Urethane Wheels vs Rubber Wheels

Urethane Wheels vs Rubber Wheels is one interesting topic that has generated debate over the years. While it is true that they can both be used for a variety applications both in indoor and outdoor environments, urethane wheels do hold quite a number of advantages over their rubber counterparts.


There is no arguing the fact that the material of rubber wheels help in reducing damage risk to smooth floors but below are some benefits held by urethane wheels over rubber wheels;


  • Excellent resistant to abrasion, corrosion, acids harsh chemicals, and solvents.


  • Urethane wheels are non-marking and can be produced in a limitless amount of colors.


  • Urethane wheels, unlike rubbers, are capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions.


  • While the efficiency of rubber wheels diminishes after years of usage, urethane wheels, on the other hand, have the capacity to maintain their optimal efficiency even after years of service.


In addition to manufacturing top quality urethane wheels for our clients, at Plan Tech, we can customize the durability, flexibility, hardness, color, etc., of each urethane wheel to meet the specific requirements of your demand. Examples of some of the precision made urethane wheels that are on offer at Plan Tech include:


Tight Tolerance Urethane Wheels (e.g. Urethane Robot Wheels), Industrial Urethane Wheels (e.g. Urethane Roller Coaster Wheels), High-Quality Urethane Wheels (Conductive Urethane Wheels), etc.


So, no matter the specification of urethane wheels, Plan Tech is the go-to company where your application requirements can be met and exceeded!