80 Durometer Urethane Sheets – Wear Resistant Sheets!

80 Durometer Urethane Sheets are one of our standard urethane sheet specs. They are made in several colors such as natural, blue, royal blue, red, green, yellow, orange, peach, brown, gray, white and black. We can also produce custom colors upon request.   Like all other urethane sheets made in our state of the art in-house machine shop. Our team of engineers who rank among the best in the industry applies both speed and precision which allow us to be meet the high volume demands of our numerous customers within a short period and without compromising quality.   Our thickness tolerance range from ± 0.030″ to ± 0.045″ for standard sizes with seamed sheets available for larger sizes. We at Plan Tech specialize in providing industry-leading solutions to meet your most challenging problems, and we back this capability with outstanding customer service and competitive pricing. Making affordable one-of-a-kind 80 durometer urethane sheets are just one of the many ways we cater to your individual needs.   We also keep an extensive stock of standard cast 80 durometer urethane sheets so that our clients can receive speedy delivery upon order. Other standard cast urethane sheets can be created in custom sizes […]

Urethane Metal Forming Pads – Abrasion Resistant!

Urethane metal forming pads are one of the numerous high-quality urethane products designed and manufactured in the state of the art cast polyurethane manufacturing facility and in-house machine shop at Plan Tech.     When considering materials for use in metal forming applications, engineers prefer urethane as it is the strongest, most reliable choice. The fact is metal-working machinery that incorporates urethane parts is likely to be more reliable and last longer. Rubber metal forming pads are used in fluid forming processes, hydraulic presses, and for general metal forming by a variety of industries including aviation, aerospace, and automotive.   Why is urethane considered the best material for metal forming pads?   Urethane’s durability and its ability to resist high forming pressures make it the ideal material choice for metal forming pads.  These characteristics are particularly important when dealing with intricate shapes and designs. Also, thermoset urethane is incredibly strong, making it the perfect material for use in metal forming applications. Urethane offers consistent pressure distribution which in turn helps prevent crimping and other defects. As engineers, we all know metal forming applications require the kind of intense performance that cast urethane delivers.   Now, because of cast urethane’s elastomeric properties, […]

Abrasion Resistant Polyurethane Wheels – Made In USA!

Abrasion resistant polyurethane wheels from Plan Tech offers a smooth, easy-rolling ride that is not only super quiet but won’t leave marks on the floors, either. Our abrasion resistant polyurethane wheels have high durability and are excellent in load bearing. They are best suited for use in factories.   Plan Tech uses state-of-the-art processing machinery and advanced molding techniques to produce professional-grade abrasion resistant polyurethane wheels for all types of industries. You can rest assured that abrasion resistant urethane wheels are built with the finest materials available.   They are renown to provide very good abrasion resistance, oil and solvent resistant, tear resistant, they exhibit impressive deformation resistance, resistance to aging and offer excellent noise and vibration abatement properties. Also, urethane’s unique features of impact resistance, tensile strength at high temperatures, and its ability to absorb energy under high-stress levels have made it the best in the industry. Today our ultra-modern in-house machine shop is equipped with world-class materials and state of the art facilities which has given our technical team access and an opportunity to produce the very best abrasion resistant rubber wheels the industry has to offer.   Plan Tech’s standard abrasion resistant wheels have been proven to […]

Solid Urethane Bars – Impact Resistant Polyurethane Bars!

Solid urethane bars are a versatile product well suited for machining into custom items for various applications. Plan Tech has been a long time provider of solid urethane bars for clients throughout the United States of America and the world at large. For more than three decades, we have been striving to provide our customers with the best solid urethane bars on the market today and to back that up with exceptional customer service and support.   We offer the most extensive in-stock inventory of solid urethane bars in the industry. Our team of engineers cast several sizes of precision molded polyurethane solid bars. We have a large range of common inch and metric sizes available – this includes bars as small as 3/8” x 3/8” x 24”, to 6” x 6” x 48” long.  For specific close-tolerance requirements, Plan Tech has the capability to custom mold solid bars to your exact size specifications, with custom designed and built tooling.   Our innovation and technological expertise add value across a large range of industries including automotive, aviation, power, oil and gas, mining and agriculture. Our solid rubber bars may be used unmodified in a few specific applications, such as a […]

Polyurethane Tube Sizes – Custom Rubber Tubing!

