t scrape like rubber crown bar channels as rubber bar channels cause screen failure when it is scraped or screen tension is lost. That’s the reason Plan Tech’s crown bar channels are highly recommended for those screens which are highly loaded.   Better abrasion resistance provides longer life, so our material is designed on the same principle. That’s the reason our custom manufactured material has less downtime and less maintenance is required which results in lower operating costs. Our customers expect low/er capital expense costs and less downtime which saves money.   There […]

Urethane Valve Seals – High Load-Bearing Seals!

Urethane valve seals are used in various different industries. To name a few, it can be used in natural gas, LNG and many others. Most commonly, these kinds of valves are used in slurry and harsh environments where there is high sand and the pressure of water is also high. Having Plan Tech’s urethane valve seals can keep applications secure andy under control.   There are mainly two kinds of seals available that you can choose from. However, urethane valve seals are the most durable ones used. Each of the machines in the Petroleum and Natural gas industry has its own custom size and shape. In other words, each of the projects has its own porotypes. Urethane valve seals must fit in all of these prototypes to give the best performance.   Plan Tech manufactures custom polyurethane valve seals at a very affordable price with the best quality of the materials used. Our urethane valve seals are the best used for long term project runs. In other words, for a very harsh environment for the places where the pressure is too high, our urethane valve seals are perfect. While manufacturing these valve seals, we keep in mind the top factors […]

Urethane Coated Bolts – Chemical Resistant Coating!

Urethane coated bolts are extensively used for agricultural purposes like in agricultural industries, tractors etc. In addition to this application rubber-coated bolts are also used for weighing. Usually, a variety of industrial applications use them for weighing as they have to weigh the material on large scales.   Plan Tech provides coated bolts having a coating of urethane. These bolts serve as durable fasteners which provide an abrasion-resistant surface. These bolts are uninterrupted as well. In most applications, no surface preparation is needed as these bolts when required can be FDA Dry approved and they also have incredible holding power.     Other uses of these urethane-coated bolts are used as adjusting glides and leveling feet for the weighing scale. They are also used as workpiece positioning and stopper use. Urethane pad is fitted in it which is responsible to absorb shocks that prevent the instrument from damage or loss.   Urethane coating for metals like iron is consists of thin-film with weathering performance properties. It means it performs well in unexpected weather. It has exceptional gloss finish as well which enhances its looks. This coating is basically responsible for supreme resistance to corrosion as it is highly resistant. Chemical […]

Urethane Screen Deck Parts – Made In USA!

Urethane screen deck parts are interchangeable and easy to replace deck parts that are useful for many industries. The product is mostly popular for its amazing performance and also for the many other features. Urethane screen deck parts give the perfect amount of tensile strength and elongation. Also, when it comes to durability, the product lasts for a very long time. Hence, as a result, the product has its own popularity.   To increase productivity and also save a lot of time. Our machine makes sure that all of the urethane screen deck parts that are manufactured are hard and have enough amount of tensile strength. Moreover, we also check and test a lot when it comes to the elongation of the product. You as our customer can surely decide and specify the size and the range. We have many options which are suitable for all your needs. Depending on your requirements, you can directly choose one. All the products that we make are durable and are also affordable. Therefore, you will spend a very little amount of money and get the best product.     When it comes to the overall features, Urethane screen deck parts offer ease of usage. […]

Polyurethane J Blocks – Impact Resistant Blocks!

Polyurethane J blocks are designed from aluminum and steel molds. The polyurethane used is these J Blocks are of various colors and is of high density. Our rubber J blocks consist of unique material which has good elasticity. They have toughness and metal durability. This polyurethane J block replaces rubber, plastic and metal due to its superior physical properties. Plan Tech’s J block polyurethane has better abrasion resistance as compared to rubber blocks. They are resistant as well as they have high heat resistivity. They have high load-bearing capabilities as well.   The polyurethane j blocks that Plan Tech manufactures have excellent wear properties. These urethane J blocks are popular for metal forming applications. The precise size of these blocks eliminates the need for a matched female die. These blocks are also used in jane pads, bumper pads and in wear strips as well. These blocks are oil and solvent resistant. They are also resistant to fats, gasoline or greases. Therefore there is no chance of any sort of slip or damage due to these lubricating materials.   These rubber J blocks are weather resistant – they don’t respond to ozone, sunlight, oxygen and usual weather states. They have high […]

Cast Polyurethane Rods – Impact Resistant Rods!

Cast polyurethane rods produced here at Plan Tech are durable, tough, chemical, abrasion and crack resistant. They are one of our specialty urethane products, which we have been manufacturing for the past 30 years. The cast urethane rods produced in our in-house cast polyurethane facility and machine shop that is fully equipped with state of the art equipment are nothing short of world-class quality, and that’s one of the reasons our cast polyurethane rods stand apart from those of other brands.   Our cast urethane rods are known for their enhanced physical properties, which we have been able to maintain over the years due to our application of speed and precision. Our team of well adept engineers and our first-grade machinery allows us to produce only the best in quality urethane parts. It, therefore, isn’t a surprise that our cast urethane rods have been tried, tested and proven to offer remarkable wear, abrasion, chemical, and corrosion resistance.   Our highly skilled and experienced technicians and engineers are capable of producing cast urethane rods of any profile or specification. Therefore, no matter the profile of cast polyurethane rods you seek, we guarantee you that you will find it in our list […]

Small Polyurethane Bushings – Wear Resistant Bushings!

