Case Study: Urethane Roller Recovering Services

After investing capital into rollers, it’s quite frustrating when they break down. If you have initially invested in rubber or plastic rollers and thought they’d be long-lasting, but actually broke down quickly, you have a better option. While it’s best if the entire material is made of urethane, we do provide urethane roller recovering so that you can get your rollers back into tip-top shape again.


What is Urethane Roller Recovering?

As the name implies, urethane roller recovery involves taking your old rollers striping them and coating them in urethane. This is an incredibly affordable option since you wouldn’t need entirely new rollers, and is actually a best practice if you have your rubber or plastic wheels recovered with urethane regularly. Urethane is known for being highly durable with superior wear properties and lasts for a long time, which is why it makes a much better alternative to rubber and plastic. We are also able to process rollers through a secondary operation of machining and grind them down so that the urethane roller recovering coat we apply is as accurate as possible for close tolerance requirements. If you are looking for an affordable way of maintaining your equipment and want to upgrade from plastic and rubber, which loses shape quickly, then send us your old rollers and we’ll make them better than new with a fresh coat urethane roller recovering.


What Are the Benefits of Urethane Roller Recovering?

One of the most obvious benefits to using a urethane roller recovering service is that it’s incredibly cost-effective. While the coating is not quite as durable as a roller made entirely of urethane, essentially the urethane roller recovering layers acts as a veneer so that it stays protected and precise for as long as possible. Additionally, having your rollers coated in polyurethane (as opposed to rubber or plastic) is much more durable.


Should I Buy Completely New Urethane Rollers or Use Urethane Roller Recovering Services?

While it is understandable that you would want to get the most use out of your rollers (even if they are made of rubber and plastic) sometimes it’s best to dispose of them and upgrade to the highest quality of roller possible. This is especially advantageous if your rollers are completely worn out from years of use, or if you are tired of sending your rollers in for maintenance. Starting from scratch with new custom urethane rollers is the best way to go.


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