Elevator Industry Cast Urethane Components

Elevator Industry cast urethane components


Product engineers in the elevator industry prefer the use of urethane for the production of elevator and escalator wheel, tires and treads. Over the years, urethane has exhibited excellent load-bearing and shock-absorbing qualities which make it the material of choice in the elevator industry.


Urethane Elevator Rollers
Urethane Elevator Rollers

As more industries and companies continue to utilize cast urethane components as a replacement for other traditional materials, it has proven to offer more benefits. With a much-improved resistance to wear, it can outlast other materials by as much as four times. Its performance during load and compression is also impressive, Elevators with urethane components tend to out-perform rubber which will often permanently deform much sooner resulting in the associated components, often suspension parts becoming loose which can cause lack of control and often expensive damage.


Urethane is also wear-resistant and shows a prolonged service life during application compared to other materials. Plan Tech’s elevator and escalator wheel, tires, and treads division have over 30 years of experience in the industry. So regardless of the type or size of your elevator and escalator wheel, tires and treads, we have the skilled technicians, equipment, and technology to custom cast your urethane parts in virtually any number of shapes, sizes, and colors.