How to convert the different Durometer Shore Types

There are many different scales to determine exactly what hardness material your testing.  Many of the type scales overlap over different scales and for the most part in the urethane industry “A” scale is used to measure soft durometers and “D” scale for the harder material.


Plan Tech uses only the best testing equipment from Rex Gauge Co to ensure our urethane products meet the required hardness. Dual Durometer parts are available from Plan Tech where two different hardness material will be bonded together to form one part. This is extremely popular with rollers requiring a hard core to be used as a rolling bushing while the outside covering needs to be of a softer material to protect the product goods. The industry standard for durometer tolerance is +/-5 points on any of the hardness type scales. For the last 30 years, Plan Tech has provided high-quality urethane parts around the world to many include many Fortune 500 companies, most of whom have been customers for 20+ years.


Durometer Conversion Chart