Small polyurethane bushings are a better choice than their rubber or plain steel counterparts. These urethane products, like many other urethane parts, require a high level of exactness, we are aware of that, and that’s why we apply speed and precision in manufacturing our small polyurethane bushings. And as such, we produce only world-class quality bushings used by many Fortune 500 companies.   Our experienced technicians, engineers and production team make it possible for us to meet fast turnaround times but not at the expense of quality. We have an in-house machine that is fully equipped with state of the art facilities which allow us to produce small polyurethane bushings that rank among the best the industry has to offer. In addition to our machine shop, we also boast a team of engineers who have exceptional expertise in manufacturing only urethane products that are the best in class.   It is, therefore, no surprise that our urethane drive rolls have superior physical properties than those produced by most other brands. We are capable of overcasting our small polyurethane bushings and then grinding them down to the perfect sizing to enhance their tolerance level for more demanding applications. No matter the specification […]

Precision Urethane Drive Rollers – Tight Tolerance Rollers!

Precision urethane drive rollers are the perfect replacement for their rubber counterparts which have poor wear-resistant ability and cause damaging vibration. Precision coated and ground drive rollers are manufactured in a machine shop that is fully equipped with state of the art facilities, giving it some incredible physical properties. They enhance the ability to resist vibration, abrasion, and they are also capable of preventing flexing.   Our precision polyurethane drive rollers outstandingly resist all types of chemicals such as oil, coolants, grease, acids as well as abrasion. The ability of our precision urethane rollers to withstand extreme temperature is second to none.   Our engineers who are vastly experienced in producing world-class urethane parts have the technical know-how to manufacture precision urethane drive rollers that meet the requirements of any application. Also, our application of speed and precision makes it possible to maintain consistency in quality and produce high volume urethane parts in record timing. When it comes to turning urethane ideas, sketch, or drawings into premium grade urethane products, we are the go-to company.   Therefore, you can rely on us to perfectly handle your precision rubber drive rollers project from design to completion with our high level of […]

Rubber Urethane Bushings – Impact Resistant Bushings!

Rubber urethane bushings are a firmer material that has excellence dampening, vibration and noise reduction ability. In several industries, rubber urethane bushings are used instead of plastic or rubber bushings because of their superior performance and long wear.   Rubber polyurethane bushings are manufactured in our in-house cast polyurethane facility and fully equipped machine shop. They are one of our specialty products. We have produced rubber bushings for over 30 years, and with our experience, you can count us to meet your demands with accuracy. Our facilities are of world-class standard, and we boast a team of engineers who have the exceptional technical know-how to produce rubber bushings of any profile.   Our application of speed and precision ensures we are not only among the high-volume producers of the product in the industry but also one of the best manufacturers of rubber urethane bushings in the world over. Our rubber poly bushings are available in different colors, sizes, shape and durometer. The technical expertise of engineers is more capable of custom making rubber urethane bushings that meet the requirement of any application.   Our rubber bushings offer impressive ability to resist abrasion, corrosion and chemicals, and they are also capable […]

Polyurethane Safety Seals – Tight Tolerance Seals!

Polyurethane safety seals are known to provide strong bonding and tight seals in a good number of applications. As an employer, it is important to maintain a safe workplace with the best polyurethane safety seal on the market. Yes, accidents and spills happen, but a hazardous chemical spill can be easily prevented when you’re prepared with a polyurethane safety seal you can trust.   At Plan Tech, we manufacture polyurethane safety seal in our in-house machine shop that is fully equipped with state of the art facilities by our team of engineers. The polyurethane safety seal we manufacture help in reducing downtime and hazardous chemical spill in the workplace.   To ensure their premium grade quality, we only utilize first-rate polyurethane material for the production and for over 30 years, we are renowned for producing the best polyurethane safety seal. Our application of speed and precision allows us to maintain consistency in quality and manufacture polyurethane safety seals in high volume.   Our polyurethane safety seals also allow you to save on material costs with their remarkable ability to resist wear and withstand harsh environmental conditions. They offer tight resist against abrasion, chemical as well as corrosion. We have them […]

Urethane Deboning Belts – America’s Largest Supplier!

Urethane deboning belts manufactured by Plan Tech use a premium FDA approved dry application to provide a safe and efficient deboning process. Our urethane deboning belts are used for numerous applications, among which are chicken, beef, pork, and turkey deboning.     Urethane deboning belts are one of our many specialty products, and we manufacture them utilizing speed and precision. This is because they are one set of urethane products that demand 100% accuracy. And our ability to produce at such a fast rate makes us one of the largest producers of the product in the industry. We are capable of delivering rubber deboning belts in record timing regardless of the volume demanded.   We only make use of world standard urethane materials for the production of our deboning belts, and our team of engineers who are about the best in the industry has the technical expertise to custom make profiles that will meet the demand of any application.   Also, the state of the art facilities in our in-house machine makes it possible for us to produce deboning belts that offer outstanding wear resistance abilities. Our rubber deboning belts can be depended upon for high-performance capability, and they are […]

Polyurethane Cable Protectors – Rubber Cable Protectors!