Polyurethane tube sizes are designed to serve a broad range of industries with a variety of applications. At Plan Tech, we create polyurethane tube sizes of several diameters, lengths, colors, and thickness. To ensure complete functionality of what is available in our facility, custom formulations are required to produce polyurethane tube sizes for the specific application it is intended.   Our polyurethane tube sizes are custom molded as ordered – from simple to complex molds, we can handle it all. The outer and inner diameters of the tube can be infinitely varied depending on the requirement. Our rubber tube sizes are readily available for you to choose.   With our state of the art in-house machine shop that is fully equipped with sophisticated materials and with our team of engineers whose technical expertise is second to none in the industry, our numerous clients are assured of topnotch quality. Now, to ensure we do not compromise quality for quantity and vice-versa, our technical team always apply speed and precision during the production of our rubber tube sizes.   Because of the benefits of polyurethane, it has become the preferred alternative to conventional materials. Since we produce our tube with polyurethane, they […]

High Speed Urethane Wheels – Abrasion Resistant Wheels!

High speed urethane wheels are manufactured by Plan Tech and are achieved through a rigorous process which distinguishes our urethane wheels in the global market. Urethanes are known to exhibit excellent abrasion resistance, tight tolerance, and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Our high speed urethanes wheels are free from dangerous compounds, and they are non-marking which means they don’t leave a mark on the ground.   Our proprietary polyurethane formula contains high-strength carbamate links. Which means our high speed urethane wheels can also be made flexible and durable enough to maintain its shape, even after a high-speed impact. They are resistant to damage and are less nosy than wheels made of metal.   The application of speed and precision have enabled us to consistently manufacture top class high speed urethane wheels, and also allow us to meet the high volume demands of our numerous customers in record timing.   So, if what you seek are high speed rubber wheels that offer outstanding physical property such as remarkable resistance to chemicals, wear, corrosion, and abrasion, then the high speed urethane wheels at Plan Tech are what you need.   We keep many of our standard-sized polyurethane wheels in stock and ready […]

Machinable Polyurethane – America’s Polyurethane Specialists!

Machinable polyurethane of high-quality materials suited to fit any application is what we produce here at Plan Tech. Making use of state-of-the-art processing equipment and advanced molding techniques to produce professional-grade machinable polyurethane parts for all types of industries.   Our in-house machine shop is equipped with some of the best equipment set to manufacture machinable polyurethane that will provide optimal performance and functionality during application. Expect machinable urethane parts that possess lining integrity and are abrasion, corrosion, chemical and heat resistant. With a quick turn around on quotes and orders as our top priority, our team of talented engineers will work with you to help develop the right machinable polyurethane parts for your specific need.   With over 30 years of experience, we are sure to design any machinable polyurethane part you throw at us. Worn polyurethane parts cause a decline in the productivity rate of your factory. At Plan Tech, high-quality is a standard; we offer custom formulated machinable polyurethane that is suitable for extreme environments or applications. So anytime you need parts that you want to fit securely with no gaps, our machinable rubber parts are the right solution.   Over the years our specialty polyurethane has […]

Urethane Round Rod Stock – Tight Tolerances!

Urethane round rod stock is often used as a replacement for plastic or nylon components and provides an obvious upgrade over the conventional material. Plan Tech’s urethane round rod stock has a much-improved resistance to wear/abrasion and can outlast nylon by as much as four times.   Our team of engineers who rank among the best in the industry, boast years of experience in producing top-notch urethane round rod stock. No doubt polyurethane is a world class raw material; still, our engineers leave no stone unturned in ensuring the polyurethane round rod stock manufactured at Plan Tech are second to none in quality.   We boast an in-house machine shop that is fully-equipped with sophisticated machinery which allows our team of experts to produce polyurethane round rods that are renowned in the industry for their high level of efficiency, durability, and tolerance. To ensure we consistently provide world-class rubber round rod stock, we only utilize first grade materials.   Our rubber round rod stock has excellent resistance to abrasion, corrosion, oils, chemicals, solvents, and oxidation while maintaining high tensile strength and resilience. Also, our team of engineers consistently apply speed and precision during its production process. Therefore, like all our […]

Abrasion Resistant Polyurethane Tubes – Wear Resistant!

