Polyurethane Rubber Blocks – Impact Resistant Blocks!

Polyurethane rubber blocks are one of the products we manufacture in our world-class in-house cast polyurethane facility and machine shop. We make use of only the best polyurethane materials from world-renowned chemical producers and apply speed and precision all of which allow us to manufacture our polyurethane rubber blocks in high volume at a fast turnaround without compromising quality.   Poly rubber blocks are required in a wide range of specifications and applications. Our team of technicians has the technical expertise and vast experience which enables us to produce polyurethane blocks that meet the requirements of any application.   Our rubber blocks boast outstanding physical properties such as remarkable ability to resist wear, chemicals, abrasion as well as corrosion. They are also renowned for their impressive capability to withstand extreme environments, and they maintain their optimal performance ability even after years of being repeatedly used.   With over three decades of experience in manufacturing only the very best of polyurethane rubber blocks among other urethane products, we have become the go-to company where all polyurethane needs are met. So, no matter the profile of rubber blocks you seek, you can be assured of finding your exact specification from our wide […]

Polyurethane Rubber Rods – Custom Molded Rods!

Polyurethane rubber rods have a very wide operating temperature range. It provides superior sound dampening properties when compared to rubber, plastics and metals. They are manufactured in our fully equipped in-house machine shop using our state of the art cast polyurethane facility.   At Plan Tech, we utilize only the best quality polyurethane materials from globally recognized chemical producers to ensure the properties of our polyurethane rubber rods are of premium standard. With the expertise of our team of engineers who rank among the best industry and a urethane facility that is one of the largest in the industry, we can manufacture polyurethane rubber rods that meet the requirements of any application.   We have been in the business of producing poly rubber rods among other urethane materials over the past 30 years. To ensure high volume production and maintain consistency in quality, we always apply speed and precision during our manufacturing process.   Therefore, our polyurethane rods are available in different durometers as well as colors. Our polyurethane rubber rods can be relied on for their high-performance ability and long service life. That is, they boast impressive ability to resist abrasion, corrosion, and chemical and can withstand environments with […]

70a Durometer Polyurethane Sheets – Abrasion Resistant!

70a durometer polyurethane sheets can be supplied in a wide variety of standard sizes and colors. They are the preferred option for parts that need to perform reliably and endure intense applications. Our precision cast 70a durometer polyurethane sheets offer exceptional cut and tear resistance for most impact applications.   The physical properties of all of the polyurethane sheets we manufacture offer unbeatable quality that makes them second to none on the market. With our 70a durometer polyurethane sheets, you can be certain of urethane products that offer exceptional resistance to wear, corrosion, abrasion, and chemicals.   Also, our 70a durometer sheets are renowned for their excellent performance ability which allows them to maintain their optimal efficiency even after long years of service. It doesn’t matter what the conditions of the environment of application is, our 70a sheets have been tested and proven to be able to withstand the unfavorable environment as well as weather extremities.   Having been in the business of producing quality urethane products for more than thirty years, as well as boast among our manufacturing team, a group of professionals who are the best at what they do. Clients and prospects can always count on us […]

Urethane load rollers

Polyurethane Rollers Vs Rubber Rollers

Choosing the right option for your industrial roller applications has always been a challenging decision as there are a lot of options out there. But let’s take a look at the performance of polyurethane and rubber and which would serve you best:     Similarities   They both have elastic properties (elastomers) They are fairly resistant to acid Both adhere to metal cores They are both machinable     Differences   Abrasion resistance: When the application requires increased load capacity and high friction, polyurethane surpasses natural rubber by far.   Durometer: Polyurethane has a wider range (10 Shore “OO” to 70 Shore “D”) while rubber is limited to 30 Shore A to 90 Shore A.   Marring of products: Rubber leaves marks when it comes in contact with other surfaces. Polyurethane, on the other hand, is non-marking – whether it has pigment added to it or not.   Wet environments: If used in a wet environment, rubber can rot over time but polyurethane is durable even when submerged or exposed to wet environments for an extended period of time.   Chemical composition: Fillers can be added to the rubber is to change its properties, but when it comes to urethane, […]

Urethane Rubber Bars – Made In USA Rubber Bars!

