Power Tool Industry Urethane Molded Parts

Urethane molded parts made for the power tool industry such as saw blade clamps and jackhammer handle grips are the absolute best tool for tough applications. Urethane provides your power tool with the extra grip and excellent vibration dampening qualities; this, in turn, helps prevent tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other vibration-related injuries.



With urethane molded saw blade clamps and jackhammer handle grips there’s no loss in productivity as they help reduce downtime and are cost-effective. Power tools made by Plan Tech are designed to exacting standards based on our clients’ specifications. Each client project always begins with rapidly built prototypes manufactured at a low cost for evaluation and testing. Our team of talented technicians will also be happy to manufacture both short or long term product runs.



So, whether you have a new design in mind or you are thinking about replacing an old one, Plan Tech is the company you can trust to deliver just what your application needs. Our urethane molded parts made for the power tool industry are designed with ultra-tough materials and have proven to cut down-time, maintenance time and they are also made available at a reasonable price.



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