Abrasion-resistant polyurethane tubes that are on offer in our company are cast to meet any requirement. At Plan Tech we make use of state-of-the-art processing equipment and advanced molding techniques to manufacture professional-grade abrasion resistant polyurethane tubes for all types of industries.   Our standard abrasion resistant tubes are not just abrasion resistant but also chemical and corrosion resistant and can be custom made for specific applications. Our abrasion resistant tubes are made with unique materials that can easily be water-jet cut into custom parts. This abrasion resistant tube offers very consistent thicknesses throughout the entire tube.   Our team of talented engineers has also developed a multi hardness or dual durometer abrasion resistant rubber tubes which can be cast in custom colors, durometer, and hardnesses.   It is important to understand that as technology and machines continue to change and evolve, our business and engineering team continues to stay current with the trends and developments, all in order to create custom abrasion resistant rubber tubes and machinery solutions that best meet the needs of our customers.   Due to the integration of this new highly sophisticated technological equipment and delivery systems, our cast process offers quicker turnaround times once […]

Polyurethane Rod Suppliers – Made In USA Rod Suppliers!

Polyurethane rod suppliers around the world can attest to the quality of our products and the superior finish of our polyurethane rods. Plan Tech’s polyurethane rods are an all-around product well suited for various applications and are used in several industries around the world.   Mostly used as a replacement for rubber components, our polyurethane rods will provide a noticeable upgrade in the performance of your machinery over other traditional materials. With a long history of outstanding quality, Plan Tech has been one of the leading polyurethane rod suppliers with an extensive selection of rubber rods for our customers. Our products are constructed in adherence to the highest standards, boasting of resistance against chemicals and oils as well as various weather conditions.   Sizes stocked from, 6mmDia to 80mmDia x 1200mm standard length or cut. Larger diameter rods with colors are also available upon request. With our highly trained and experienced engineers that work closely with our customers, we ensure that we understand your specifications, and we oversee every stage of the process – from early blueprints through to conclusion and production.   When you require high-quality polyurethane rod products, look no further than Plan Tech, one of the top polyurethane […]

Urethane Disks – Custom Polyurethane Rubber Disks!

Urethane disks manufactured at Plan Tech are made to strict performance standards and are available in a variety of hardnesses, sizes, and thicknesses. Based on the superior abrasion and wear resistance qualities of our proprietary polyurethane formula, our urethane disks provide long, reliable performance.   They are also compact resistant and offer exceptional durability, easy usability as well as other properties (like weather, abrasion and chemical resistance) that are equally second to none. And like every other urethane products manufactured at Plan Tech, our team of technicians (who boast outstanding technical depth) applies speed and precision during the production of our urethane disks.   With the state of the art in-house machine shop at Plan Tech that is fully equipped with first-grade machinery, you can count on our team of genius to successfully handle your urethane disks project from design to finish. Our engineers are renowned for turning simple sketch or ideas into finished products that boast world-class quality which has been ranked among industry leaders for as long as possible.   When it comes to meeting customer demands and ensuring maximum satisfaction, we are second to none in the United States of America and the world beyond. Plan Tech […]

Cast Urethane Rods – Wear Resistant Polyurethane Rods!

Cast urethane rods are made and designed by Plan Tech to withstand extreme conditions while maintaining the durability needed in the most demanding industrial applications. What that means is our cast urethane rods are made to be super tough, they are resistant to crack, wear, abrasion and harsh chemicals.     Our proprietary polyurethane formula allows our cast urethane rods to be one of the most durable available – they are virtually indestructible and lasts significantly longer than conventional rubbers and plastics. Our engineers offer custom diameters, hardness, lengths, and colors with little or no tooling costs. By producing our cast urethane rods in custom sizes, we eliminate waste from drop-offs which in turn saves costs for our customers.   Manufactured right here in the United States to ensure quality control, our cast rubber rods have been used in a variety of industries with several important applications and benefits due to its elastomeric properties.   To ensure we do not compromise quality for quantity and vice-versa, our technical team who rank among the industry’s finest always apply speed and precision during the production of our cast polyurethane rods. Also, our in-house capabilities help in the reduction of production cycle time […]

Custom Polyurethane Tubing – Specialty Urethane Tubing!