Urethane rubber bars offer the elasticity of rubber and the toughness and durability of metal. Engineers recommend urethane rubber bars because they are available in a very broad hardness range. Also, Plan Tech’s rubber bars are abrasion, chemical and corrosion-resistant.   Urethane casted bars are one of the high precision urethane products we manufacture in our fully equipped in-house machine shop using our state of art urethane facility. We produce urethane rubber bars using the best of urethane materials from world-renowned chemical manufacturers, and our highly skilled team of engineers are well vast in the art of creating rubber bars that are of world-class quality.   The physical properties of our custom cast bars are second to none in the industry, and we have additives that we add to our urethane on demand to further enhance their property. With our industrial bars, you rest assured of quality at its best. In our 30 years of producing urethane products, we have consistently manufactured parts that are top-notch quality, and that includes our urethane bars. It, therefore, isn’t a surprise that we are one of the biggest producers of cast poly bars in the industry.   To maintain the quality of our […]

High Density Urethane Rods – Abrasion Resistant Rods!

High-density urethane rods are ideal for making sturdy patterns with well-defined surface detail and a high-quality surface finish. They require high precision in order to ensure that they are of premium grade quality.   The high-density polyurethane rods which we manufacture in our fully equipped in-house machine shop are produced with world-class cutting machinery. We utilize only the best urethane materials from internationally known chemical producers, and our consistent use of speed and precision has allowed us to maintain a high-quality profile even when producing in high volume.   Our high-density urethane rods offer tough cutting and are available in different colors, shapes, and durometer. They also have remarkable physical properties such as their impressive ability to resist wear, corrosion, abrasion, and chemicals. Our high-density rubber rods have been tried in environments with harsh conditions, and they were able to maintain their high-performance ability. With our state of the art machinery and the technical know-how of engineers, we are capable of producing high-density urethane rods that meet the demand of any application.   We are capable of handling your high-density urethane rods from design to finished product in a very fast turnaround. Therefore, bring your idea, sketch, drawing or CAD […]

Polyurethane Woodworking Drive Rollers

Polyurethane woodworking drive rollers can be used in several applications to drive various other materials beyond wood without marking or damaging. With the use of our polyurethane woodworking drive rollers at the core of whatsoever applications you are able to get more life out of your machinery and processes. You will also be able to increase your productivity and reduce your downtime by using our polyurethane drive rollers.   Custom coated woodworking drive rollers are one of our many specialty polyurethane products, and we manufacture them utilizing speed and precision. Also, our ability to produce at such a fast rate makes us one of the largest producers of the product in the industry. We are capable of delivering woodworking rollers in record timing regardless of the volume demanded. At Plan Tech we make use of world standard urethane materials for the production of our rubber woodworking drive rollers. Our team of engineers who are about the best in the industry has the technical expertise to custom make profiles that will meet the demand of any application.   We have state of the art facilities, which in turn makes it possible for us to produce rubber woodworking drive rollers that offer outstanding […]

Polyurethane Rubber Bushings – Impact Resistant!

Polyurethane rubber bushings manufactured by Plan Tech are designed with the following features in mind:   Performance Ride Quality Durability Squeaking Servicing Installation   Our polyurethane bushings possess excellent dampening, vibration and noise reduction ability. Like many other urethane parts, polyurethane rubber bushings require a high level of exactness, we are aware of that, and that’s why we apply speed and precision in manufacturing our polyurethane rubber bushings.   Our application of speed and precision makes it possible for us to meet turnaround time but not at the expense of quality. We have an in-house machine that is fully equipped with state of the art facilities which allow us to produce rubber bushings that rank among the best the industry has to offer. In addition to our machine shop, we also boast a team of engineers who have exceptional expertise in manufacturing only the very best urethane products. It is, therefore, no surprise that our rubber bushings have superior physical properties than those produced by most other companies. We are capable of overcasting our polyurethane rubber bushings and then grinding them down to the perfect sizing to enhance their tolerance level for more demanding applications.   No matter the specification […]

Flexible Urethane Rods – Abrasion Resistant Rods!

