Industrial Cleaning Equipment Polyurethane Molded Parts

Utilizing urethane parts for industrial cleaning equipment has proven to help reduce the frequency and duration of cleaning steps and ultimately improve the quality of finished products.


Custom-molded urethane wheels are preferred over the plastic ones on a popular industrial vacuum cleaner. The custom-molded urethane wheels are designed to ensure that operations run smoothly even in the most unpleasant environment with harsh chemicals, gas, and oil. Its resistance to aging or perishing is also quite impressive as other materials will often degrade over sometimes a short period of time, but these custom-molded urethane wheels can often be accelerated in UV exposure.


While there are so many reasons why product engineers prefer urethane components, it is important to note that utilizing urethane parts for industrial cleaning equipment have proven to stand the test of time. Produced, designed and furnished with state of the art equipment to meet the challenges of any application, the Plan Tech team of engineers guarantees the very best Custom-molded urethane wheels.


So, whether you have a new design in mind or you just want to replace an existing one, Plan Tech is equipped with both the facility to help achieve your desires, and we also have the manpower or know-how to carry out your project on time, and at a reasonable price.