Benefits of Casting Polyurethane Parts

Benefits of Casting Polyurethane Parts

Is your business or company a small one in a big industry?

Or are you a big business with the goal of getting bigger in your market or industry?


Either way, one thing is certain, and that is you have to establish a balance between manufacture, end-use parts, as well as production lead-time. However, if you are of the opinion that your company needs to up its game from PolyJet 3D printing to higher quality parts, then you want to give urethane casting a try. The reason is simple – in urethane parts, you can find the perfect solution.


There are two processes involved in urethane casting, and they are:


  • A 3D printed “master pattern” process – It serves the purpose of a template for the mold.


  • The actual casting process of the Urethane parts – This makes urethane casting very important for companies looking to step up their quality.


Let’s take a look at some of the ways Urethane Casting benefits companies.



Most Urethane Casted products or parts can be flexible, rigid or maybe rubber-like forms. Whichever form they come in is dependent on the formation of Urethane utilized. You can count on us for a wide array of custom urethane parts.


Urethane Pattern

The parts of casted Urethane can be as long as 30 inches long.

We can offer urethane casted parts as large as 30” long. Geometries that are very thick can lead to tolerance anomaly as a result of shrinkage. However, +0.15% rate of shrinkage can be expected owing to the reaction of the flexible mold, as well as the liquid’s thermal expansion.


Open Cast

There are so many ways the end product of Urethane parts can be applied, and in most cases, they enhance the quality of a project.


Plan Tech for over 30 years we have focused on using speed and precision to manufacture the highest quality industrial custom urethane parts to our customers.


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