Flexible urethane rods are the best material for abrasion resistance; they are excellent in repeated impact situations and are available in many hardnesses / durometers. Flexible rubber rods are one of the many premium quality urethane parts we cast in our fully equipped in-house machine shop using our state of the art machinery.   Our team of engineers who are technically experienced utilize speed and precision for the manufacture of our flexible rods which enable us to meet high volume demand in short turn around without compromising quality. Our flexible rubber rods like all our other urethane parts are renowned for their outstanding performance capability. Their ability to resist wear, abrasion, corrosion, and chemicals as well as withstand harsh environmental conditions is very remarkable and as such gives them longer service life. To cast our flexible rubber rods, our technicians go through a high level of molding process which allows us to meet the requirements of any application.   Therefore, no matter the durometer or profile of flexible polyurethane rods you seek, we are more than capable of meeting your demand. So, you can be assured of finding whatever profile of urethane rods you seek from our wide range of […]

Urethane Rollers with Collars – Wear Resistant!

Urethane rollers with collars are one of our numerous specialty urethane products, and we have them available in different colors, durometers and sizes. For over 30 years, we have manufactured urethane rollers with collars using speed and precision to maintain consistency in quality and to ensure we produce in high volume at a fast turnaround. We only utilize world-class urethane materials from globally renowned chemical producers.   Our team of in-house engineers who rank among the best in the industry has the technical expertise to manufacture urethane rollers with collars of any profile that meets the requirements of all application using the state of the art facility in our fully equipped in-house machine shop. Our rubber rollers with collars offer high abrasion, chemical and wear resistance. They can also be relied on for their remarkable ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions.   The ability of our urethane rollers with collars to maintain their optimal performance ability even after years of been used stands them apart from those of most other brands.  The dedication of our engineering team to producing only the best urethane parts is evident in the outstanding ability of our urethane rollers with collars to excel where others […]

Urethane Impact Bars

Shock Absorption and Vibration Dampening with Different Durometers

At Plan Tech, we have a wide range of durometers that can be utilized for both Vibration dampening and Shock absorbing applications.  Our custom polyurethane material has proven to work excellent on a wide range of applications.   What is a shock absorber?   A shock absorber is any device that can be used for the absorption of sudden impulses or shocks in machinery. Depending on your application requirements, our urethane material offers an impressive range of shock absorption and abrasion resistance.   When it comes to vibration dampening, our urethane material exhibits one of the best performance in absorbing (dampen) vibrational energy.  In general, vibration dampeners are manufactured out of rubber, foam material or other multi-layered materials. We at Plan Tech make use of solid urethane material which in turn cuts down on our manufacturing time, cost and also delivery time.   It is important to note that thermoset polyurethane has proven to be the best material and this is not just in performance, but also in durability.  It has a high level of oil, chemical, and abrasion resistance, making it ideal for applications where exposure is a factor.  It can also handle more weight and does not deteriorate […]

High Impact Urethane Blocks – Custom Blocks!

High impact urethane blocks are one of the numerous urethane products we specialize in making that set us from others in the industry. The high impact urethane blocks which we manufacture in our well equipped in-house machine shop (which boasts the largest urethane facility in the U.S.), are of world-class quality.   Like our other urethane products, we manufacture our high impact urethane blocks using only top-grade urethane materials from world-renowned chemical producers. Our high impact urethane blocks offer exceptional wear resistance and impressive resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and chemicals. Our highly talented team of engineers consider every detail during the manufacturing process of our polyurethane blocks to ensure the finished product is nothing short of top-notch quality.   We cast the urethane into a mold with great precision to make the part and then machine it in our world-class in-house machine shop using our state of the art urethane facility. Our technicians have the technical know-how to manufacture different profiles or specifications of high impact rubber blocks with the high-performance ability and long service life. The capability of our high impact rubber blocks to perform at their optimal level even after years of been repeatedly used sets our brand […]

Best Urethane Bushings – Impact Resistant Bushings!

