Shock Absorption and Vibration Dampening with Different Durometers

At Plan Tech, we have a wide range of durometers that can be utilized for both Vibration dampening and Shock absorbing applications.  Our custom polyurethane material has proven to work excellent on a wide range of applications.


What is a shock absorber?


A shock absorber is any device that can be used for the absorption of sudden impulses or shocks in machinery. Depending on your application requirements, our urethane material offers an impressive range of shock absorption and abrasion resistance.


When it comes to vibration dampening, our urethane material exhibits one of the best performance in absorbing (dampen) vibrational energy.  In general, vibration dampeners are manufactured out of rubber, foam material or other multi-layered materials. We at Plan Tech make use of solid urethane material which in turn cuts down on our manufacturing time, cost and also delivery time.


It is important to note that thermoset polyurethane has proven to be the best material and this is not just in performance, but also in durability.  It has a high level of oil, chemical, and abrasion resistance, making it ideal for applications where exposure is a factor.  It can also handle more weight and does not deteriorate due to hysteresis.


At Plan Tech, our engineers can assist you with choosing the perfect durometer for your machinery and application.