Benefits of Urethane Gaskets vs Rubber

Benefits of Urethane Gaskets vs Rubber


Does your company utilize gaskets in your manufacturing process? Would you like to take the quality of your gaskets to a whole new performance level?


Urethane Gaskets
Urethane Gaskets


Well, you can find the solution to that in high performance Urethane Gaskets – owing to their supper durability and strength to cope with extreme pressure. Urethane gaskets and custom parts hold distinct advantages over rubber in gasket applications, but before we discuss those advantages let’s be clear about what are industrial gaskets?




Gasket Defined

They are seals of mechanical composition generally designed to prevent leakage into or from joined objects while under pressure. They achieve this purpose by filling the space between two or more surfaces that are in contact. Another thing you need to know about Gasket is that they come in different sizes, designs materials, and thickness. However, a gasket’s final design and the material is dependent on what it is to be used for. Some advantages that Urethane gaskets have over Rubber are as follows:




  1. High level of flexibility in a different temperature range

The high-performance ability of Urethane gasket to withstand temperature extremity cannot be compared to that of Rubber gasket. Their property composition allows them to maintain their flexibility even under temperature condition experienced in Arctic regions. The high-quality composition of (Company name) Urethane gasket makes sure they are able to withstand such extreme weather conditions.


  1. Resistance to Abrasion

Urethane gaskets are incomparably better than Rubber at resisting abrasion (i.e., outstanding ability to withstand frictional wear). So to cope with severe wear condition, it is best you opt for Plan Tech’s custom urethane gaskets.


  1. Resistant to Natural Elements

Urethane gaskets are extremely more efficient at withstanding such natural factors like damp, wet-dry and sunlight, etc., than their Rubber counterpart. Plan Tech’s urethane gaskets will also resist water even when completely submerged.


  1. Higher Load Bearing Capacity

The fact that polyurethanes generally have an outstanding ability to bear heavy load pressure make urethane gaskets a far better choice than Rubber gaskets.


  1. Superior Physical Properties

While Urethane can maintain its superior physical properties regardless of its hardness, the physical properties of rubber, on the other hand, cannot be relied upon at 90 or 95A durometer for the production of high-quality gasket


  1. Formulation Diverse

This simply implies that Urethane gaskets can be customized to suit the purpose of the application. The shape, durometer, thickness, tooling can all be altered to suit the purpose, and they also come in a variety of color.


  1. High Resistance to Degradation

The tough physical properties of polyurethanes enable their gasket to resist degradation outstandingly which is in sharp contrast to what you will get with rubber gasket.


  1. Cost

More often than Urethane parts, Rubber parts require not only grinding but also machining, and this result in higher production cost. In other words, Rubber gaskets are not the choice of gasket you want your company to settle for if you wish to reduce the overall operating cost.


If this piece has helped you determine that Urethane Gaskets hold superior advantages over their Rubber counterpart, then I urge you to contact us at Plan Tech to discuss your application requirements!