Best urethane bushings available in the industry should be able to offer the following:   Increased Tire Life Decreased Deflection Improved Responsiveness Reduced Braking Distances Improved Performance Increased Safety   The best urethane bushings are produced at Plan Tech and are an excellent option for street performance. Our best urethane bushings offer a significant increase in performance but still absorbs enough NVH for a comfortable ride.   You can count on us at Plan Tech to produce the highest quality urethane bushings from design to the finished product. The tooling cost of our urethane bushing is relatively inexpensive, and we are capable of custom making them to your specifications. This makes us the go-to company for the best urethane bushings on the market. We are here to help you become a renowned brand in your industry by giving you the very best.   With our over 30 years’ experience of manufacturing the best rubber bushings, you can count on us to handle your bushing project from a simple sketch or design to completion at a fast turnaround. Our rubber bushings are of high quality and last longer than those of our competitors. They save you time and money with top […]

Mining & Drilling Equipment Custom Urethane Parts

Mining & Drilling Equipment Custom Urethane Parts

In the mining industry, mining and drilling equipment are used in varied application conditions. As the equipment operates in severe and harsh temperature and environmental conditions, they have to support contamination prevention, possess low friction coefficient, reduce wear, resist corrosive solvents and operate in optimal performance.   Engineers in the mining industry recommend custom urethane parts. The benefits of urethane have made it the best material in the mining industry, replacing other conventional materials like rubber, plastic and even metal. Mining and drilling equipment made from custom urethane parts offer long-run durability and extreme resistance to harsh environments of heat, water, solvents, chemicals and abrasion.   Plan Tech provides a complete service for the design, development and manufacture of mining and drilling equipment using custom urethane parts. This includes pipe seals, mud scrapers, shock absorbers and other essential parts for mining and drilling. Our design engineers and production team consider the application conditions such as exposure to water, mud, dust, and gases when designing new custom urethane parts for your mining and drilling equipment.   So, whether you need a new design or you want to replace an existing one, our team of experts can be trusted to deliver mining and […]

Urethane Classifier Parts – Custom Molded Sizes!

When working on any industries, there are many classifier pasts you will need. All these classifier parts are easy to use as well as easy to handle. You can also get it in a very affordable range. Gone are the days when people used to choose any classifier parts. Nowadays, when it comes to industry level usage, people always choose to go with Urethane classifier parts. There are many Urethane classifier parts that you will need. Below given are some of the most popular and most used Urethane classifier parts.   Classifier shoes Among all the Urethane classifier parts, classifier shoes are the highest volume parts. To extend the overall wear life of the classifier shoes, we use urethane to make sure that I last longer. When you choose such kind of classifier shoes, the overall durability will increase and hence you will save some money here. The overall operating costs are also very less. All these combined will result in high productivity. Moreover, urethane has various other advantages that you will get here such as tensile strength, hardness, etc. This is the main reason why you should go with urethane classifier shoes.   Downcomer spouts When it comes to […]

Urethane Screen Deck Shaft Tube Covers

Urethane screen deck shaft tube covers are easy to handle as they are lightweight. They are resistant to corrosion so provide better shield life to urethane screen deck shaft tube. They are available in a broad range of equipment. These screen deck shaft tube covers are reliable and are long-lasting. We strive hard to satisfy our customers and always take care of their demands or needs to provide high-quality products as we don’t compromise on the quality of the material. We have computational prices so as to meet the challenges of marketing and promotions of our products.   There are various different types of urethane parts on a screening deck. For example, we have spray bar reflectors, J bolts and donuts, U bolts and donuts, diverter strips, urethane covered tension rails, urethane crown bar covers, stringers, side plate liners, wedges and angle clips, spray bar pipe seals, clip on dams, full deck conversions etc.   We are providing rubber screen deck shaft tubes so as to protect your investment. If we don’t take care of this then your equipment can go down due to wear damage which can eventually cause great loss to the equipment of our customers. So we […]

Lifting Bed Urethane Wheels – Customized Sizes!