Polyurethane cable protectors as a means of cable management have become essential to protect both pedestrians and cables alike. Whether it is for the modern office, warehouse, vehicles, etc. we’ve got you covered.   Polyurethane cable protectors are one of our numerous signature products. Like all of the other urethane products, we make use of high-quality materials from globally renowned producers during the manufacturing process. We also have one of the most extensive selections to choose from, because, with more choices, there is a better chance in finding the right polyurethane cable protector for your application.   We are more than capable of producing polyurethane cable protectors that meet the requirement of any demand or specification. You are, therefore, certain of finding that specific profile you desire from our list of standard rubber cable protectors.   We maintain the quality of our urethane cable protectors by producing with a high level of precision, and it does not matter how fast you want your products ready, you can count on us to make it ready in recording timing without compromising quality.   All of our products, including our polyurethane cable protectors, are renowned for their impressive wear resistance ability, abrasion and […]

Machining Cast Polyurethane

Machining Cast Polyurethane

When it comes to prototyping, machining parts out of urethane is the best cost-effective solution.  Here are a few tips to help you through the process.   What are the things to consider before machining urethane material?   The first factor to put into consideration is the durometer (hardness) of the material. The durometer of the urethane has a significant effect on the machinability of the material. That means, the harder the material, the easier it is to cut. It is also important to note that all elastomers bend and as such move away from the cutting tool.   Another factor is the formulation used. As the formulation of urethane can vary widely, so can its physical properties.  When the formulation is created to increase properties such as tensile strength, rebound, and tear strength, the machinability of the urethane is significantly affected.  Plan Tech offers unique machining formulations for any form of hardness.   Urethane is an excellent thermal insulator and therefore retains heat as it is machined.  If the machining is too aggressive then this can be a problem.  To solve this problem you can either use coolant or freeze the part before you begin machining. Grinding is a great […]

Polyurethane Grommets – Made In USA Grommets!

Polyurethane grommets are the ideal grommets for those in the automobile industry owing to their remarkable ability to cope with impact and pressure. We manufacture only the best in quality polyurethane grommets using world-class materials from globally renowned chemical producers.   The high performance offered by our polyurethane grommets is second to none in the industry due to the superior physical properties of our parts. Little wonder the majority of our esteemed customers have spoken highly of the outstanding ability of our polyurethane grommets in resisting wear, chemical, abrasion and corrosion. Our polyurethane grommets are also capable of maintaining their top performance in environments where others fail.   Our in-house machine shop which is among the best in the industry is fully equipped with world-class machinery and that is where we make some of the very best urethane grommets the industry has to offer. Our team of engineers is capable of producing rubber grommets that meet the requirements of any specification or profile.   Having produced countless of rubber grommets, we are proud to say that we are one of the most significant producers of the product. Nevertheless, we prioritize quality over quantity and thus produce high volume urethane parts […]

Urethane Label Rollers – Precision Label Rollers!

Urethane label rollers are the ideal choice for high driving performance; they provide solutions other materials cannot offer. At Plan Tech, we manufacture only the very best of these products using high-quality material from renowned chemical producers. Our urethane label rollers rank among the best when it comes to performance with physical properties that are second to none in the industry.   Plan Tech’s utilization of speed and precision ensures our urethane label rollers offer outstanding ability to resist wear, chemicals,  abrasion as well as corrosion. They are also capable of resisting impact as well as withstanding harsh environmental conditions even after years of being repeatedly used.   We manufacture all of the urethane parts or products with custom precision our Fortune 500 customers have come to expect. This is a factor behind the high performance and long service life of our urethane label rollers coupled with a world-class in-house team of engineers who leave no stone unturned in ensuring all of the products are of premium standard.   We boast one of the most equipped in-house machine shop in the industry with state of the art facilities that are second to none in the industry. So, regardless of the […]

Urethane Lined Elbows – Specialty Rubber Lined Elbows!

Urethane lined elbows in a designed piping system are essential to managing wear in piping directional changes. Our polyurethane lined elbows are simply the perfect choice for industries due to their superior performance ability when compared to products made from other materials. The custom lined elbows manufactured by our world-class team of engineers are produced from the very best of urethane materials from internationally recognized chemical producers.   Using the state of the art facility in our in-house cast polyurethane manufacturing facility and machine shop for the manufacture of elbows ensures that our rubber lined elbows can be relied on for enhanced performance ability and remarkable service life. They are produced with speed and precision and are chemical, corrosion and abrasion-resistant.   Our engineers who are capable of producing rubber lined elbows that meet the requirements of any specification or profile have the technical know-how to handle your urethane lined elbows from design to completion.   With our over 30 years’ experience of producing only the very best urethane parts, we are proud to say that we are a leading brand in the industry. Partnering with us is, therefore, a step in the right direction if you aspire to be […]