Custom polyurethane tubing is available in our cast polyurethane manufacturing facility and cut at our specialty machine shop. Made in any hardness and designed even for the most demanding applications. We create them using high-quality polyurethane prepolymers from renown chemical suppliers around the world. As such we produce high-performance custom polyurethane tubing for any application or industry.   Plan Tech also offers custom formulations that meet specific application as well as FDA dry or wet food approval. Our in-house machining capabilities are almost unlimited; we can provide tight tolerances and a ground finish to custom polyurethane tubing. When specialty parts are needed, we can also manufacture dual durometer polyurethane tubes and custom shapes.   Our custom rubber tubing is available in both ester & ether formulations and operating temperatures from -95 degrees F to plus 185 degrees F. Plan Tech’s custom urethane tubing is resistant to weathering, tearing, abrasion, corrosion, kinking, impact and radiation exposure.   Our team of engineers can produce and supply any size or number of custom rubber tubing with tolerances. Custom polyurethane tubing can be designed to be totally flexible in one area with dampening or sealing characteristics and also rigid in other areas allowing for […]

Shock Absorbing Urethane Bumpers – Made In USA!

Shock absorbing urethane bumpers are designed to absorb shock and as such prevent impact damage to equipment or surfaces. At Plan Tech we create shock absorbing urethane bumpers for all types of industrial uses regardless of the environment and its extremities. Plan Tech’s shock absorbing polyurethane bumpers are customized according to your specific need for hardness, chemical and abrasion resistance, temperature and any environmental extremes encountered.   Our shock absorbing urethane bumpers are known to be superior to plastic, rubber and metal bumpers; this is because of the incredible durability and noise abatement properties of our urethane formulation. Bumpers made of our urethane formula have extensive wear abilities; they resist abrasion/corrosion and can operate with minimal noise levels.   Plan Tech’s shock absorbing rubber bumpers can be machined, molded and cast to your desired specification. These bumpers can be made sponge-soft or iron hard to suit your application. They also have excellent tear strength, elasticity and are excellent resistance to heat, chemicals, and solvents. We can also create custom designs and even bond it to other components like metal.   Today, product engineers prefer and recommend our shock absorbing rubber bumpers knowing they the best are made in-house with speed, […]

Urethane Shaker Rollers – Wear Resistant Rollers!

Urethane shaker rollers manufactured by Plan Tech have been formulated to provide a highly resilient urethane material which increases the amplitude of the shaking action. The shaker rollers cause the loading chain to “shake” the material steadily and thus ensure that the separation process is completed. With our shaker rollers, you are guaranteed maximum shaking with minimum power input.     Our polyurethane shaker rollers are currently some of if not the best on the market; this is because they have consistently outperformed our competitors’ products by a significant margin. These rubber shaker rollers are manufactured at Plan Tech in our in-house machine shop with a great level of speed and precision allowing us to meet high volume demand without compromising quality.   Like all our other urethane products, we only manufacture rubber shaker rollers from top grade raw materials. Our rubber shaker rollers boast remarkable physical properties such as their outstanding ability to resist wear, abrasion, corrosion, and harsh chemicals.   Our knowledge, facility, and processes give us the ability to adapt our formulation and design to meet your specific requirements. Also, the urethane shaker rollers manufactured at Plan Tech are renowned for their excellent durability. In other words, […]

Rowing Machine Polyurethane Rollers

Rowing Machine Polyurethane Rollers

Rowing machine polyurethane rollers manufactured by Plan Tech are used to build perfect cardio health and fitness. Rowing machine polyurethane rollers help the user to increase fitness by building muscle gradually in a safe way while burning calories. Plan tech produces some of the best rowing machine polyurethane rollers that can be used at home and in the gym.   Our rowing machine polyurethane rollers are manufactured by using pure polyurethane from world-renowned chemical producers. Polyurethane is used because of its great physical properties which include: Resistant to oil and solvent Tear resistance Color variety Ozone resistance Good compression set Durability Cost-effective   Plan Tech engineering and technical team are made up of experienced professionals with over 30 years in the analyzing, production and customization of rowing machine polyurethane rollers and other urethane rollers. We are committed to delivering a world class service to our clients, as we always do. Plan Tech also provides custom-made rowing machine polyurethane rollers to meet your specification and needs.   In addition, we help our clients work with their budget and come up with lasting polyurethane rollers. Plan Tech also offers technical support and help you choose the perfect load-bearing capacity suitable for your […]

Polyurethane Rubber Tubes – Tight Tolerance Tubes!