Lifting bed urethane wheels are an important product for all the industries. No one going to lift the whole bed or any other machinery on their own. Therefore, you will need lifting bed urethane wheels. There are many kinds of bed wheels that you can fit. All of the wheels have the same task. It will save you hard work as you don’t need to lift up the whole thing. Instead, you can just roll it to any place you want. Now, the point comes why you need lifting bed urethane wheels instead of the normal off the shelf ones.   Lifting bed urethane wheels have very powerful and have high efficiency. In other words, it can easily handle a lot of weight and pressure. Unlike normal wheels, lifting bed rubber wheels will be able to manage all the pressure and will work smoothly on all surfaces. This will increase overall efficiency. Also, the wheels are durable and hence you will not spend money in replacing it every once a while. You can use the lifting bed urethane wheels from small size beds to many others. It works perfect on any size.   Talking about the product, we use the […]

Spin Casting Urethane – Spin Casted Polyurethane!

Spin Casting Urethane is a specialized technique to produce the exact size and durometer part/s. When we talk about basic and initial machining parts out of urethane is the superb economical solution. Basically urethane is a polymer that consists of organic units linked by polymer links. They are actually thermosetting polymers that are resistant in nature. They are resistant to that extent that they don’t melt while they are heated or try to melt. Cast polyurethane has many properties such as being durable, tough, corrosion-resistant and crack resistant etc.   Spin Casting Urethane durability matters a lot in the machinability of the material as with the help of harder material, cutting becomes easier. The formulation has it’s own importance as the formulation is responsible for the quality of the material. So it is major concern to keep formulation under consideration to increase tensile strength, tear strength and rebounding of the material. At Plan Tech we provide the opportunity of unique machining formulations to our customers of the hardness of the extent which they require for their application.   Urethane is basically a thermal insulator. When it is used in the machine it gains heat. So it can create some sort of […]

Polyurethane Rubber Bushings

What Do Polyurethane Bushings Do?

Polyurethane bushings offer a better balance between performance, durability, and comfort. Rubber bushings are known to wear and distort after taking damage from heat, road chemicals, oil, UV rays, not to mention the weight of the vehicle and the stresses of the suspension on them. And the end of the day, the rubber bushing will wear out and would need frequent replacements.   Polyurethane bushings, on the other hand, can last for a lifetime. Its durability is about 4-5x that of the rubber bushings. Polyurethane bushings are a firmer alternative and far better suited to handle the grind of being a suspension bushing. Polyurethane bushings produced by us here at Plan Tech are resistant to heat, road chemicals, other oils and UV rays.   Our polyurethane bushings perform excellently even when used in extreme weather conditions and most of all; they are wear-resistant. While rubber is damaged after repeated flexing and stretching, polyurethane bushings don’t have that problem. And since there is minimal flexing and stretching, a polyurethane bushing doesn’t warp or distort the way rubber bushing does.   Now, not only do polyurethane bushings have many performance advantages for cars, but heavy-duty and extreme condition vehicles also benefit from […]

Polyurethane Covered Valve Seats – Custom Sizes!

Polyurethane covered valve seats are the engine valve that comes on the surface. It is used so that the intake or the exhaustion valve will rest in its proper place. For any engine, it is important to have polyurethane covered valve seats. Polyurethane makes it sure that in case of a high amount of heat, the valve doesn’t get damaged or there is no leakage.   Also, the fitting of polyurethane covered valve seats is necessary and should be done is the proper way. If there are any changes or the covered valve seats are not fitted properly, there might chance of leakage. Therefore, it is an important factor to make sure that the position, as well as the orientation of the valve seat, is perfect. In this way, one can prevent leakage. Also, having Polyurethane covered valve seats will increase the overall performance of the engine. Basically, it will increase the engine power as well as the engine torque. It will help in exhaust emissions and thereby the engine life will increase. All of this combined will increase the overall efficiently of the engine. Therefore, it is necessary to have poly covered valve seats.   Now, there are several […]