How to Manufacture Custom Urethane Rollers

Manufacturing urethane rollers isn’t a basic process – it’s as much of a science as it is an art and takes years of experience. Fortunately, we have been able to master creating quality urethane rollers that have been used for various applications – from mass production to small scale. If you’ve ever wondered how to manufacture urethane rollers, or how it is that we produce our urethane rollers with such quality, it all centers around the following:


Urethane Rollers

How To Manufacture Custom Urethane Rollers


1. Advanced chemistry manipulation – Urethane rollers that are customized require a high level of chemistry knowledge. It sounds simple, but it’s a rather delicate balance of adding polyether’s and polyesters to modify polymers so they perform in a specific way.


2. Customized Made to Order Approach – When we manufacture our urethane rollers, you can think of it as ordering your favorite hamburger. You can pick and choose some of the “features” like lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup, etc. Also, choose how well done you’d like the meat. That’s how we approach the manufacturing process. It’s entirely dependent on your specification application requirements, exactly to your specification.


How Are We Able to Customize Urethane Rollers?

Similar to the urethane wheels, we are able to manufacture and manipulate the urethane rollers in a variety of ways to fit your industrial project needs. Do you require the urethane rollers to be large or small? You got it! We can manufacture urethane rollers to your specification and have the capacity to create extra large rollers to tiny rollers. Have a specific hardness or softness needed for a project? That’s no problem. We can adjust the chemistry makeup of the urethane roller so that it’s rock hard, or a bit softer for custom projects. No matter your needs, we’re here to solve problems!


It All Comes Down to Chemistry
We have experts who are well equipped at handling any custom need when it comes to urethane rollers. Through our extensive education in manufacturing and chemistry, in addition to our long-standing experience, we are able to tackle any project you have and create the urethane roller that is needed for your project. If you have any custom needs as far as durability, hardness, size, pattern texture, or any other special features you have in mind – simply reach out. We are confident we can deliver a urethane roller that’s exceptional and fully customized to your industrial application.


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