Polyurethane rubber tubes are manufactured by Plan Tech in different custom or standard sizes. Our polyurethane rubber tubes combine the shock absorbing qualities of rubber with the tear resistant ability of plastic. They are excellent for high-tension applications such as conveyor belts; they can also be used for high-wear applications such as cutting surfaces, liners, and bumpers.   All our polyurethane rubber tubes are manufactured from concept to actual production with the highest quality at our facility and even after repetitive compression or abuse, they are known to maintain their cushioning ability. Engineers recommend using Plan Tech’s tubes as seals, jackets, and insulation in areas where rubbing and scrapping could cause wear on other conventional materials such as rubber.   Other advantages held by our polyurethane rubber tube over those of other brands include outstanding resistance to wear, abrasion, chemicals, and corrosion, etc. Our polyurethane rubber tube can also be heavily relied upon for their remarkable ability to withstand extreme weather as well as unfavorable environmental conditions.   We have them available in different forms, sizes and durometer. Also, our technicians are highly versed when it comes to producing a polyurethane rubber tube that meets the specific requirements of our […]

Urethane Knife Handles – Wear Resistant Knife Handles!

Urethane knife handles are one of the high precision urethane products we manufacture in our fully equipped cast polyurethane facility and out in-house machine shop. We produce knife handles using the best of polyurethane materials from world-renowned chemical manufacturers, and our highly skilled team of experts are well vast in the art of creating urethane knife handles that are of world-class quality. The physical properties of our urethane knife handle are second to none in the industry, and we have additives which we add to our urethane on demand to further enhance their property.   Our polyurethane knife handles are designed to be naturally hard, they are polished beautifully and are shiny enough that they really don’t need anything else for the finish. They are known to be as durable as can be — and tolerant of abuse or extremities. They do not quickly wear away by hand contact and skin oils like other conventional materials.   We work hard to provide affordable and innovative urethane knife handles for the cutlery industry. We build our products right here in the U.S.A. Plan Tech’s urethane knife handles are not just known for its durability; our knife handles are also abrasion, corrosion, […]

Custom Molded Urethane – Made In USA!

Custom molded urethane products are manufactured all year round at Plan Tech. We have produced countless custom molded urethane products over the years, and these parts are used in several industries worldwide. From the mildest to extremely harsh applications and from simple to complex designs, our proprietary blend of urethane formula can be made to meet any specification or requirement.   We provide custom molded rubber parts for manufacturing solutions for both high and low volume production. You can trust Plan Tech’s 30 plus years of custom molding experience to work for you. Speed and precision are applied in both short and long production, the flexibility, color, hardness, and durability of our custom molded urethane products make them the top choice of engineers around the world. That amongst others are what we put into consideration at Plan Tech throughout the production process of our products.   We make sure that the custom molded rubber products manufactured are highly resistant to acids, harsh chemicals, solvents, corrosion, wear, and abrasion. In addition to that, our team of engineers produces quality custom molded urethane products that can withstand harsh weather conditions and it can be manufactured in any color, size, shape, and durometer […]

Urethane Finger Rollers – Custom Urethane Rollers!

Urethane finger rollers are one of the numerous high-quality urethane products manufactured in the state of the art Cast Polyurethane Manufacturing facility and in-house machine shop at Plan Tech. Over the years, more advanced machinery continually demands superior properties that can only be delivered by excellent urethane formulation.     Plan Tech’s finger rollers are manufactured with the best urethane formulation and technology. Our exclusive polyurethane finger rollers promote longer life and extended durability. Designed to be fairly flexible, our rubber finger rollers help minimize bruising, provide less sticking and build up, and deliver superior mud shedding properties.       -Our finger rollers are produced in different sizes to suit customers’ requirements -They are made in various hardness -Multiple colors are available -Custom logo accepted (engraved & embossed) -We accept and fulfill large quantity orders -We practice a strict quality control system   Some of the advantages held by our rubber finger rollers over other brands include outstanding resistance to wear, abrasion, chemicals, and corrosion, etc. Our urethane finger rollers can also be heavily relied upon for their remarkable ability to withstand weather extremities as well as unfavorable environmental conditions.   We provide custom design services which mean we […]