Manufacturing High-Quality Polyurethane Wheels

Manufacturing High-Quality Polyurethane Wheels

Like the tires of cars, the wheels of skateboard play a role in how fast they go as well as the ease with which your skateboard can be maneuvered. And with the scooter gaining ground all over as a means of transportation, there has been a steady rise in the number of available manufacturers who produce scooters of great quality especially those produced from polyurethane. They are often used in the manufacture of scooters simply because they are smoother and stronger.


What exactly is polyurethane?

This is a top quality thermoplastic elastomer which helps in resolving the quality gap between traditional thermoplastic and rubber wheels. And the wheels and rollers happen to be the most famous products of polyurethane. Little wonder urethane is the raw material from which quality caster wheels, roller blades wheels and the tires of most forklifts or industrial trucks are made.


Wheels made from urethane can offer a long lifespan owing to good abrasion resistance of the urethane and its fine gripping ability with the ground. In Spite of the grip, it still has the ability to glide when pushed. This means that the solid nature of the urethane does not stop you from getting some speed.


Why are polyurethane wheels and rollers so unique?

Polyurethane and the bonding technique’s have the ability to bond with just about any center hub to form a wheel or roller’s outer cover. However, the production of the wheel or roller in some cases is entirely from polyurethane which is then placed over a shaft or a bearing to make it functional.


There are different types of polyurethane wheels and rollers which can be classified into two categories namely idler and drive wheels or rollers. While idler wheels and idler rollers are passive (i.e., not active), drive rollers and drive wheels are very active and capable of moving objects. Idler rollers merely provide objects with the surface to roll on which makes them unpowered. A skateboard, for instance, utilizes idler wheels and only while relying on the individual rider for rotation to occur.


On the other hand, there is a connection between a motor and the drive wheels/rollers which causes them to rotate. The object is then propelled along a given direction owing to the frictional force that exists between the object and the drive wheel/roller.


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